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  1. I don't want these messages coming to my email. How do I stop it.
  2. huntmovies

    Guilty Pleasures!!!

    Speaking of Eye movie group reviewed The Crawling Eye starring Forest Tucker several years ago. It was a real hoot and very entertaining. Just talking about it makes me want to revisit these 50's sci fi's. One of my very favorites is The Creature From the Black Lagoon (1954). It's underwater scenes are so beautifully filmed. It's worth watching JUST for those scenes alone. I always liked the Tarzan (Johnny Weissmuller) movies that had underwater scenes. They just fascinate me. IMO The Sherlock Holmes series with Basil R. are so good B E C A U S E they are set in England in the 30's and 40's . Judy
  3. huntmovies

    Guilty Pleasures!!!

    I can't imagine a cheaper version of "Invasion of the Saucermen". I also love the old Charlie Chan movies as well as the Sherlock Holmes series staring Basil Rathbone. Those are priceless!! Judy
  4. Come join us on Classicmovieweek at yahoo groups as we nominate and vote on a movie a week from the TCM lineup for review. Our next movie airs: 5 Sunday est 8:00 PM Sunrise (1927) In this silent film, a farmer's affair with a city woman almost destroys his life. Cast: George O'Brien, Janet Gaynor, Bodil Rosing. Dir: F.W. Murnau. Keeping up with the classics:
  5. huntmovies

    Guilty Pleasures!!!

    The first one ....and I have many....that comes to mind is "Invasion of the Saucermen" 1957. I grew up in the 50's watching these campy sci fi movies. This one is a real jewel and hilarious. Plot description from IMDB: "A teenage couple making out in the woods accidentally runs over an alien creature with their car. The creature's hand falls off, but it comes alive, and, with an eye growing out of it, begins to stalk the teens. Meanwhile, Joe the town drunk wants to store the body in his refrigerator, but some of the alien's buddies inject alcohol into his system, and Joe dies of an overdose." Frank Gorshin plays Joe. Other notable characters are Farmer Larkin played by George Hatton. A drunk cow and various other forgetable characters. And the most notable quote of all time from Gloria Castillo playing Joan...... "I expected to be frightened on my wedding night, but nothing like this!" Judy
  6. huntmovies


    Come and join our discussions each week on classicmovieweek. I post the TCM schedule a week in advance and we nominate and vote for the movie we want to see reviewed the following week. Our movie this week: Friday January 6 7:15 AM(eastern) Big Business Girl (1931) A college girl uses her brains and her legs to conquer the business world. Cast: Loretta Young, Frank Albertson, Joan Blondell. Dir: William A. Seiter. C-73 mins,
  7. is reviewing the following movie this week. We are a TCM based movie review group. Come join us and tell us your thoughts on this Hitchcock movie after it airs Wednesday!! 26 Wednesday 10:00 PM(est) Blackmail (1929) A shopkeeper's daughter fights off blackmail after she kills a young artist who had tried to rape her. Anny Ondra, Sara Allgood, Cyril Ritchard. D: Alfred Hitchcock. BW 85m.
  8. huntmovies

    TCM Movie Review Invitation

    Thanks "Sinatra". Just join up from the following address at the end of this message. I also sent you a private email. Our movie for review this week on TCM is: Friday, Oct. 7th...late late 2:00 AM Testament des Dr. Mabuse, Das (1933) A criminal mastermind uses hypnosis to rule the rackets after death. Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Otto Wernicke, Gustav Diessl. D: Fritz Lang. BW 121m. LBX Keeping up with the classics:
  9. huntmovies

    TCM Movie Review Invitation

    Classicmovieweek has voted the following movie for review. After the movie airs it is open for discussion and reviews with no need of spoiler alerts. Come join us!!! October 1...tomorrow Saturday 6:15 PM (eastern time) Black Narcissus (1947) Nuns founding a convent in the Himalayas are tormented by the area's exotic beauty. Deborah Kerr, Sabu, Jean Simmons. D: Michael Powell, Emeric Pressburger. C 101m. Keeping up with the classics:
  10. huntmovies

    Robert Osborne

    Thanks so much for your reply. I think there would be a tremendous market for Robert Osborne's interviews. We have lost so many of our classic stars. What a treasure it would be to have those interviews available on DVD. Mr. Osborne has such a wonderful talent for what he does and is such an asset to TCM. Judy Keeping up with the classics:
  11. huntmovies

    Robert Osborne

    I like ALL the interviews I've seen Osborne do. One of the most fascinating is the one he did with Anthony Quinn. His bio is unbelievable...his connection with Frank Lloyd Wright and other things he shared about his "beginnings". I've never been much of a fan of his until I saw that interview....AMAZING life he lead from such humble beginnings. Judy
  12. huntmovies

    TCM Movie Review Invitation

    That's why we started this list group years ago. Nobody has friends that want to watch classic movies with them much less talk about them. Come join us....we all have the same interest in the classic movies but with varying tastes (which can make for great discussions). When we first started in April 2000, I posted the AMC and the TCM schedule to nominate from. When AMC went "commercial" we dropped it and just do TCM now. A far superior station, I must say. We have currently gone through the summer doldrums and need some chatty people to contribute to our discussions. Judy
  13. huntmovies

    Robert Osborne

    I love Robert Osborne's "Private Screenings" interviews. Does anyone know if they are for purchase? If not they SHOULD be. He does such a fantastic job interviewing the stars. It would be so great to be able to purchase a compilation of them on DVD. Judy Keeping up with the classics"
  14. huntmovies

    TCM Movie Review Invitation

    We would be glad to have you. We are in Yahoo Groups and are called Classicmovieweek. the address is:
  15. Just want to invite anyone that is interesting in watching movies on TCM to join our group. Classicmovieweek has been around since April 2000. We have some very knowledgeable people on our list and some like me that are forever students of the film. We nominate and vote on one or two movies a week to review and we would love to have your company!!! Come watch movies with us each week and join in the discussions. Keeping up with the classics at:

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