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  1. sjack827

    Our Members Tributes to Robert Osborne (1932-2017)

    Just logged in to relay my condolences. Somehow, I thought he was just retired and taking it easy. Very sad.
  2. sjack827

    Actress Carrie Fisher (1956-2016)

    She passed this morning. It never sounded good, with her having to be revived and being without oxygen for many minutes. Rest in Peace. She made the bulk of her films in the '70s and '80's which are probably now considered "classic" by most people (but not golden age of course). I wonder if they'll do an emergency edit of TCM Remembers to include her? It would be nice. 2016 seems like a bad year for celebrity deaths.
  3. I'll be frank. I haven't posted to these forums in over a year and at best I've been a spotty vistor. Years ago I had this same issue with the boards and I contacted technical support who told me they understood the isse. A bit later an option was added to allow members the option of viewing the board in the "tradtional" order i.e. oldest to newest. I log in now after everything has been "updated" and reset or whatever and this option is gone. I don't get it. Plus the layout of the boards are very busy but that's another topic. I'm kind of disappointed and suprised quite frankly, who runs this place anyway?
  4. It's uncanny -- todays star is listed on the TCM home screen is Ava Gardner but the photo show is of Hedy Lamarr. On the summer under the stars website todays star is listed as Hedy. So who is it? Somebody (webmaster?) really dropped the ball.
  5. The guitar/musical accompaniment is making this film virtually unwatchable. I don't remember this soundtrack on this film when I watched it before. What happened? Who's idea was this?
  6. Thank you Arturo for your posts. I don't know very much about Linda Darnell's career, and always wondered why she wasn't a bigger star in bigger films. Your informative posts have been very illuminating.
  7. sjack827

    Deanna Durbin 1921 - 2013

    Nice to read your post Markus. Was wondering where you were once I'd read that she'd passed. I remembered you as a Durbin expert. I agree that there were Judy fans that disparaged Deanna. I belonged to several online forums/clubs devoted to Judy and I don't remember reading more than a few posts/comments about Deanna that didn't contain some negativity. I've learned that a small subset of Judy Garland fans are a truly odd lot and I think these "fans" were insecure about how sucessful Deanna's career and her live were compared to Judy's. If one was to be honest, Deanna pretty much had her beat on several important points. She became a star first, her career was more sucessful that Judy's for all but the tail end, and most importantly, she was able to handle being a huge movie star. Judy's last years were pretty sad; and while I'm certain Deanna/Edna Mae's last years weren't a walk in the part, she did manage to live them on her own terms. Judy lucked out on being at the right studio - one can only imagine what MGM could have done had they signed Deanna - at the right time. And having a post Hollywood career that attracted many devoted fans, many of whom still "follow" her to this day. I hate competitions of this sort, why we Americans insist on ranking everything in some sort of "best of " order (a personal pet peeve of mine). They were both pretty, hugely talented young women who we are lucky to be able to see perform at their best. I don't think Judy resented Deanna as much as she envied the fact that Deanna turned her back her career and never looked back, while Judy ended up being destroyed by hers. Reading the obituarys I have gotten a sense that Judy might have owed her entire movie career to Deanna in a sense; when seeing the rushes for "Always on Sunday" MGM head Mayer had actually meant to sign Deanna. Once Deanna became a big star he vowed that he would make Judy an even bigger star, and his studio certainly had the wherewithal to do just that, and they in fact did make Judy a star. Perhaps he *did* in fact choose Judy over Deanna -- we'll never really know but the fact remains that the MGM star making machinery went in to action once Deanna became an instant sucess and overnight star. You'd think Judy's fans could at least appreciate that. In any sense I'm sure Miss Durbin didn't stay awake nights worrying over any of this; she was long gone from Hollywood and happily living the life of a wife, mother, world traveler -- or whatever she wanted. I'm sure she cuoldn't have cared less about what Judy or any of her "fans" thought about her. She did good. (nice to see you again Markus)
  8. Did they photo shop the photos they show of the stars? They had to. No one could look that perfect. The photos are simply stunning. All of them. Nary a bump or blemish on any of them. I know that these are glamour shots so they're set up to look their best but wow, some of those images are otherworldy. Just gorgeous.
  9. sjack827

    why does modern cinema stink ?

    I think cinema isn't as good as it used to be for economic reasons. Mostly kids go to the movies now so the filmakers have to cater to them. The stories and acting are bad but the technology is breathtaking. And television has fallen off a cliff so to speak, but that's a money thing too. There are hundreds of channels available so the viewers are much more fragmented. Before cable you only had 3 channels to watch new shows, and the networks had the revenue to invest in quality shows because they were going to get advertising money based on the amount of viewers. Reality shows are dirt cheap to make compared to regular tv shows so the profit is higher. But there are good TV shows especially on cable TV. The viewing public has so many alternatives to traditional films/tv now (like the internet and gaming systems), and people simply are not tied to a screen either at home (tv) or in a theatre. The economies of scale that existed back when one either went to the movies or watched one of 3 tv networks for entertainment simply aren't there anymore. And making movies ain't cheap, so the people running the movie *business* are producing things that they think will make money. But there *are* good films being made (especially tv series). Plus, there was a lot of bad stuff on television and movie screens in the "classic" era. But one isn't aware of them because only the best stuff is being shown. So the impression is given that *all* of the stuff being made way back when was good, since that is are the films/programs we're seeing.
  10. I am also glad it's on a weekend. I am really disappointed in the lineup. They could have done *so* much better. No "A Date With Judy", only one of her films from the 1960's and nothing from the 70's on. This selection is *extremely* uninspired. Father of the Bride *and* Fathers little dividend? They knew she was very sick so they had time to plan.
  11. sjack827


    Meh. I just browsed the schedule for July and there are only a few films that interest me plus Gregory Peck isn't a favorite (a good and decent person though). It's just as well, since it's July and I'll be out trying to enjoy the all too brief summer. I'm sure I'll make up for it in August for Summer under the Stars.
  12. sjack827

    UNIVERSAL Bs (1940s)

    I do hope they get access to Universals library. They have a lot of great films that I've never seen. The Deanna Durbin films, the teenage musicals starring Donald O'connor and the great horror films. Does anyone have any info as to whether or not TCM will be negotiating with Universal for broadcast rights?
  13. sjack827


    They have an option on this website, that allows you to request a film be shown. It doesn't guarantee that it will be shown but I'm sure they read the requests. They also have tcmprogrammer that reads these forums and I'm sure he see's the request. I don't like everything that is being shown on TCM and when there is a film that I don't care for I either turn the channel or do something other than watch TV. I think TCM is doing a fine job considering the limitations they have to work within.
  14. I think it's so great that she's SOM and that they're showing so many films of her's that I've never seen (mostly early ones though). Has anyone here ever seen "They Knew What They Wanted", co-staring Charles Laughten? It is one of her later films and I've never seen it. I was hoping that it could be shown in October.

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