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  1. Two thumbs up! TCM PRIMETIME - WHAT'S ON TONIGHT: TRACY & HEPBURN IN THE 50s. That works flawlessly for me. Not just Tracy and Hepburn, but the 50s. A well focused theme with just two flicks. A double feature. Thanks TCM. This Saturday 5/19. PERFECT!
  2. A few Christmases ago, my brother game me two months of Netflix, when it was only DVD. That combined with the first month free, gave 90 days of DVDs. We would watch every inch of the DVDs before sending them back. Many times, the additional stuff was a bit drab, but it is still kind of nice to have extras on disc that TCM and other services, don't.
  3. I think many people here on the forum could program an element of TCM. I enjoy Jazz. Give me a full album and that is good, but we are programmed to listen that way. So, an album of Jazz is 10-12 songs. Give me an hour of Jazz and I could be ready for some Swing. A movie, +/- 120 minutes is different. I say Jazz, as our James can play it or listen. How much of any one thing is too much? I have a feeling TCM doesn't know. I too love Rooney, and could dig some classic Huck Finn right about now. I could watch him in Black Beauty again in the not too distant future.
  4. I was not in the military, and my eyesight was the biggest reason. I respect our men and women in uniform. Like anyone else, I hate to see innocent lives lost, but that is war. Kind of like Classical Music, I can handle war movies in small doses. I come from the old days in radio when a disc jockey could actually decide what to play. While I don't suggest TCM does that, I don't like this constant theme stuff. In radio, we had the best songs for our format. All the songs were winners. Same goes for TCM. We like some stuff and not others, but the films are pretty much all good, if not great. My opinion, and perhaps I'm alone here, segue a couple of movies that go well together, but don't spend all day doing that. "That's My Story And I'm Stickin' To It."
  5. This month is awful for themes. Seems like each day, there is a bunch of films with the same name in them, or some other theme. I don't care for war films. The TV news is bad enough. So, when someone does not like war films, it is really bad to have that sort of theme running from Friday PM until Tuesday AM. Maybe I should watch RV, with Robin Williams, on Memorial Day, then go rent one for the weekend. HEY TCM! Why not show great movies like The Long, Long Trailer instead? The other side of Memorial Day Weekend is the beginning of summer vacations. How 'bout some travelin' movies?!
  6. jimmymac71

    New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    You must be special. Why are you getting the June newsletter and not the mid-month for May? Not sure why it has to be an email. There is no fee involved. Why not, as many of us keep asking, just put a link on the site for the newsletters? It takes a lawyer to read their privacy policy. So maybe they are collecting our names and email addresses. That is why I don't use my primary account. They did not send anything to my AOL address. With all the spam than enters this message board, I far from trust TCM with my information, regardless of how little that might be. EDIT: My web browser claims the page to signup for the newsletter is not secure! Nor is this forum! MORE EDIT: I signed up for the Roku Newsletter to the same AOL account and it worked fine. They use Feedburner.
  7. My Mom is 83 and doesn't need anyone to tell her about a movie, like Ben, unless it is a previously unknown detail. She doesn't understand the DVD player all that well, and I'm not a patient instructor. So we watch plenty of TCM. We evacuated the October wild fires in Santa Rosa, CA. At my brother's house across town, nothing worked but the electricity. Having DVDs to watch was a good thing. We do collect more TV shows than movies on DVD.
  8. The commentary for Victor/Victoria was a first for me. It could have been better. On the other hand, I've never heard a TCM host explain how the cockroach in the restaurant scene was done. I have seen the film so many times, I could tune it out and listen to Julie and Blake, and it was fun.
  9. jimmymac71

    New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    We use to subscribe to the TCM guide in the mail. In the beginning, it took 2 to 3 months for the first issue to arrive. Same thing when you renew. You had to pay well in advance or skip an issue or two. I originally signed up for the email version as soon as possible. Did not get the first issue. Did get the mid-month issue, but for a few months it was sent to my junk folder. I dropped it a while back, as my new tablet was handy. But when people such as you said it didn't work, I added my name back to the list. I will post here if the 5/15 email arrives. I refuse to print the guide. I had to read the Now Playing Guide with a magnifying glass, but loved (LOVED) reading about the next month movies a little bit in advance. In a heartbeat, my household would pay $19.99 for SIX issues/year of the Now Playing Guide in the mail. Anyone else? Are you listening TCM?? EDIT: Did not receive the 5/15 email.
  10. RADIO! I've worked in radio twice. First time was an automated FM station that was new. We did extremely well in our market. Radio station number two was satellite delivered radio. We were AM and got good ratings, even again the 12-in-a-row FMer. I do believe in an intelligent level of programming, which we had at both stations. Most radio stations today, would not come close to programming the way TCM does. I am completely against the whole theme concept. The movies on TCM are all supposed to be classics. Some I like. Some I don't. So, just play the movies and mix it up. Guess who doesn't watch either Hallmark Channel when they show Holiday films? I rest my case.
  11. If DVDs are dead, it would be Netflix who killed them. The only way to get the extras associated with a movie is DVD or Blu-ray. Julie Andrews and Blake Edwards did a wonderful narration of Victor/Victoria, which is only on disc, right?
  12. jimmymac71

    new "Roseanne" a sign of the times?

    Fox, yes Fox, is going to bring back Last Man Standing. I didn't like Rosanne ever. Saw a couple of minutes by mistake this week, as the show follows 'Wheel.' Maybe they should call it Old Rosanne and place it on CBS after Young Sheldon. Last Man Standing is fun. Rosanne is using a bulldozer to make her points about politics. Good thing I can still watch Murder, She Wrote instead.
  13. jimmymac71

    new "Roseanne" a sign of the times?

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ev_LdoT9m2c Once again, getting a YouTube video onto the message board doesn't always work. Now I need to figure out how to delete a post.
  14. jimmymac71

    new "Roseanne" a sign of the times?

    Rosanne is just more of the same 21st Century junk on the boob tube. The biggest reason to watch TCM is not having to watch other channels. Leave to ABC to cancel Last Man Standing, yet reboot Rosanne. If you want really great politics on TV, find reruns of Boston Legal.
  15. So, TCM is a bit like PBS. Oh wait, TCM makes income from cable and satellite subs, in addition to all the other avenues they are in. I might not find all this annoying except TCM is owned by a large corporation. It would be different if my favorite and only classic movie channel was making all this extra income for the sake of the channel. I must say, I do not love TCM, just the movies they play.

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