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  1. Brainstorm is playing now, with Natalie Wood and Louise Fletcher, who has a birthday tomorrow.
  2. jimmymac71


    The things I won't do to hear you say that. I'm melting. Scrape, Brush, Step. Easy Peasy. I found a video and the lady recommends a bar stool. Yeah, right. Cagney is not my favorite, but that scene is tops.
  3. jimmymac71

    Why Do?

    Cars in classic films is hilarious. Sometimes the background is fake enough for a child to notice. The play in the steering wheel would tip most cars over. A tiny element of a movie was made where I use to live. Had to put my dog in the house as his woofs were making it to the film. They all but bolted the camera to the right side of the car. I am a little sketchy here, but they may have towed the car instead of someone actually driving it. With the camera in front of the windshield, no one knew. This was mid-70s. The film came to TV and it was miserable, but I saw that tiny part on my road.
  4. This is the second time I've seen you nail this topic. Very good. I found an old reply from a TCM staffer, claiming the "Turner Library," is not the property of TCM, but Warner, which is now AT&T and Warner Media. The post claimed TCM would lease the films. This goes against what other have told me. If true, TCM cannot just play movies whenever. I still wish to offer a maximum of 2 movies in a theme, and as mentioned before, let the host/hostess talk at length between those 2 movies.
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  6. This sounds so "Love In The Afternoon"-ish. Perhaps you are kin to Audrey Hepburn, not my Auntie Mame.
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    I just checked jimmy's birthday schedule for tomorrow and it works for me.
  8. jimmymac71

    I Just Watched...

    Actually, I live over the Oakville Grade on Dry Creek Road in Napa. It is sad what has happened to the area. I suspect movie makers are reluctant to make movies in the area. I also lived 3 years in Arnold, California, where "High Sierra Search And Rescue," (Robert Conrad) was filmed. Rob On The Road (KVIE PBS Sacramento) will take you there. James, if you live close by, it is beautiful: https://vids.kvie.org/video/calaveras-county-g5ylbh/
  9. I'm a little slow. The common thread in these two threads is spam, nothing else. I feel this is automated.
  10. jimmymac71

    I Just Watched...

    I went to school with Arthur Hailey's kids, until Airport the movie. Then they left little ol' St. Helena, California. Loved the cast. Classic stars. The actual airport was Minneapolis/St. Paul. I have the movie soundtrack. George Kennedy was perfect as Joe Patroni.
  11. I never saw the benefit to DVD chapters. When CDs were brand spankin' new, there were some with index markers, and my very first CD player could use them. Either way, they make no sense to me.
  12. Only joking a little, as there aren't any Moderators to communicate with. Things just happen, automatically, it seems. This thread was morphed into a thread where it doesn't necessarily belong.
  13. I thought about that part. Of course not. If I ever write a book, it will be about time travel, and that will change everything. I will go to Back To The Future III, 1885. I won't be back. For ten bungeros, I will send you the audiobook version, read by the author. My time machine will be an outhouse, which can stay in 1885, and not stick out like a sore thumb. Some claim the DeLorean DMC-12 was a piece of junk, depending on who you ask, and no, it could not actually reach 88 MPH. Yes, the pages (page) only exists in my mind. The book would start out as audio, then make it to other media.
  14. The automated TCM Mods are slipping. This should have moved already.
  15. You're My Auntie Mame! https://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=93083551
  16. I never know for sure if you are pulling my leg, which is actually good for me. Someday, I want the unabridged CaveGirl story. The novel turned film ... now that could be many reels. I have been here long enough to have developed a great curiosity. Who are all of you? Made up names and avatars. What is "the rest of the story?" LawrenceA might be in trouble with the law. His avatar changes frequently. I will say, this seems like family. These newbies better hope my avatar doesn't get upset. Her bark is worse than her bite, as she does not bite. Her bark is not to be reckoned with.
  17. I remember that. My chiropractor doesn't want me sitting for longer than 30-40 minutes. So James is right. For whatever reason, parking our carcass for extended periods, isn't a great idea. I say carcass as TCM will **** anything else.
  18. jimmymac71


    I found 20 Cagney titles on the Netflix's DVD site.
  19. In the original days of LaserDisc, they were 30 minutes per side. The disc rotated at a constant speed, making still frames awesome. Later, the discs were up to an hour per side. The laser, just like a CD, starts in the middle of the disc. As it moves outward, the disc size expands, the rotation speed slows. Now we have dual layer DVDs, where both sides are on the same side. My previous comment could be considered political, forcing this entire thread to off topic. So, at what point do most films have an intermission?
  20. jimmymac71

    Oops, Guess My Barbara Stanwyck Photo Was Deleted

    It is so she won't chew on Dargo's boots. Okay, it is a chew toy.
  21. I think the planets are out of alignment.
  22. jimmymac71


    You do have options. TCM isn't the only place to get your Cagney fix: https://www.filmstruck.com/us/watch/search/james cagney
  23. jimmymac71

    Oops, Guess My Barbara Stanwyck Photo Was Deleted

    Somewhere I have nude photos of my avatar, romping in the hay. She is from the Mid-West. Not a black dog, but a dog of color, Megan The Wonder Dog. WOOF! Maybe it is good I only show her face. Wouldn't want TCM to edit the tail section.
  24. jimmymac71


    Me Too!
  25. You know I love reading your stuff, but the top of my head is getting warm. "Put my leg in a tea kettle," you can spell it either way. I was in reference to your original post. I have astigmatism, otherwise I would never know the spelling.

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