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  1. katyscar11ett

    yuck a whole weekend of WAR movies

    I bet there are more than you but they are not willing to admit it... I'll sure admit it ~ some of the *best* films are war films. But, there are also, unfortunately, a crap lot of bad ones, as well.
  2. katyscar11ett

    What do you think of TCM's "Classic Film Union" so far?

    I?ve certainly enjoyed having wonderful conversations with everyone here during the past 2-1/2 years. This is a great group of people! I remember when you were 'new' here, Fred. I sure wish some of the other "old" regulars were still here. I miss 'em!
  3. katyscar11ett

    great movies that don't get on tcm

    I am overjoyed that tomorrow morning TCM will be showing *The Blue Dahlia*. They haven't shown this movie in years and I'm getting up VERY early to watch this wonderful movie. Thanks TCM!
  4. Everybody *except* Woody Allen and Stanley Kubrick. I like all the others; but I'm especially looking forward to Fritz Lang. I find him very interesting.
  5. katyscar11ett


    This thread always cracks me up. One thing for sure is that some of these 'lookalikes' do have 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth ~ in that way, they do look 'alike'.
  6. katyscar11ett

    A favorite actor in a least favorite movie

    It's interesting how people think so differently. I never liked Robert Mitchum until I saw 'Night of the Hunter'. I really enjoyed that movie, especially Mitchum, and I've liked him ever since. I, also, really liked him in 'Cape Fear'. I know it's far from a classic but I really disliked Harrison Ford in "The Devil's Own".
  7. The ending of "Of Mice and Men".
  8. katyscar11ett

    The "Did You Know" Thread

    "Eric Stolz was replaced by Michael J. Fox for Back to the Future" All I can say to that is Thank God!
  9. katyscar11ett


    You are certainly not alone, in that opinion.
  10. My first crush ever ~ Pernell Roberts ~ I thought I'd die when he left Bonanza.
  11. katyscar11ett

    Who was your favorite Duo

    William Powell and Myrna Loy
  12. katyscar11ett


    I guess it's all in the eye of the beholder ~ ~ ~ I thought Gable's performance was better than Brando's by a country mile.
  13. katyscar11ett

    Doris day

    Comment best left unsaid. Message was edited by: scarlett
  14. katyscar11ett

    Modern Actors in Hitchcock Films

    IMO, if Doris Day can star in a Hitchcock movie, anyone or anything else is totally acceptable. What was Hitch thinking?
  15. katyscar11ett

    Rate the Last Movie You Saw

    Thank you BOTH. Dogma is one of the crappiest movies I have EVER seen! What a piece ~ ~ ~ I'm watching The Philadelphia Story right now, which is definitely an A+. As most will agree. I took the kids to Enchanted the other night and I was very surprised - it was really good! PS WHY don't these text items, bold, italic, underline work anymore - they used to!

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