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  1. nortonhub

    Song Introduction

    jvernet-Thanks for helping me find the title: Through the ages.
  2. nortonhub

    Song introduction

    mr666 thank you for the song "Through the Ages"
  3. nortonhub

    Song Introduction

    What is the name of the introduction song from approximately Sept 11-23, 2017. Some of the lyrics: " I'll stay by you through the ages, Life is a story, I know where we are going,gift of the ages, take my hands off my eyes". Thanks
  4. nortonhub

    Song introduction

    What is the name of the song during the week of approximately Sept. 11-23. The lyrics include: "I'll stay by you through the ages; the magic around me; take my hands off my eyes; I know where I am going; life is a story" Thanks

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