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  1. Need variety in movies

    I was quick to notice TCM hasn't been around 40 years. Other than that, I have to completely agree with many negative comments about TCM. Chances are I've been watching TCM 5 years or so. It always costs more to get TCM with my cable provider. Now they are more willing to give me a teaser price for a year, then it is back to the drawing board. I am not fond of any of the hosts. TCM is repetitious if you watch a lot of it, and I do. The other junk on TV is just that, junk. TCM is the only channel providing classics. Too bad they don't have competition. Things just might have to change. Now, it really is about the money side of the channel. In the early days, AMC was a better channel. I have attempted to contact TCM, and no one ever replies. Just now, in the movie "Sounder," there was a hissing sound that was often louder than the dialog, as if TCM is using antiquated automatic leveling for sound. Someday, TCM will be crying for viewership, as people move to on demand video. I could be one of them, not only saving money, but potentially getting better picture and sound.
  2. Finding TCM

    I only have Xfinity/Comcast, but have to assume the TCM service is the same thing available on cable or satellite. I don't use streaming services, just know they are there. I am more unhappy with TCM than Xfinity/Comcast. Same ongoing rotation of movies, kind of like modern radio.
  3. Finding TCM

    1. Sling TV 2. Hulu Live TV 3. Direct TV Now 4. Play Station View
  4. I haven't decided if I should keep the Roku and find the Amazon stick a new home, or the other way around. I have the 2016 Roku stick without the remote. Not sure why TCM cannot have someone make a Roku app. No skin off their nose. We still need a TCM account with another provider for the Watch TCM app. Turner Classic Movies is my escape from this 21st Century. I can do the same thing with classic television. Thanks for your offer for Classic Reel. Happy New Year!
  5. I recently acquired a new 2017 Fire Tablet 10 inch and Fire TV Stick. The Watch TCM App is not compatible with either product. So why show the Apps as available if they don't work?
  6. News Flash: The Watch TCM page no longer lists the Amazon Tablet app. Additional Update: Windows 10. Up to date versions of Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. Flash current too. Use Ethernet connection, once again with Xfinity/Comcast Internet. Constant buffering and I do mean constant. Can watch YouTube with zero issues. My PC is an all in one, but it does have HDMI in and out. It is a bother to hook up to the television. Don't have a smart phone. I have eyesight issues and my 10 inch tablet with text maxed out is the best I can get away with. For a brief time, I had an iPad mini, but couldn't keep it for the same eyesight reasons. The Watch TCM app worked flawlessly, even though the device was used and had the same processor as the iPad 2. My next PC will have an independent screen and will hook easier to the TV, when desired. Thanks (shutoo) for all your input. Jimmymac71 has nothing to do with age, but a 2007 iMac, model 7,1. Still works and with some adapters, might hook up to my TV. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  7. Movie with Vespa but not "Roman Holiday"

    My favorite movie with a Vespa is American Graffiti.
  8. Carrie Fisher

    Like so many, I miss Carrie and Debbie. The world will not be the same without them, and 2017 is proof.
  9. I went with the low cost of the Amazon products as Samsung or Apple would cost so much more. I am displeased with both the tablet and TV stick. Next time around I will get a Chromebook or Chromebox. I don't understand any of this either. TCM clearly advertises apps for the Fire Kindle and Fire TV. I wanted to get the West/East option for live TCM. That is not available with the TV app. I feel TCM is misleading us regarding the apps. The Google version of the TCM app didn't stream without terrible hiccups on my tablet. Again, there are conflicts I don't have the knowledge to deal with. TCM is saying there are apps for Amazon, but it isn't completely true. Another reason to be disappointed with TCM. I have a Roku as well, but no TCM app at all. I pay for TCM with my Xfinity, but can't use everything available to others.
  10. Well, I did get the TCM app for my Fire Stick by using the search menu with the Fire Stick. The Amazon website claims the TCM app is not compatible with my tablet or stick. The TCM app for my Fire Stick is quite limited. Picture quality is VHS-like. My Fire Stick is within spitting distance from the WiFi and I have Xfinity. I can get the Google Play Store but it consistently causes issues between Google Apps and Fire Apps, rendering some useless. I tried using the Silk browser on my tablet, and got what was expected. Adobe Flash Player is needed for Watch TCM. Silk and most browsers for mobile devices do not have access to Flash. So I could not watch. I am growing tired of TCM and may consider watching TV shows, the old ones, with HULU or something similar.
  11. New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    UPDATE: Well put my leg in a tea kettle ... The January 1, 2018 Now Playing Email actually came to my inbox. NPG still shows up in my junk folder. Why not just put the guide on the website instead? I am tempted to take my name off the list, but don't believe it is possible. My viewing of TCM has declined.
  12. New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    I elected to use a photo of Nick Clooney, and yes, I had to do it the way someone described in a different thread. I could not use my own image, had to grab one from a web link. I use to watch AMC, long before my cable provider had TCM. AMC was also without commercials and Nick Clooney introduced films. Not sure how TCM overtook AMC as the channel for classic movies. Perhaps because Ted Turner, the same guy who insisted on colorizing films for a while, had a vast library of movies to show on his channel. I guess AMC is now more about the big screen versus the small screen. Good thing I don't own TCM. Wikipedia claims Ted Turner still does, but I suggest that is not true. I am not fond of the majority of the things TCM does today, and boy would I clean house. On the positive, I do enjoy the magnificent photo of Illena Douglas in the October Newsletter. OK, I'm a man who enjoys beauty. That should be pretty normal. I have watched her on TCM, where she is brilliant, better than the others. If the channel was mine, there would be all-new hosts. Anjelica Huston for example, who is on TV today doing at least one foolish commercial. I don't believe there is a shortage of talent regarding classic films, and yes, there is no true replacement for Robert Osborne. His knowledge was a plus, but his devotion was everything.
  13. New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    Why should I waste my time and money on Wifi and a smart phone I don't need, just for TCM??? If they are listening, I am right, they just don't care. My family is just like Ted Turner. "We were cable, when cable wasn't cool." I come from cable television when we had to provide the very best in customer service. That is how it was. Decades later, it is okay for TCM not to care. Some people, like my mother of 83 years, who knows all the stars on TCM, hates what has happened. I, someone who is 60, is not willing to put up with a network who does not care about the people who made TCM possible. If we stop watching, TCM is dead. Mom is hearing impaired, I am vision impaired. We are both money impaired, to the point paying for TCM is no longer worth it. I suspect you young whipper-snappers, too young to know better, are willing to let TCM walk all over you. Robert Osborne was TCM. With him gone, no one cares. When I pull the cable plug, and don't even pay for TCM with the other guys, it won't matter. Just like the cable and satellite companies, some other fool will take my place. It hurts to think I hate TCM, the company they have become, and no, they are not listening, nor do they care.
  14. New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    It is still an awful switch, from a perfectly useful monthly guide to the movies on TCM, to a simple newsletter. I can come directly to this website and get access to the schedule, after being pestered to create my profile, and constant pestering to sample the TCM Backlot. I've said all this before, and will continue to gripe until someone listens. The old TCM guide sat next to the remote control. The computer is nowhere close by. I no longer have a clue what is coming on TCM. This channel has become nothing but a money maker. I suppose the previous Now Playing Guide didn't make enough money for TCM, even though many of us used it everyday. The printable monthly guide we were promised has not come. It is nothing more than a link to the month schedule already on this website. It is not formatted to be convenient. It still requests 22 sheets of paper, and now each movie is given 2 lines of data, without any reference to the stars or director. It is a sad day at TCM-ville, and I am an angry viewer, to say the least.
  15. TCM availability on Roku, Sling, etc.

