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  1. scsu1975

    Help Us Identify These Films!

    Yes, I know alright. I know you're wrong on both films. Wisenheimer. By the way, Cary O'Dell, who posts these unknowns, seems like a fun guy. We corresponded a few times while identifying some old stills.
  2. scsu1975

    CLARA BOW and early Jean Arthur

    The old guy between Thomson and Dove in #7 is Scott Seaton. The old guy greeting Dove in #10 is Frank Sheridan. The little girl in #4 is Mitzi Green. I think the young guy in #3 is Stanley Smith.
  3. scsu1975

    CLARA BOW and early Jean Arthur

    I believe the guy in #5 is Harry Green.
  4. scsu1975

    CLARA BOW and early Jean Arthur

    The guy opposite Neil Hamilton in #2 is O.P. Heggie. Just picture him with a beard and blind and playing the violin (Bride of Frankenstein). The guy with wavy hair in #7 and 8 is definitely Grant Withers, and the guy in #9 is definitely Kenneth Thomson.
  5. scsu1975

    I Just Watched...

    Several years ago TCM showed this, along with Blind Alley, the earlier film version of the play. I preferred that film, with Ralph Bellamy as the psychiatrist, and Chester Morris as the gangleader. Morris seemed a better fit for the part, even though Holden is the much better actor.
  6. scsu1975

    I Just Watched...

    Max Steiner’s opening theme is fantastic, and demonstrated that he could write fanfares with the best of them [Korngold, Newman, for instance). Decades later, the theme was used again in “Zorro The Gay Blade.”
  7. scsu1975

    My Stars (1926)?

    Lloyd played a character nicknamed "Speedy" in The Freshman, released in 1925. I suspect that is the reference.
  8. scsu1975

    Help With Old Movie... Hitch?

    Mirage, with Gregory Peck, contains a scene where a man falls out of a high rise building during a blackout. However, there is no reference to watermelons.
  9. scsu1975

    I Just Watched...

    I believe that having an affair with Ann Sheridan would cause me to lose it and make a lot of dumb decisions.
  10. So does the Canadian legislature hold joint sessions?
  11. Saw this one a long time ago. If you can buy Walter Slezak as an Italian ...
  12. If there is a wine connection ...
  13. scsu1975

    TCM home page messed up

    Saw that with Internet Explorer, but not Firefox.
  14. scsu1975

    Swamp Films

    Yeah, but there was something about this film that appealed to me.
  15. scsu1975

    Swamp Films

    This is one case where a low budget works in favor of a film. The cheap sets, continual fog, and blurry scenes add immeasurably to the creepiness of this movie. You also never get a good look at the strangler, and that's a plus. The film is actually quite good, and is a remake of the German film Ferryman Maria, done by the same director. I watched Ferryman Maria on youtube a few years ago (German, with subtitles) and found it pretty stunning. Of course, today, it would have to be known as Ferryperson Maria.

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