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  1. andyg0404

    WATCH TCM not working

    I just went into the site and it appears to have been fixed. I hope I don't come back in a couple of hours when I'm ready to watch a film to say different. Thanks to those who let me know I wasn't the odd man out.
  2. Hi Stephan,

    I didn't realize the message I just sent you wasn't public so I'll send it again. Are you having problems with new movies not loading as you described back in September? This problem started for me on Friday although I didn't realize it until today.



  3. andyg0404

    WATCH TCM not working

    Hi, That problem has been discussed on the board before and it took a while to clear up then. Currently that's not what's going on with my system and I have Verizon as well. But I see that when I posted about having no access I didn't do enough research. There is a problem with all the new movies loading. The last movie that I can load is Isle of Fury. The next film in rotation is Men in Exile and from that point forward none of them load. This also has happened in the past and now I'm wondering how long it will take to fix this time. I'm going to try and contact TCM but that's never been successful previously and I don't really expect to hear back now. I'd like to hear from other members if they are experiencing any of these problems. I find it hard to believe it would be just the two us. Andy
  4. andyg0404

    WATCH TCM not working

    Well, that was quick. I closed Firefox and reopened it and I seem to be back. Hope it stays that way. Thanks
  5. andyg0404

    WATCH TCM not working

    Well, it's been a while but here I am again. The TCM on demand portion is currently not working for me on Firefox or Chrome. I can bring up the list of films but when I click on one it won't load. I just clicked on watch live and the movie immediately opened. Anyone else currently experiencing this problem? Thanks Andy G.
  6. andyg0404

    Credentials not being recognized

    I was loathe to call Verizon but today I experienced the same problem with several other sites. Much to my surprise it was an easy call, I had to reset my Verizon password. The sites now work again. I ended the call pleased as opposed to angry and frustrated which is my usual experience with Verizon. I guess this will explain why no one was experiencing any issues.
  7. When I went to watch TCM just now my credentials for Verizon weren't accepted. As nothing has changed since yesterday when they were accepted this problem is obviously back. This is happening on Firefox which unlike IE and Chrome has been letting me watch movies since the new website design was rolled out. Anyone else currently having problems?
  8. andyg0404

    New tcm Website?

    Yeah, back to not loading. I hope it clears up tomorrow.
  9. andyg0404

    New tcm Website?

    Thanks. I watched the film on Chrome and when I went back to Firefox and tried again it loaded. So let's hope it was as you say, just a glitch.
  10. andyg0404

    New tcm Website?

    I see I've been lulled into a false sense of security concerning the upgrade as up until today everything has been fine. Just now I went to Firefox and brought up the page of movies and none of them open. I can click on more info and it appears but clicking on play does not activate the movie. Luckily at some point the movies started playing on Google Chrome so for the moment I can watch the film. Anyone else having a similar problem?
  11. andyg0404

    Illicit (1931) still not in ON DEMAND

    I was looking forward to watching Follow The Fleet with Fred Astaire On Demand but I just realized it played on July 3rd and isn't listed as available. The same thing happened with another Fred Astaire film, Carefree, and Yankee Doodle Dandy has run a few times on the television and also didn't make it to Demand. Why aren't these films made available?
  12. This format is absolutely awful. You cannot pause a movie once it has started, not only that but a person cannot fix volume unless you do not go full screen. This is perhaps the worst idea TCM has ever come up with. I love TCM but not sure new format is worth the trouble. If an object is not broken don't fix it OK.

  13. andyg0404

    New tcm Website?

    I cleared the cache on Chrome as well and I always go to the site from Google but it still won't load. I guess I'm lucky Firefox works.
  14. andyg0404

    New tcm Website?

    This is interesting. Just tried to watch several films from the list and also the current film on watch live on Chrome and Internet Explorer and nothing would load. Absolutely no sign that anything was going to happen. Then I opened Firefox and the movie opened right up. Nothing on my system has changed, I'm still on my desktop running Windows 7 so I'm at a loss as to what the problem is. I'm glad that I'm not completely shut out from the site. Anyone else having this problem?

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