    Watch TCM is available on the Amazon Fire TV, but not Roku. It would be nice if Watch TCM was available on Roku and other streaming devices, not just Android, iOS, and web browsers. It is nice TCM is an option on many services, but Watch TCM is not, plus it requires being tied to a satellite or cable subscription.
  16. New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    Thanks. I do monitor my junk folder, which is where I find everything TCM sends me, mostly updates from this message board. Never received the September newsletter until mid-month. Looking to see what is playing on the TCM website is annoying. I am constantly annoyed by Ben and the Backlot message, along with setting up my profile. It would be nice if TCM produced the monthly listings in a format that would not gobble up printer resources. With the old guide, I'd always look in the back to see all the movies playing for the month. Can't do that now. We deserve something better, and many of us would pay for it. I used a magnifier to read the old TCM guide, something I'd be very willing to do again.
  17. New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    EDIT: Well, I just received the mid-month guide for September. What is supposed to be a Now Playing Guide isn't very convenient. It would take over 20 pages to print the guide for the month, which is nothing more than the monthly guide already on the TCM website. So the newsletter has been out since September 2. You can go looking for it on the TCM Facebook page. You will probably need to search 'newsletter.' What is up with TCM? No human being has ever contacted me about this, who might work at TCM. I have signed up multiple times, just to be sure. Never do I get a confirmation and nothing about the newsletter has come to my email. I suppose the newsletter is only sent out once a month. If you don't receive it, too bad. Before cancelling the print version, someone should have made sure the email version would work. What a bunch of IDIOTS!
  18. How do I add a photo?

    I cannot ad a photo to my profile. It is foolish to say it can only work by using a URL. That is no solution. I have a photo that should work, but like other things on the TCM website, it doesn't. Nobody at TCM is replying to any messages I send. Is anyone home at TCM??
  19. New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    I originally signed up for the Now Playing Guide as a gift for my mother. They insisted on charging me the new higher price, even though promos will still running on TCM, featuring the lower price. It took months before the first issue arrived. Renewal was the same thing. You either needed to renew months in advance or accept a delay in the magazine. There is no other channel like TCM, and they must know that. It is no longer Turner Classic Movies, but Time Warner Classic Movies. I don't believe it is about the viewer anymore, but all the income to be made. 'HolywoodDispatcher' is right, loosing the Now Playing Guide in print is huge. TCM could have charged more and we would have paid. If the new email version ever makes it, the whole thing will be inconvenient. We will have to spend money on printer ink, etc. Hey TCM, why don't you offer us the print magazine for $19.99 and see how many yes replies you get? I'm in, gladly.
  20. New Now Playing Newsletter Email

    I am not just frustrated with TCM, but furious. If I send a message to the website regarding the email guide, I get a totally moronic reply telling me how to subscribe to the now dead print version. The money I could save on my cable bill by downgrading and removing TCM is more than enough to get movies from a streaming source. The audio is all over the place with TCM. I live in a house, not a movie theater. No one is taking charge with audio leveling, with TCM being the worst of all. When my year contract with Xfinity is over, it just might be goodbye TCM. I feel as if 'the channel' is now more about making money with the store and Backlot, not to mention the wine club. I also believe some of the movies are not classics, with too many repeats, even showing the same movie twice in the same month. My TV is tuned to TCM more than any other channel. I have been a faithful fan for many years, as classic films are just about the only really good thing on the old 'boob tube.' Without Robert, things seemed to have gone to the dogs. Ben is okay, but Tiffany isn't. I can only deal with so much before it is so long TCM. The possible replacements are endless.

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