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  1. scsu1975

    I Just Watched...

    The Catman of Paris (1946) youtube Halfway through this thing, my fiancée asked “how much longer is this?” So I knew we were in trouble. Carl Esmond plays a French author who has just returned from somewhere, where he had a bout of something. Every so often he blacks out, but before he does, we get a shot of a frozen wasteland, lightning, a buoy, then a black cat. None of this makes sense unless you are on weed. After each blackout, a cast member goes belly up. Personally, I think the victims just wanted out of this picture. After the first attack, Prefect of Police Fritz Feld, without a shred of evidence, immediately concludes the murder has been committed by a catman. Right. This guy makes Inspector Clouseau look like Sherlock Holmes. Inspector Gerald Mohr spends most of the film disagreeing with Feld, rolling his eyes, and generally smirking. I think he read the script. Adele Mara, as Esmonds’ fiancée, becomes a fancy feast for the catman, which is too bad because I was just beginning to enjoy her cleavage. Then Edmonds takes up with Lenore Aubert, who manages to almost sound like a French person, unlike everyone else in the cast. Edmonds spends most of the film trying to figure out if he is indeed the killer. At one point, he says to Aubert, in resignation, “I am the catman.” To which my fiancée replied, “I am the walrus.” We don’t get to see the catman until about five minutes left in the film. During the wait, we are subjected to some astrologist telling us the history of the catman, how he appears every time Jupiter aligns with Mars (or something to that effect) and how he was present at historical events throughout time. This guy made me yearn for Criswell. At the conclusion, my fiancée blurted out “this is the stupidest film we’ve ever seen, except for the one with the midgets.” (She was referring to The Terror of Tiny Town.)
  2. scsu1975

    Naughty Native Americans

    Probably Cheyenne Autumn, although that was in color.
  3. scsu1975


    #9 looks like Kenneth More on the right #12 looks like Dick Shawn
  4. scsu1975


    Actually, I believe #8 is Kurt Russell and #14 is Alistair Sim
  5. scsu1975

    I Just Watched...

    Kongo met with some tough reviews (understandably). One critic wrote "an o r g y of depraved human nature at its worst, running riot in African jungle heat." A theater manager in Montana wrote "you breathe a sigh of relief ... when the last reel is in the can." Of course, theaters managed to exploit the film. Variety reported that at a theater in Ohio, the manager had "five Negroes garbed as cannibals, each carrying a large cardboard letter," parading down the street. The five paraded in single file, the letters spelling "Kongo." It is definitely a wild film, even by today's standards. And I enjoyed it quite a bit.
  6. scsu1975

    I Just Watched...

    Conrad Nagel. And you are right, he was not a good actor, but managed to have a decent career.
  7. scsu1975


    #1 is Vince Barnett #10 is Harris Yulin
  8. scsu1975

    I Just Watched...

    Famous Boners Short subject which played just before Funny Girl showing alleged mistakes throughout history. The dumbest depiction features Ian Wolfe as Sir Isaac Newton, who used to boil an egg every day for exactly three minutes (I've never heard this story, and I've heard some beauts about him). Then one day, he accidentally boils his timepiece instead ... while holding onto its chain. Apparently back then, heat did not travel along metal .... otherwise he would have discovered his ***** sooner. The other three stories are about as dull and stupid. The real ***** was in creating this short.
  9. Savages From Hell (1968) Justifiably obscure low-budget and even lower-talent biker flick filmed in Naples, Florida. A migrant worker chick named Teresa, with an IQ of around 11, falls for the leader of the pack, who is named High Test. High already has a chick named Lucy, who is not thrilled with this new development. Teresa’s brother Marco (no relation to Rubio) drives some kind of monster vehicle I’ve never seen before. We also get treated to a five-minute boring segment featuring swamp buggy racing. The other 75 minutes are equally boring, as High Test decides to snatch Teresa and have his way with her. Will Marco get there in time? The flick features a catfight between Lucy and some other chick, and a few fistfights here and there which showcase punches being thrown and not landing. There are also a few gunshots with no smoke. The “actress” playing Teresa is cute and has nice buns (upon which the camera lingers), but there is no light on in the house, if you get my drift. The only performers who show a modicum of talent are Bill Read, as a biker named “Bingo,” and Bobbie Byers, as Lucy. I have to admit I did start to appreciate Byers acting a bit more when her shirt started coming off in various scenes. If you are still awake for the climax, it features Lucy, High Test, Marco’s monster vehicle, and a sheriff who appears out of nowhere saying “I understand. Listen, I know what happened.” Apparently he is the only one who did. Making his film debut is Cyril Poitier, older brother of Sidney. Cyril plays a gas station attendant, so obviously his brother didn’t pull any strings.
  10. scsu1975


    Nicely done!
  11. I've never seen it (and have no desire to) but I remember it being advertised, with a clip featuring a dance between Streisand and some Cuban dictator:
  12. scsu1975


    You have the correct movie but it is not Dumbrille under the makeup.
  13. scsu1975


    OK, I will post one just for fun. Name the actor and film:
  14. scsu1975

    I Just Watched...

    I remember seeing The Dain Curse, but I got a little bored with it. I also recall Johnny Carson making some jokes about James Coburn's hat.
  15. scsu1975


    Genevieve Tobin

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