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  1. fssbdgtsue59

    Since I went away

    Hi all! I've been away so long I feel like a newbie. So what's up???? All of you fill me in on what's being talked about, argues about or asking about. Bring me up to date will you??? Thanks:) Sue
  2. fssbdgtsue59

    We need more westerns and less Gidgets

    I don't know what you all think of this new style of prgramming but it is totally boring to me. To take a whole day and turn it into a one theme marathon stinks. Where did the "classic" go??? I sent a message to TCM Programmer and complained about this. All my good films have been put back into the vault in favor of no brain movies which you know the end of by the second word. Let me know what you all think.
  3. Does anyone know the words to the song, Annie Laurie? I have to get the tune out of my head. There was a Ronald Reagon movie that also starred Eddie Albert and another guy whose name I didn't get. They are seniors at West Point and get into all kinds of mischief. Eddie Albert is secretely married and his wife gets pregnant-a booboo at the Point and all three are always after the girls especially the commandant's daughter. It also has to do with Eddie Albert as a pitcher and passing finals and doing penalty march.Can anyone tell me the name of that movie? Thank you. Sue
  4. fssbdgtsue59

    "Annie Laurie" and Ronald Reagon film

    Thank you one and all for your info. I can now rest in peace. Yes, it has been a long time since I was active on the boards. Much has changed since then and I am still busy trying to find my way around. Glad to see all us "old faces" AND DO WELCOME THE NEW. gLAD TO SEE mONGO IS STILL WITH US. wE'D BE IN A MESS IF WE DIDN'T HAVE HIM AND (BARTLETT). Please excuse my typing--I have one finger that just loves the caps lock key! HA! LOVE TO ALL sUE
  5. Gary Cooper, Jimmy Stewart, Charles Chaplin, Harold Lloyd, Buster Keaton, Ginger Rogers, Kathryn Hepburn, Judy Garland, Fred Astaire, Gene Kelly, John Wayne, William Powell, Myrna Loy, Claudette Colbert, Marlene Dietrich, Bette Davis, Joan Crawford, Barbara Stanwyck, Loretta Young. There's more but these are the few my tired brain can come up with. Sue
  6. fssbdgtsue59

    Guilty Pleasures!!!

    My guilty pleasure is Casablanca. I could watch that one 24/7. Another is Goodby Mr. Chips with Greer Garson. One more is My Man Godfrey. There are more but these are at the top. Sue
  7. fssbdgtsue59

    Back in Circulation

    No, it's probably 81 minutes, but then TCM puts in a lot of fillers till the next movie is shown. Check me out and see for yourself. Sue
  8. fssbdgtsue59

    Kennedy Center Honors announced

    Helen--it sounded just fine, my dear. I'm always in favor of the Kennedy Center Honors. It's very distinguished to be chosen for this and I'm sure all who were chosen deserved the recognition. Sue
  9. fssbdgtsue59

    Larry's Classic Star Reminiscences

    Larry--just read your remembrances about Martha Raye. Excellent! It showed me quite distinctly that she was far more than a comic with a big mouth. I always enjoyed watching her do her thing and she was one unique lady. Don't ever think I'll forget her. It's sad that her life was so filled with negative happenings. Keep those memories coming, dear friend, as they add a lot to these boards. Thank you. Sue
  10. fssbdgtsue59

    when oh when?

    OK lux0786--you're doing it to me, too! What does ROTFLMAO mean????? Sue
  11. fssbdgtsue59

    Kate, the Great, Hepburn: Or is she?

    Wish I could have some congenital wealth..... Sue
  12. fssbdgtsue59

    What do today movie stars lack?

    I am truly glad to see that some of the people of Hollywood are showing their best sides. It makes me hope that when they mature a little, they will turn out to be the great moviestars we are all looking for. And I agree, less on their personal sides-more on their professional sides. This would calm things down a lot. Sue
  13. fssbdgtsue59


    OK, harlow1085-you're doing it to me like everone else has.... What does TTYL mean? I'll learn all these abbreviations even if I have to live to be an old, old woman! :) Sue
  14. fssbdgtsue59


    Hi Mongo! Have been off the boards for the week volunteering for hurricane katrina and New Orleans, but things have calmed down a bit so came back here to see what was going on. Thanks for the info on Thelma. I have a list going for IMDB so will add her to it. Take care. :) Sue
  15. fssbdgtsue59

    Kate, the Great, Hepburn: Or is she?

    Come on, people. I know you also have things to say about Kate, so do it, already! Sue
  16. fssbdgtsue59


    Oh Please don't let this thread die out or the thread of Oliver or Ritter. I know a lot of you still have things to say about these great ladies, so get at it and post something instead of just sitting there! Sue
  17. fssbdgtsue59


    tracey65k--you are right on and that says a lot about parents' involvement in their childrens's lives. It's a really sad situation when Mom and Dad or Mom or Dad are so busy with their careers and social standing, that they abandon their children to the godawful tv and don't bother to monitor what the kids are watching. This seems to me to be a lack of love and responsibility on the parents part. And the poor kids are the innocents in all this. What a shame. Says a lot about today's morals nad priorities. Sue
  18. fssbdgtsue59

    Strange Object

    Guess I chose the wrong thread to ask this so will post it here. Now that TCM has taken the apartment and train out of their film intros, what is that strange looking object to the left of the writing? I have studied it closely and still can't figure out what it is, if anything. Anybody got any ideas? Sue
  19. fssbdgtsue59


    Hello and WELCOME to both of you. Age has no meaning here on the boards as we are all like one big family dedicated and in love with classic films and everything that goes with them. And you can feel free to post on any forum topic you care to as long as it keeps sort of close to the thread. Sometimes that even goes out the window, too. So relax and enjoy and post what you want when you want. Sue
  20. fssbdgtsue59

    Sunset Boulevard ape

    That dredagain needs to take a looonnnggg vacation from these boards until he can grow up and learn the real English language and know that there are other words out there with which he can express himself without being vulgar and blasphemous. Sue
  21. fssbdgtsue59

    for a switch--annoying voices

    Thanks to all for the information. And Helen--I have said it before--I have short term memory loss and some things just don't pop into my mind like they used to. I know Singing In The Rain was a major film, but to my mind it was just something else to try to remember and bring forward. I have a lot of problems with that now and it doesn't please me at all. Sue
  22. fssbdgtsue59

    Gone Without Fanfare

    Thank you all for your very kind and sympathetic additions to my post about Katrina. I know it was off topic but then again it wasn't. You should see the message boards on yahoo-they are just crammed. I'm sure we will all be watching this ongoing drama for a long time to come. Sue
  23. I have tried to understand all the words in that bit of music but I'll be darned if I can't make out one word. It starts off as "look for the silver lining/when there are _________ clouds in the blue, etc. Can somebody fill in that word for me before I go nuts???? Sue
  24. fssbdgtsue59

    for a switch--annoying voices

    Jean Hagen (I believe that's her name), in the movie with Gene Kelly and Debbie Reynolds-I can't remember the name of the movie. But that voice grated on my nerves all the way to my toes. Question: was that her real life voice, too? If so, she learned to use it to her advantage. Sue
  25. fssbdgtsue59

    Kate, the Great, Hepburn: Or is she?

    Kate was indeed herself. I personally think she was a great actress but from what I've heard she probably could also have been a real pain in the rearend assembly if she wanted to. And I know for sure she could be a b---- when she wanted to be. I read her biography on IMDB and it showed me some surprising things about her. I was rather taken aback at some of her comments. She truly was one of a kind and they don't makem like that anymore! Sue

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