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  1. There are some early films here at TCM or movies but as Mark stated , the quality isn't the greatest...
  2. So, so, sad to hear this. I may not be here as much as I used to, so this is a real shame. He was helpful, funny and knew his stuff when it came to classics. This saddens me deeply. May He Rest in Peace.. *Bill (vallo13)*
  3. vallo13

    Movie Name, please?

    Sounds like 1994's "Eat Drink Man Woman" here:
  4. Guessing" 1942's "The Great Man's Lady" with Barbara Stanwyck here:
  5. While the film may have been on TCM recently, it's not on Home video. There is a good article here:
  6. vallo13

    trying to find movie title

    {font:Calibri}Possibly “Three Came Home" 1950 w/ Claudette Colbert{font} {font:Calibri}Here:{font}
  7. vallo13

    Italian haircut---???

    It's not as messy as an Columbian Necktie...
  8. vallo13

    new member / request

    Wecome aboard!. Warner Brothers owes the rights to the film. They are releasing DVD's all the time. Unfortunately that film is not on DVD. TCM has a "Suggest in movie" area in the Fan Community Section above.. Enjoy the film when aired on TCM this month.. ~Bill
  9. vallo13

    The Women (1939)-- Opening Title Sequence

    Lz & Fred...When did we start getting grades for our answers?
  10. vallo13

    The Women (1939)-- Opening Title Sequence

    Try here: FYI.. The Women has one color sequence by [Technicolor||Technicolor], a scene featuring a fashion show. When interviewed by TCM host [Robert Osborne||Robert Osborne], director George Cukor stated that he did not like the sequence and that he wanted to remove it from the film. So your answer is George Cukor...
  11. vallo13

    can not remember WWII title from England

    Try "It Happened Here"1964 British film. Directed by [Kevin Brownlow||Kevin Brownlow] and [Andrew Mollo||Andrew Mollo]. Here: I have to look for this , it sounds really interesting...Thanks
  12. vallo13

    Who said this quote?

    There's a site for that...
  13. vallo13


    George Feltenstein, senior vice president for theatrical catalog marketing at Warner, who has been overseeing the project for three years. From here: and here:,13921/
  14. Can't see the photo. There is one lobby card here: and there is one going for $3,000.00 here: and here:
  15. vallo13

    Interview with Bill Murray

    From the Baltimore Sun: No one's sleep at the wheel at Elvis Mitchell: Under the Influence. When Murray tells of seeing a silent movie called *A Romance of Happy Valley* in Paris, and how it hit him "like a thunderbolt," we see clips of the movie, which turns out to be one of D.W. Griffith's. "What would a guy like me do during that time?" Murray asks. "I wouldn't be working in movies, you know. Without a tongue, who am I? ... I walked home in shock. There were people doing this long ago, and they made a great movie without any words, without any sound, and it was perfect." The 1919 film is here:

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