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  1. jimmymac71

    Oops, Guess My Barbara Stanwyck Photo Was Deleted

    Somewhere I have nude photos of my avatar, romping in the hay. She is from the Mid-West. Not a black dog, but a dog of color, Megan The Wonder Dog. WOOF! Maybe it is good I only show her face. Wouldn't want TCM to edit the tail section.
  2. jimmymac71


    Me Too!
  3. You know I love reading your stuff, but the top of my head is getting warm. "Put my leg in a tea kettle," you can spell it either way. I was in reference to your original post. I have astigmatism, otherwise I would never know the spelling.
  4. If I recall, you don't have a home PC. Oh boy, are you in trouble.
  5. jimmymac71


    This seems computer-generated-ish. Calling a long time member a troll is insane. TCM: 24+ years. 4/14/2019 will be 25th anniversary. Your post is 3 times wrong.
  6. I found this post and it seems to differ with some comments I've read regarding when TCM can play their movies, and if they are indeed their movies: http://forums.tcm.com/topic/46653-movie-request/?do=findComment&comment=942240
  7. jimmymac71

    photo size

    CaveGirl won't have to eat her shoes after all. These dudes will. Yuk! Yuk! Yuk!
  8. jimmymac71

    The FilmStruck Thread

    I subscribed to the FilmStruck newsletter. I hope it works better than the digital Now Playing Guide. When should I expect to see it?
  9. Slow down, you move too fast You got to make the morning last
  10. jimmymac71


    Just to be annoying, isn't today Wednesday? Cigarjoe is talking about Monday? Barbara Stanwyck got the birthday treatment.
  11. jimmymac71

    Discouraging Programming Choices

    You're welcome, child.
  12. jimmymac71

    Oops, Guess My Barbara Stanwyck Photo Was Deleted

    Wait till you see today's SPAM!
  13. jimmymac71

    photo size

    Got that right. It does work to edit the post and remove the image. I have one image going back to May 9 of this year. I get this: I also have a couple of posts with ONLY an image. I put text in place of the image. Maybe it will get deleted. Later, I will have to delete this too. Now my "Max total size" shows 2.5MB. It reflects deleting some images. Funny, I have 17GB of storage with my Gmail account. FREE!
  14. jimmymac71

    photo size

    I too am not seeing the trash can. I use Google Chrome on Windows 10. I can go to the My Attachments page and see the quota bar and all the attachments below. It would make better sense to delete old posts. There are threads going back to the very beginning. While they can makes us all laugh now, it seems like there could be a limit there instead.

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