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  1. casadore2

    Where can i purchase DVD.

    Thank You all for replies. I have been able to purchase used copy through Amazon for $5.00. It should be here any time.
  2. Does anyone know where I can purchase the DVD of "Song of Norway"?
  3. casadore2

    Looking for movie Title

    Looking for Movie Title where British comandos take out german guards with bow and arrow during a comando raid. Remember seeing this when I was a kid and would like to see again.
  4. casadore2

    Need help with movie title

    Thank YOU.
  5. Ronald Colman fail question on a game show. "What is your S/S number?"
  6. casadore2

    World War II Films

    I think the Sub-titles were poorly done and hard to read on the screen.
  7. casadore2

    ~*~Classic Film 21 Questions~*~

    Silent movie by Thomas Edison
  8. casadore2

    help with title

    I believe the ship was anchored in a fyord in Norway doing repairs. Unable to turn around and repairs were held up by Jeffrey Hunters character with a Mauser rifle from the sides or the fyord overlooking the ship.
  9. casadore2

    help with title

    The name of the movie you are seeking is "Sailor of the King'" Starring Jeffrey Hunter. Not available on any recording that I know of. I would like a copy myself. 5/1/2008. Movie is availble at now. Message was edited by: casadore2
  10. casadore2

    Future Movies

    Leni Refienstahl would make an interesting movie about a person who was a leader in film making in the 1930's. I also think a movie about Hannah Reitsch would also make a great movie. Leni was not political, but Hannah was a Nazi supporter.
  11. casadore2

    Leni Reifenstahl

    Thank You for the information. I look at Leni as a film maker of great talent of her time. She is responsible for smaller cameras and the first person to record a sporting event on film.
  12. casadore2

    Leni Reifenstahl

    What has Simons death have to do with Leni or anything to do with movies?
  13. casadore2

    Leni Reifenstahl

    Now that Leni Reifenstahl has passed away. Is there still going to be a movie made about her life staring Jodie Foster?

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