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  1. scsu1975

    check your dictionary, TCM! > it's ARSENIC AND OLD LACE

    They had to change the spelling because the "arse" part got censored.
  2. In related news, the judge admitted he tossed something else while hearing the lawsuit.
  3. scsu1975


    #5 is Gerald Mohr
  4. scsu1975


    #6 is Shepperd Strudwick #12 is Douglas Fowley
  5. scsu1975

    Another "Best Years" query....

    I suppose when she died, she became "passed Tense."
  6. scsu1975


    Thread is open.
  7. scsu1975

    I Just Watched...

    The Loves of Edgar Allan Poe (1942) FXM Retro Directed by Harry Lachman Average bio of the famed author, featuring Shepperd Strudwick (billed as John Shepperd) and Linda Darnell as one of his “loves.” The other “love” is played by Virginia Gilmore, who ends up marrying somebody else. It’s a little distracting to hear everyone calling Poe “Eddie,” but you get used to it eventually. A quick running time of 67 minutes keeps this film from getting too dull. Much of the second half deals with Poe’s inability to get publishers to a) publish his work, and b) provide copyrights. Thus, he is unable to keep a job and provide for Darnell, who eventually becomes ill. Strudwick is actually pretty good as Poe, even though I would never consider him a romantic lead. Ironically, a few years before filming, Strudwick recited “The Raven” at a dramatic tryout at the University of North Carolina, but lost the competition. Darnell is lovely as the doomed wife. Production was held up because she had lost 14 pounds prior to filming and needed to gain some weight back so she could fit into her costumes. Jane Darwell is fine as Darnell’s mother. Thomas Jefferson and Charles Dickens make cameo appearances. However, no one refers to them as “Tommy” and “Chuckie.” One of the trade papers reported that Director Harry Lachman, who had a pet talking Minah bird, toyed with the idea of having it appear in various scenes in the film, croaking “Nevermore.” This sounds a bit far-fetched. However, a raven does appear early in the film. It was played by a “professional” named Jim, who already had over 200 films to his credit. Jim earned a whopping $50 a day for his trainer. I have to admit, I thought this would be a stinker, but I was pleasantly surprised. SPOILER: Director Lachman was undecided as to whether Linda Darnell’s death should be shown on screen. “We would like to show it,” he said, “but perhaps in this day when there is so much tragedy the movie audiences would rather that we left Poe and Virginia at the height of their romance.” You’ll have to watch the film to see how it was handled.
  8. scsu1975

    I Just Watched...

    ribbit ribbit ...
  9. scsu1975


    #1 is Trish Stratus #3 is Torrie Wilson #5 is Ronda Rousey
  10. What they probably didn't say was that while the husbands were recovering from the surgery, Dr. Brinkley was out impregnating their wives.
  11. I saw this in a drive-in when it first came out, and it was pretty scary. Seen it on TCM a few times since. Nice to see Christopher Lee playing a good guy for a change. Satan makes a cameo appearance. Definitely not a retread of Horror Hotel.
  12. scsu1975

    Opening Intros

    There is a similarity, but that happens with a lot of Ragtime/Dixieland music. I don't think they are the same tune, but I give you credit for trying to find it. I suspect the TCM theme was composed just for the channel.
  13. scsu1975

    The Mummy's Hand

    I enjoyed all these films when I was a kid, because back then, they were scary. With the passage of time, we all view these films differently. Although there are still a few chills here and there, we're not going to have any nightmares about them anymore. In some respects, that's unfortunate.
  14. scsu1975

    I Just Watched...

    Did any of the pilots have a premature ejection?

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