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  1. Duelingdragon

    TCM Backlot Chapter: Disney/Universal/Winter Garden FL

    Wanted to check again if anyone had any interest in the Winter Garden/Disney area.
  2. Hello to all, We have a couple of TCM Backlot members in the Winter Garden/Windermere area near Disney World and wanted to see if anyone in that area was interested in joining to make us official TCM Backlot chapter. I know there is a group closer to Daytona, which is a bit far for us, so if anyone else is in the closer vicinity to Disney/Universal just let me know. There are a few very nice theaters that show the TCM Classic films as well as offering close locations for get togethers: AMC Dine-In at Disney Springs, AMC Universal at CityWalk, and the brand new Cinepolis Luxury at Hamlin. Drop me a message if you are interested and we can make things official. Thank you! Ken Faustine - kfaustine70@outlook.com
  3. Duelingdragon

    TCM Classic Cruise Passes 2019

    Not sure what you mean by passes, but the Cruise itself is already sold out.
  4. Duelingdragon

    Orlando Area Chapter

    My dad is also a Backlot member, so he and I are 2 people. Would we still be short?
  5. Duelingdragon

    Orlando Area Chapter

    Thanks. Can't do this weekend, but I'll keep an eye out for the next meet-up. What do we have to do to become an official chapter?
  6. Duelingdragon

    Orlando Area Chapter

    In Orlando, Winter Garden actually, and would be interested in the group. I don't have a facebook though. I can monitor this forum for info.
  7. Duelingdragon

    Great Songs That Play Over Movie Credits

    Yeah I have no clue how to get it to embed properly. Tried about 10 times.

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