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  1. dianedebuda

    OK, I'm back(...and where I've been)

    I'm mostly a lurker and rarely sign in, but sad to hear about your wife. Condolences.
  2. dianedebuda

    re: Forum Update 10/17/2017

    I use desktop and prefer old first, new last order. My post had an error (as usual ) that did not make anything clear. Think I see now that fans of new first, old last probably just visit here more often than I do and don't have the up-down-up-down issues that I had when visiting threads that had multiple and/or long posts. Avoid Facebook because of it's post order (among other reasons) too.
  3. dianedebuda

    re: Forum Update 10/17/2017

    Fedya and jamesjazzguitar, if I'm understanding you, you're both in favor of the new default, oldest post first order. That's what I was wanting as an option in the orig post. What I'm trying to visualize is how the posters who prefer the latest post first order read a thread when there's been more than 1 message added since the last time they visited the thread. I look at the forum every morning and it always just seemed so awkward to me, particularly with long posts. Don't you have to scroll down to your last read, then up, down, up, down until you reach the top? Again, not a challenge to the latest first order preference, just curiousity. Maybe it's simply that you're on the forum a lot and you see posts shortly after entry so there's no "to be read" stack up. In that case, it's more like email & I "get it". Back to lurking
  4. dianedebuda

    re: Forum Update 10/17/2017

    Well, I'm the OP & it looks like my wishlist was granted. I've always been curious what appeals so much to the early-first fans. I can see it maybe with a single post since it's more like email. But when there are multiple? Right now it's so much easier for me to go into this thread and see what's been added. Not challenging the preference, just trying to understand. And no, I'm NOT a newbie to the forum. Been around a long time - just don't post.
  5. dianedebuda

    re: Forum Update 10/17/2017

    May it please, please, please include being able to view posts in earliest to latest order with a button to jump to first unread. Just a Daily Lurker that rarely logs in.
  6. dianedebuda

    New TCM Hosts

    Really? Remember Matthew Broderick? I think Tiffany does a decent job. I'm not a clothes person, but sometimes her choices distract me. At least she seems interested in what she's doing.
  7. Thought I saw in Tribute thread that the orig GWTW wraparounds were going to be shown as part of 48 hr tribute. Any idea if true & when? Wish there weren't so many repeats during the tribute; so many other Private Screenings I'd like to see again.
  8. dianedebuda

    TCM Schedules Off Some Nights By 15 Minutes

    Actually TCM/TW is pretty good as long as you're just programming for the next day. Some like NBCSN are a real PIA (just went through wacarat with figure skating <g>)
  9. dianedebuda

    TCM Schedules Off Some Nights By 15 Minutes

    Have the same problem sometimes even with "auto" recordings. TCM will show a time on the monthly/daily schedule and then seem to change it on the show date which my TW dvr doesn't catch. Even worse is when TW has a different movie listed than what's on the TCM schedule.
  10. dianedebuda

    "Holiday" movies-----

    Groundhog Day
  11. dianedebuda

    Source for TCM schedules 2004-2009?

    Every three months I copy the monthly schedules from my browser & paste into notepad to strip the html controls. Then I have an Excel procedure to convert text to my format. There's a fair amount of manual work there since I do a lot of fixes/reformats. Takes me about 3-4 hours. I don't actually use this for my capture schedule though. Since 2010, I've had a subscription to Schedules Direct & every 12 days I build a schedule using that as a basis. Most TCM schedule changes are caught by this. I add title fixes & description info from my TCM spreadsheet, but I usually use the SD/imdb years for the movies. If my TCM spreadsheet would be useful... Thanks for the heads up about the archive. Will check into this.
  12. dianedebuda

    Source for TCM schedules 2004-2009?

    A thought, true, but way too expensive for my level of curiosity.
  13. Like to know air date/time of some beg/end comments that I recorded back then. Only source I've found so far is angelfire & those are hit & miss - meaning some months are mislabeled or missing. Ideally need title-yr & time/date in excel or text form, but can work with most other forms. Back then, used to print monthly schedules - wish I'd kept them or saved them as text & converted to xls as I do now.
  14. dianedebuda

    Irma La Douce

    Funny about the age restrictions. Irma was the first live, stage musical I ever saw - Taina Elg in Chicago, 1963; I was 13. Singing & dancing were wonderful. Pity those were dropped for the movie.
  15. dianedebuda

    Wow---TCM HD is now really HD!!!

    I think the WS was a goof. I recorded it and the second half was 4:3.

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