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  1. Hoganman1

    Noir Alley

    I'm not a country music fan either. I'm more of a smooth jazz guy, but I guess one cannot ignore how country music has moved into the mainstream. It seems like there are awards shows every week. Thanks for getting back to Noir Alley. I've missed the last couple of weeks. Here's hoping TRAPPED is decent.
  2. Hoganman1

    Noir Alley

    I thought The Woman on the Beach was OK. Eddie explained that it was cut and re-edited to make the studio happy. That explains why it wasn't better. I'm quickly becoming a Joan Bennett fan. I thought she was great in her role. However, my favorite Bennett movie is still The Woman in the Window.
  3. Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid is my second favorite film of all time (Casablanca is #1). It's hard to believe it's 50 years old. Newman, Redford and Katherine Ross were all fabulous in their roles. I've watched it many times and introduced it to my children when they were teens. We all still use quotes from the movie all the time. I encourage anyone who hasn't seen it to please take a look. I know there are those that don't like it when Hollywood glorifies criminals. The Godfather received some of the same criticism. Still I consider both of these movies to be classics. If you disagree all I can say is "I've got vision and the rest of the world wears bifocals".
  4. Hoganman1

    I Just Watched...

    I just watched NOWHERE BOY on Showtime. It covers John Lennon as a teenager. It was really well done. John was always my favorite Beatle and the movie gives good insight into why he was such a complicated individual. While the film only briefly touches on the birth of the Fab Four, every Beatle fan should enjoy it. UPDATE: Today TCM showed A HARD DAYS NIGHT. I hadn't seen it in years. I guess I got my "Beatle fix" this week.
  5. Hoganman1

    I Just Watched...

    Just finished SOMEWHERE IN THE NIGHT starring John Hodiak. This was a film noir that I had not seen. It's really good with the usual plot turns and mysterious characters. I won't go any further so as not to spoil the ending. I highly recommend it to all my friends that enjoy this genre.
  6. Cary Grant would have been a great Bond. In fact his role in TO CATCH A THIEF kind of confirms that he could have done the physical stuff as well as being suave and debonair. Also, I like Peebs's idea of finding a relatively unknown actor to follow Craig. After all, Connery wasn't that well known until Dr. No was released.
  7. I'm not sure he would be a great Bond, but I thought Matt Damon as Jason Bourne was fantastic. Obviously, Bourne and Bond were very different characters. Still I wish they would do more Bourne films. I've read they're actually thinking of retiring Bond as 007 and introducing a new female 007 at MI-6. I'm not sure that will go over well with many of us older fans of James Bond. I guess it's a creative way to keep the franchise alive for the next generation of movie goers. I'm still trying to think of who I would like to play Bond when Daniel Craig hangs up his Walther PPK.
  8. Well, if you want to go way back, maybe William Powell of THIN MAN fame might have worked. Of course he was in his 60s when Casino Royal was first published.
  9. I tend to agree with Clive Owen. However, I'm hard pressed to think of anyone better than Sean Connery. Pierce Brosnan was my second favorite. I'll have to give some thought to whom might be good from today's stars.
  10. Hoganman1

    I Just Watched...

    I just watched ZODIAC on Fusion TV. I love serial killer movies and this is one of my favorites. Don't worry, I don't identify with the killers. I minored in psychology in college and I'm very curious as to what motivates these people. Mass murderers seem to want to kill indiscriminately. Serial killers seem more interested in playing cat and mouse with law enforcement. Their victims seem to fit a certain type. They also enjoy the notoriety they usually get from the media. I guess Zodiac is so interesting to me because they never caught him. My apologies if this is too creepy for some of you. It's just that one of my unfulfilled dreams was to be an FBI profiler. John Douglas has always been one of my heroes.
  11. I'll have to check out the re-make. Do you know if it's available on Netflix or Prime as yet?
  12. I always thought the clown, Pennywise, in the original 1990 mini-series IT was pretty scary. It's hard to believe that was almost thirty years ago and John Ritter and Harry Anderson are no longer with us. There is a 2017 re-make, which I haven't seen as yet, and I understand a Chapter Two is due out next month.
  13. Even as a young child in the 1950s I was a big fan of classic horror flicks. I'm hard pressed to remember what actually frighten me. I found Dracula, the Frankenstein Monster, the Mummy and the Wolfman all fascinating. I guess I realized none of these creatures actually existed. To this day, I still enjoy scary movies. GHOST STORY from the early 80s is one of my favorites. It's unfortunate that somewhere in the past few decades real horror movies gave way to the slasher movies. All the blood and gore are a poor substitute for creativity. I agree with whoever said that said a true horror movie should scare you, not make you sick to your stomach. In my opinion the original HALLOWEEN was one of the last great horror flicks even though they ruined it with all the sequels. I'm sure there are others that I've forgotten.
  14. Hoganman1

    What movie should have won the most oscars?

    Getting back to the original question; I think it's a tie between Casablanca and The Godfather.
  15. Hoganman1

    Ben Vereen

    I've always like Ben Vereen too. I think his best role ever was Chicken George in ROOTS.

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