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  1. Hoganman1

    Imaginary Places You'd Like to Visit

    Wow! You life in Sedona? Man, I'm jealous. I visited there 20 years ago and it was beautiful.
  2. Hoganman1

    Imaginary Places You'd Like to Visit

    By the way, we all remember that Sashsa had the hots for Yvonne. If I were to hit on her, I'd never get another decent table or drink at Rick's again. Just because Victor and Ilsa escaped and Rick and Captain Renault left town, Rick's was still "the place to be" in Casablanca.
  3. Hoganman1

    Imaginary Places You'd Like to Visit

    Isn't this a great yarn? I think all of us movie fans have places or situations from films we would love to visit. Thanks, Cave Girl for starting this. Second to Rick's Cafe, I'd love to be at the Hole in the Wall with Butch and Sundance even though my days would be numbered.
  4. Hoganman1

    Imaginary Places You'd Like to Visit

    Of course I would chat with Yvonne, but remember this is my dream. Neither Major Strasser nor his men would be allowed to enter the cafe.
  5. Hoganman1

    Imaginary Places You'd Like to Visit

    I would love to put on a 40s style suit and tie and walk in to Rick's American Cafe. I would have either Carl or Sasha serve me a cocktail. I would light a cigarette, sit back, and listen to Sam play his piano. Maybe Rick would come over and join me. Maybe Captain Renault would ask me to join him at the roulette wheel. Maybe Ilsa Lund would come in and ask Sam to play "As Time Goes By". That would be a perfect evening for me.
  6. Hoganman1

    Favorite Robert Mitchum Movie

    I finally watched ANGEL FACE from last Sunday's Noir Alley. It's pretty good, but the back story Eddie shared about Jean Simmons and Howard Hughes is more interesting. I loved that Mitchum actually slapped director Otto Preminger during the filming of one of the scenes. Apparently, Mitchum was a "tough guy" off camera as well.
  7. I didn't say Penn would be horrible. What I said was I'm glad they didn't try to re-make my favorite film of all time. I think some movies should stand alone. Gone with the Wind, Citizen Kane, The Sound of Music, and many others should never be re-made in my opinion. You're entitled to disagree.
  8. Hoganman1

    Do You Watch TCM Underground Often?

    How does one find what's on TCM Underground? I'd never heard of it before now. I went to the link on the web site, but it the information wasn't current. I understand it comes on at 2:00AM EDT (or EST).
  9. Hoganman1

    Favorite Robert Mitchum Movie

    I haven't seen HIS KIND OF WOMAN as yet. I'll have to check it out. I like FAREWELL MY LOVELY too. He was great in his many roles. I even liked his narration in TOMBSTONE and his "Beef; It's What's for Dinner " commercials.
  10. I've watched several of his movies recently. My favorite, so far, has been OUT OF THE PAST. What's your favorite?
  11. I cannot imagine anyone other than Bogart playing Rick in Casablanca. I heard someone came up with the (bad) idea of doing a re-make with Sean Penn as Rick a few years ago. Thank goodness that never happened.
  12. Hoganman1

    Noir Alley

    I don't have a problem with the smoking and drinking in these old movies. Back in the 40s and 50s a lot of people lived that way. One of the things I like most about that era is how people dressed. Suits and dresses were the norm. Today it's tee shirts, cargo shorts and flip flops.
  13. Hoganman1

    Happy 25th Birthday to The X-Files

    You're right. The older I get the less patience I seem to have.
  14. Hoganman1

    Happy 25th Birthday to The X-Files

    I'm not really in "a huff", but thanks for your response. I understand that this is primarily a classic movie forum and not many posters are going to be interested in a fairly current science fiction TV show.
  15. Hoganman1

    Happy 25th Birthday to The X-Files

    Well, I guess I misjudged this site. I get it. There probably aren't a lot of X-Files fans on here. My apologies for getting "off topic".

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