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    Electronics/Software engineer by profession, I am currently upgrading a spate of older firmwares which live on a large mish-mash of UNIX hardware in our data centers as we migrate this equipment into more heavily virtualized environments.

    I like SciFi (books and films), classic literature, 19th-century Russian literature, old films. I like foreign films as well, especially Soviet-era Mosfilm stuff (Tarkovsky, Shepitko, Bondarchuk).
  1. Hi Mom's room. Sorry about the late reply. I did come across another Sling subscriber mention this very issue on another forum, the exact coordinates of which I have forgotten. That said, the essence of his post was that Sling TV's TCM broadcast is in fact affected by occasional streaming rights "blackouts" of this nature. He claimed that he was so affected several times a week, in other words, that several programs a week airing on TCM would not be streamed on Sling TV. He said that he switched to Playstation's Vue service and they did not seem to be affected by restrictive streaming rights. This makes sense given that it is a huge player like Sony who is behind the latter. Keep in mind that this is all hearsay from the Internet. Please confirm this on your own first but if you are dumping cable and want to keep TCM without having to deal with any streaming rights issues then Sony's Vue service might fit the bill. (Note, I am not a shill for Sony or anything, nor am I a Vue service fanboi - Canadians cannot get either Sling or Sony's streaming services up here as a result of a powerful media oligarchial rights control situation which exists - I am only passing along some stuff I heard which is relevant to your problem. I hope that this helps! Regards Ray
  2. Hello, I am not so sure. I did watch the program to which the OP is referring, "Return to Giant", on Sunday evening and I noted that it aired prior to and again immediately following the airing of the film itself. I watched it on terrestrial cable, however, and not by way of an internet stream. My understanding of the OP's situation was that he/she saw that the documentary was in a "now airing on TCM" type of status in his Sling TV interface and when he tried to select and view the program the application returned the status message, "This program is unavailable on Sling TV". Is this correct OP? If so, I still think that this sounds like some sort of broadcast rights issue. It is very similar to the geo-based restriction which we sometimes deal with here in Canada with regard to TCM scheduled programming, of course in this case I do not think that the OP's location in LA or SoCal or anyplace else is the cause, so I will take the returned status message at face value and just assume that it is "unavailable on Sling TV". My thinking is that there are occasions where a given program might have two or more rights holders and in those cases, an explicit agreement or consent must be in place to air said program with the new provider and this may not yet exist. Or it could be a situation where another entity may hold exclusive broadcast rights for a given piece of intellectual property over a given medium. For example, and this is total speculation for the sake of the example, but some other company, we will call them Foo Inc., may have an exclusive broadcast agreement with Warner Brothers for airing "Return to Giant" over any sort of internet stream and this would prevent TCM from providing that content to Sling TV (or any other streaming content provider) as a result. This would be very similar to the geo-restrictions up here when TCM loses its broadcast rights for the occasional film when it is aired north of the border. Again, I could be totally off base in all of this, but it does sound so very much like the geographical broadcast restrictions which we deal with here in Canada with occasional TCM content and the content of the message was so very specific. Maybe someone else out there knows more about this, but I think it goes a little beyond some sort of glitch or error. Regards Ray
  3. Hi there, My guess is that there are additional broadcast rights attached to this particular program and as such it does not fall under the current agreement between TCM and Sling TV. I am aware of similar restrictions and limitations with certain programming on TCM with respect to geographic broadcast rights and this does sound somewhat similar (for example, certain programming which airs on TCM is not available in Canada as a result of geo-restricted broadcast rights and is substituted for something else). This sounds very similar to that. Keep in mind that I am speculating here and could be off target on this one. Perhaps someone else might know more about this or can, in fact, confirm that this is the case? Thanks. Regards Ray

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