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  1. Title for an old horror film

    I’m sure you’re right; it’s just that we’ve fairly exhausted options for talkies. There were a few experts on the Monster Kid Classic Horror Forum, and they’d never heard of it. On the other hand, the OP couldn’t remember for sure what language it was in (though he thought English), so I suppose that goes to suggest there was dialogue.
  2. Title for an old horror film

    Question, though: could it be Rex Ingram’s The Magician (1926)?
  3. Title for an old horror film

    Anyway, Hitchcock’s The Manxman (’29) is available in its entirety here.
  4. Title for an old horror film

    @MovieCollectorOH Not ruling anything out, and I’ll check them out (and hope that he does), but I’d be shocked if, in the plot synopses, there were no mention of such important elements as gypsies, a tower, or hypnotism.
  5. Title for an old horror film

    Thanks, @MovieCollectorOH. I’ve just now checked those, and neither really seems to align with what @mattspease wrote, which only makes me think more that he’s conflating two (or more) different movies. Indeed, that would have to be, if he definitely remembers it on TCM, unless “his” movie happened to be in that ’98-’99 gap, correct?
  6. Title for an old horror film

    Any news here, @MovieCollectorOH (or anyone else)?
  7. Title for an old horror film

    Yeah, @MovieCollectorOH, there always seem to be a few apparently insoluble ones that pique my interest—damn that Sleuth singer! While I now lean towards @mattspease’s having conflated two or more movies, as I said, I could be wrong, and I’d be happy to be wrong; I’d very much like him to find “his” movie. Thanks very much for offering to look again, though I’m sorry to hear that it’s missing a year and a half! I’ll be happy to help if I can do anything.
  8. Title for an old horror film

    Bumping this thread, as I tried to help @mattspease with this question on the Classic Horror Film Board. I see that Matt reached out to @MovieCollectorOH on the thread that @scsu1975 recommended, but I don’t think MovieCollection responded (unless it was in a PM?). Neither I not anyone on the CHFB was able to find it; we eventually came to the conclusion that it was possibly a conflation of Caravan ’46 and Uncle Silas ’47 (or possibly an adaptation of Svengali), but we could be wrong. This one greatly intrigued me.
  9. Singer in "Sleuth"

    Thanks, Arsan. Both I and someone else on IMDb v2.0 have reached out to Warner Bros. Publishing, and they never responded to either one of us, unfortunately. I'll look into that, thanks. By the way, the station in Boston never responded to e-mails or calls, so they're out. I don't have much time to devote to this now, but I can see if a station in New York can help. Thanks again, guys!
  10. Singer in "Sleuth"

    Slayton, I live in Massachusetts, and I've reached out to MassJazz. If they're unsuccessful, I may try a station in New York. Many thanks.
  11. Singer in "Sleuth"

    MovieCollector, I (and others who have looked into this mystery before) have considered Bowlly for a long, long time, and we sent the Sleuth clip to a music professor who's an expert on Bowlly. He actually wrote back to say that (1) that it's not Bowlly, (2) that it may be someone copying Bowlly's (and Frank Luther's) style, and (3) that it is most likely not from the '30s but rather made for the moving, imitating the '30s style. Still, many thanks for the interest and the help!
  12. Singer in "Sleuth"

    I've sent several e-mails off to music boards and companies, to no avail thus far. Just to let everyone here know...
  13. Singer in "Sleuth"

    Thanks for the help, Slaytonf. I'll definitely try to reach out to a few of those sites/stations. I'd just like to have this solved at long last. Thanks again.
  14. Singer in "Sleuth"

    I had this mystery on IMDb when it had its boards, I have it on IMDb v2.0's boards now, I have it on Rotten Tomatoes' boards, on IMDf's boards, I've contacted people who worked on the film, librarians, music historians, singers... All that is to say we're no closer to an answer than when I first posted this mystery nearly a year ago. The question is simple: who sang the three Cole Porter songs in the movie Sleuth (1972) The answer is far from simple, sending me down a rabbit hole of false leads and red herrings. I started with the post a year ago on IMDb, after finding out that the mystery had been going around the Internet for at least ten years: We came to the conclusion, verified by several music experts, that it was not in fact a '30s singer who sang the songs, but rather someone hired specially for the movie to imitate the '30s style. That was when the IMDb boards shut down, and this mystery kind of got fragmented among several different websites. I've been up and down looking for this silly thing. My latest attempt was reaching out to singer and music historian Michael Feinstein, who posted the mystery to his Facebook page and received no conclusive answer. Before that, I e-mailed Graham V. Hartstone, one of the few Sleuth crew members still with us, and he also had no idea. Can anyone help? Does anyone know a way to find this answer at long last? As said, it has been floating around the Internet for at least ten years, yet we still don't know. Relevant Links: Many thanks!

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