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  1. ocemily

    Top 4 favorite Bette Davis Movies

    Of Human Bondage -Definitely her greatest performance, in my opinion. She was one of those characters that you hate but love at the same time and feel sorry for! Dark Victory -Such a sad and tragic story. To think that things like that happen often in real life as well. The Petrified Forest -All time favourite film but she was so sweet and wonderful and the character is just me! The Great Lie -She was just so different and entertaining to watch in this one and for some reason I adore it.
  2. ocemily

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    Well actually my favourite version is the Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones version, nobody can sing it as wonderful as them. In my own humble opinion mind you:) ~Emily (okay let's just call me Eliza now;) ...)
  3. ocemily

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    "I love that line. What is cointreau?" I'm not quite sure what cointreau is but, I'll look it up and let you know:) "You musn't ride alone at night." "I'll bet you say that to all the men you marry." Those two together were so wonderful!
  4. ocemily

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    Oh wow! Thanks for that little information, I'll have to get that DVD and CD sometime! ~Emily aka Eliza
  5. ocemily

    Favorite Music in a Musical

    I think my all time favourite song from a film is If I Loved You from Rodgers and Hammerstein's Carousel in 1956. Here's my whole list though of absolute favourites! Night and Day- Fred Astaire in The Gay Divorcee People Will Say We're In Love- Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones in Oklahoma! You Were Meant For Me- Gene Kelly in Singin' In The Rain The Best Things Happen While You're Dancing- Danny Kaye in White Christmas Main Street- Gene Kelly in On The Town Almost Like Being In Love- Gene Kelly in Brigadoon Waitin' For m'Dearie- Cyd Charisse in Brigadoon A Kiss In The Dark- Gordon MacRae in Look For The Silver Lining Time On My Hands- Gordon MacRae, June Haver in Look For The Silver Lining And that's about it for my favourites, *sigh* wonderful melodies to your ears that's for sure!
  6. ocemily

    Rodgers & Hammerstein

    Rodgers and Hammerstein are brilliant! I think my list would go like this... Carousel Oklahoma! State Fair The Sound of Music South Pacific The King and I Carousel is definitely my first favourite though, the music is most thrilling and enchanting! Though I do adore all of R&H's other work as well, such wonderful men. I fall apart for them like I fall apart for Gordon MacRae or Leslie Howard! ~Emily aka Eliza
  7. ocemily

    Favorite Actor/Actress Quotes

    I think this is my all time favourite quote spoken by an actor/actress! "Leslie Howard was a darling flirt. He'd be caressing your eyes and have his hand on someone else's leg at the same time. He was adorable." --actress Joan Blondell. "The musicals had a good, happy feeling, saying that the world is a better place. They say it's not reality, but who cares? There's too much reality these days." --actress Shirley Jones "Let's see what happens when I pull the fire alarm....." --actress Shirley Jones (not certain if this was already posted) "People often become actresses because of something they dislike about themselves: They pretend they are someone else." --actress Bette Davis "To be a success and to be happy." --actor Gordon MacRae's ambition All done for now;) Emily aka Eliza
  8. ocemily

    Your Favorite Movie Lines

    I think my all time favourite line might be from the film Pygmalion, "Where the devil are my slippers, Eliza?" It's not only one of my favourite lines, but also my favourite ending shot in a film! I'll just post the rest of my favourites that I can think of, below:) Carousel "Longin' to tell you, but afraid and shy. I let my golden chances pass me by." "I loved you Julie, know that I loved you." The Petrified Forest "Oh, I'm eternally right, but what good does it do me?" "Any woman's worth everything that any man has to give: anguish, ecstasy, faith, jealousy, love, hatred, life or death. Don't you see that's the whole excuse for our existence? It's what makes the whole thing possible and tolerable." "This is the end for which we twain are met." Romeo and Juliet "Parting is such sweet sarrow, that I shall say good night, till it be morrow." The Gay Divorcee Mimi: I don't care what you did as a boy. Guy: Well I did nothing as a girl so there goes my childhood! Mimi: Please don't ask me to stay. Guy: All right I wont. Don't go! "Chance is a fools name for fate!" "Can I offer you anything? Frosted chocolate? Cointreau? Benedictine? Marriage?" "Pining? Men don't pine. Girls pine. Men just... suffer." "You're wife is save with Tonetti, He prefers spaghetti " Okay, I'll be gone for now, I don't think I'll ever be able to get away from this thread though! ~Emily aka Eliza Message was edited by: eliza_doolittle
  9. It's a pretty difficult thread to reply to but, I'll do my best;) Carousel (1956) Gordon MacRae, Shirley Jones Look For The Silver Lining (1949) June Haver, Ray Bolger, Gordon MacRae The Petrified Forest (1936) Leslie Howard, Bette Davis, Humphrey Bogart Pygmalion (1938) Leslie Howard, Wendy Hiller Romeo and Juliet (1936) Leslie Howard, Norma Shearer The Ghost and Mrs. Muir (1947) Rex Harrison, Gene Tierney Laura (1944) Gene Tierney, Dana Andrews The Gay Divorcee (1934) Fred Astaire, Ginger Rogers Two Rode Together (1961) James Stewart, Richard Widmark, Shirley Jones Vivacious Lady (1938) James Stewart, Ginger Rogers
  10. ocemily

    Favorite Actors/Actresses

    Hmm... My favourites are plenty! Gordon MacRae Leslie Howard Fred Astaire Cary Grant Richard Widmark Dana Andrews John Wayne Gene Kelly Frank Sinatra (I especially love his acting abilities when with Gene Kelly!) Rex Harrison Dick Powell James Stewart Gary Cooper Donald O'Connor Bing Crosby Danny Kaye Humphrey Bogart Shirley Jones Gene Tierney June Haver Ginger Rogers Bette Davis Norma Shearer Olivia de Havilland Maureen O'Hara Cyd Charisse Debbie Reynolds Donna Reed Katharine Hepburn Audrey Hepburn Vera-Ellen Irene Dunne June Allyson ~Emily aka Eliza Message was edited by: eliza_doolittle
  11. ocemily

    Favorite Actors/Actresses

    My favourite actors and actresses are... Gordon MacRae Shirley Jones Dana Andrews Gene Tierney Rex Harrison Audrey Hepburn Doris Day Kathryn Hepburn Debbie Reynolds Gene Kelly Fred Astaire Ginger Rogers Donald O'Connor Donna Reed James Stewart Gary Cooper Olivia de Havilland Dick Powell George Murphy Judy Garland Bing Crosby Frank Sinatra Dean Martin Jeanne Crain Gene Nelson Shirley Temple Irene Dunne Cary Grant Errol Flynn June Haver Ray Bolger Mickey Rooney June Alyson Huntz Hall Leo Gorsey Audey Murphy John Wayne Maureen O'Hara Julie Andrews Dick Van Dyke Jane Powell Alice Faye Vera-Ellen Ann Miller Red Skelton That's all I c'n think of right now, but Gordon MacRae and Shirley Jones are my absolute favourite in the world! ~Emily

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