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  1. OK. I thought it was because you thought Vic Morrow was doing a bad impersonation of Rod Steiger.
  2. What is it that you don't like?
  3. This one could be fun. It features a bevy of western stars going back to the silent era.
  4. My first thought was that some characters actors would have lasted that long, but I didn't think of Marc Lawrence. Looks like he acted in eight decades. Rooney may be the all-time champ.
  5. Eastwood has now acted in seven decades. He has to be on a short list. Katharine Hepburn acted in seven decades. Anybody else?
  6. scsu1975

    Ann Sheridan / Sheridan Whiteside

    Dick Powell played a Private Dick in Murder, My Sweet ... oh wait, I guess that doesn't count. Never mind.
  7. scsu1975

    What a big let-down!

    I was hoping for North By Northwest.
  8. scsu1975

    I Just Watched...

    The Monster and the Girl (not to be confused with The Lady and the Monster) Girl meets boy. Girl marries boy (or so she thinks). Boy and gang of bad guys turn girl into ho. Girl’s brother framed for killing one of bad boys, swears he will get even, and is executed. Scientist extracts his brain and puts it into gorilla. Gorilla mops up the floor with bad guys. Guy in gorilla suit wins acting honors, but Skipper the dog is also cute. Somehow this whole thing works.
  9. I think most men will take it in the short run.
  10. scsu1975

    Primetime lineup for Wednesday still a mystery?

    You need to spend more time in the privy. That's where all the news is.
  11. I'm surprised nobody has revived that one.
  12. scsu1975

    Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

    Apropos of nothing, I'm pretty sure that TCM has shown The Beast With a Million Eyes.
  13. scsu1975

    I Just Watched...

    I like this one too. It has a clever plot. My only complaint was the role they saddled Nat Pendleton with. He has played dumb characters before, but this one was off the charts stupid. Oh, and it's hard to believe Frieda Inescort would be H. B. Warner's wife ... his daughter, maybe ...
  14. scsu1975

    Primetime lineup for Wednesday still a mystery?

    I have it on good authority that TCM plans to show Night Has A Thousand Eyes ... over and over and over ...

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