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  1. Spouses & Festival Passes

    If you are purchasing a "Palace" pass for your wife, be sure to read the restrictions on the pass. (This pass does not grant entry to the TCL Chinese 6 Theatres Multiplex, Club TCM events or official parties and receptions) If both of you want to attend movies at the Multiplex (where many of the classic films are shown or both attend interviews in Club TCM, the Classic Pass would be the better choice.
  2. "And I still miss someone" Three years ago this week our lives were changed when we got the news that had we lost Kyle. In October of that year, a group of us got together to remember him at the Formosa Cafe here in the City of Angels. From left to right: filmlover, 15th Anniversary Fan Programmer Rome Mendheim, Genevieve McGillicuddy, Lzcutter, MrCutter, 20th Anniversary Fan Programmer Glen Taranto We miss you, Chief. We wish you were still here making us laugh and sharing your knowledge, wisdom and great images with us, but, in your own way, you are still a part of our lives and always will be. You are and always will be our friend.
  3. Johann W. Rush (1942-2015)

    Bogie, Kyle was one of the Fan Programmers that helped celebrate TCM's 15th anniversary in 2009. Because of that, his name (which was part of his moniker-KyleinHollywood) became well known around the message boards. I am sorry to hear that FredCDobbs may have passed away. He was one of the long time posters (along with Kyle, Helen,Mongo, MoiraFinnie, Filmlover, myself and a few others) that gave this community legs.. If it's true, Rest in Peace, Fred. We will miss you.
  4. Here's a link to an extensive article about the emergency meeting and the changes to membership and voting rules during the meeting: http://deadline.com/2016/01/oscars-diversity-academy-vows-to-double-number-of-women-and-diverse-members-by-2020-1201688409/ Reaction has been diverse: http://deadline.com/2016/01/academys-historic-changes-elicit-everything-from-praise-to-outrage-to-making-some-members-very-nervous-1201688617/ and will likely not be the last word from the Academy. Gregory Peck, when he was the President of the Academy in the late 1960s, also guided the Academy through some major changes (due to the backlash that the Academy was out of touch with the new wave films from overseas and the films made by young filmmakers that were heralding a break from the studio era). Will Cheryl Boone Isaacs be able to steer the Academy towards the horizon without creating more uproar? Stay tuned.
  5. Merry Christmas, Chief! We miss you and as always, will raise a glass to you tonight! Wishing you were here but knowing you are always with us helps.
  6. Chief, A group of us gathered last night to celebrate Thanksgiving and drink a toast to you. Miss you and wish you could have joined us in person though you were with us in spirit.
  7. TCM Film Festival 2016

    Where are you from? The beautiful City of the Angels for the last 38 years. Are you going this year 2016? Sure am Which pass did you buy? We always get the Classic Pass. Have you gone before? If so, how many times? Been to every TCM Film Festival since the beginning in 2010. Let us know if you have any questions and need advice!
  8. Katie, So glad to hear that you are coming to the Festival next year! It is always a great deal of fun. I have enjoyed having a Classic Pass for the last six film festivals and have never been disappointed. As others have noted, you are able to enjoy all the screenings except the opening night gala film and party but the poolside screening that is held at the same evening usually makes up for that! It also gives you access to all the events and panels at Club TCM including the always informative "Meet the TCM Staff" on Thursday afternoon, the closing night party and the great panels (this year I was able to see Scott Eyman interview Peter Fonda about his father and family as well as Shirley MacLaine and Terry Leonard talking about his career as a stunt man. I usually enjoy the panels more than the films! But, either way, you won't be disappointed. It is a terrific four days in Hollywood where you will be surrounded by people who love movies as much as you do! Don't be afraid to strike up conversations while you are standing in line as that gives you the opportunity to meet others. Be sure to check out Sue Sue Applegate's thread in the TCM Festival General Discussion forum as she always is up on the scoops and generous with details. Also, when you have the time, browse the other threads in that forum as there is a wealth of information about lodging, restaurants, places of interest and previous festivals. See you in April!!!!
  9. Chief, You are and always will be my friend. Missing you, me
  10. Lee J, Thanks for remembering the Chief's birthday. We were in the process of moving that week, so it is wonderful to see that others are thinking of him as well! Lest we forget.
  11. Gloria Grahame a complete package

    Shiftless, so glad you are here! As I noted in Barb's thread, we have finished moving (still in my beloved City of Angels, Valley division), we just moved from Sherman Oaks to Lake Balboa (though the lake is nowhere near here). We are in the process of unpacking, so I am looking forward to posting more here and in Barbs' thread. A girl can't spend all summer unpacking! Happy 4th of July, Molo, Gloria, the Glolos, Mother Molo, Shiftless and the rest of the gang! Enjoy those martinis!
  12. We have finished moving and are in the process of unpacking. Still in beloved City of Angels, Valley edition. Moved from Sherman Oaks to Lake Balboa (no, there is not a lake within walking distance). Hope everyone is having a wonderful July 4th and I look forward to spending more time with y'all in this thread and in the Mighty Molo's Gloria thread. A girl can't spend all her time unpacking! Happy 4th of July!!!!!
  13. John Wayne, my hero died 36 years ago today

    The thing to keep in mind is that it wasn't just so many of the cast and crew of The Conqueror who got cancer. The cancer rate in Southern Utah was higher than other parts of the country in the aftermath of the nuclear testing. The one thing they had in common with the cast and crew of the movie was that they were in the path of the fall-out from the above ground testing of the atomic bombs across the state line in Nevada. A number of residents sought to sue the government back in the 1980s. Take a look at Justice Downwind by Howard Ball and Fall-Out: An American Nuclear Tragedy by Philip Fradkin for more information about what happened in southern Utah during the testing.
  14. John Wayne, my hero died 36 years ago today

    I grew up in Las Vegas and am very familiar with the above ground testing (it was still in practice when we moved there) and the damage done. Many residents in Southern Utah were caught in the fall-out from the above ground testing. Many of the bombs' payloads were often bigger than expected and the residents of Southern Utah suffered a variety of cancers and other health issues over the years. There is a terrific book out on the subject called The Day We Bombed Utah by John Fuller. It also includes the filming of The Conqueror. It's available from Amazon and I recommend it to any one interested in the subject.
  15. L.A. Confidential (1997)

    This is one of my favorite films. The soundtrack is terrific. Jerry Goldsmith does homages to Leonard Rosenman's scores from the 1950s. I had the opportunity to run into Curtis Hanson at the first TCM film festival (we were just leaving an early Sunday morning screening at the Chinese multiplex) and told him how much I liked his work, especially this film. He was very gracious. Loved the opening titles, the City of Angels landmarks and the actors. It is one of those films I never tire of watching. The one weird thing to me is that when Kevin Spacey returns to the Badge of Honor set, that scene looks like it was shot after the main filming with him was over. There is something about his hair in the scene that is different from his other scenes. But that is a minor quibble. Love this film.

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