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  1. tracey65k

    ~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~

    Sorry about the delay--I've been mvoing furniture and books back into the living room all weekend. Let's see if I can get at least 5 or 6 clues before someone guesses this one: Clue 1--Want ads
  2. tracey65k

    Trivia -- Week of March 20, 2006

    "Woman of the Year"
  3. tracey65k

    Before TCM. Where did you watch the classics ?

    In the seventies and eighties, one of the local networks here in Dayton used to play old movies on Sunday afternoons. We used to watch them between church services. And then there were those MGM "That's Entertainment " specials and movies like "Wizard of OZ" and :It's a Wonderful Life" that the networks used to play regularly in the days before cable. And if you had a really BIG antenna, one of the UHF stations did old horror movies. That was it until AMC. Our cable provider didn't offer TCM until about 5 years ago.
  4. tracey65k

    Thanks for the Pre-Codes!

    I hope they do include it--it was great. I can't wait for that set to come out
  5. tracey65k

    Trivia -- Week of February 13, 2006

    "The Bride Came COD?" Cute movie, BTW
  6. tracey65k

    Your favorite SCENE-STEALERS

    >>Joan Cusack in SIXTEEN CANDLES Shoot, Joan Cusack in anything. She's a riot. Did you see "Grosse Pointe Blank?" The scene where she's pouring gasoline on all John Cusack's record's with a lit cigarette in her mouth and laughing? And Thelma Ritter in about anything
  7. tracey65k

    The End Is Near

    And you're allowed to be, which point some people seem to keep missing...
  8. tracey65k

    Captain Blood and other great Pirate films?

    The first "Pirates of the Caribbean" was fun, too. Lots of funny lines and sight gags. Johnny Depp was too funny as the dissipated Jack Sparrow...and the soundtrack was amazing. I'm looking forward to the sequel. Tracey
  9. tracey65k

    The End Is Near

    Call me a Classic Movie Heretic, but I'd rather watch a newer good movie than a not-so-good black and white one...
  10. tracey65k

    Phil Hartman - Love Is A Dream

    Hi Margo-- I don't know the movie it might have come from, but I found a reference to that sketch that credits the singing to Bing Crosby. I don't know if that helps, but it might give you a place to start. Tracey
  11. tracey65k

    How to Make a Film "Noir"?

    Sometimes the femme fatale is just bad. She wants whatever it is (usually money or revenge) and uses the guy to get it. Think Mary Astor's character in "The Maltese Falcon."
  12. Forgot about the governor appointment I mean, in "Washington." Been a long time since I've seen it--years. Somebody posted something a while back about a remake of "Witness for the Prosecution" with Michelle Pfeiffer. That would be good if they could pull it off--up dating the story and all of course.
  13. tracey65k

    The Academy Awards

    Mongo-- Didn't see "Eve", so don't really have an opinion there, but Dietrich should have been nominated. Again, not for the overly-dramatic ending, but the way she played the role of a woman playing a role so well. Does that make sense?
  14. tracey65k

    The Academy Awards

    I agree with you about "Titanic"-bleah. Boy meets girl, bot has sex with girl, boat hits iceberg, boy drowns... However, I have to say the LOTR movies were fantastic. Long, yes, but then so were the books they came from. Not sure they were Oscar=worthy though...

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