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  1. movieman1957

    Worst movie from your favorite talents...

    Hitchcock: Jamaica Inn. Dull. It may be nice to look at but that is about it.
  2. movieman1957

    Title of Laurel & Hardy Short?

    Here is a reason to bring this thread up. Amazon Prime is carrying some L&H shorts. (Silent ones at that.) Some haven't been around is some time. Also, look for Stan and Ollie in theaters soon. It has received some pretty good reviews.
  3. movieman1957


    Hi, I saw your name and had to say hello. It has been awhile since we have chatted and I hope all is well in your world. You mentioned Susan Slept Here and I saw it for the first time last week. I was a little surprised at the premise but it was pleasant enough to watch. Debbie Reynolds sure was into her part. Maybe I will check in more often. Haven't had a good movie discussion in some time. Regards, Chris
  4. movieman1957

    Laurel and Hardy - 12/06

    This is good news. A few years ago TCM did a huge deal to get the L&H films (I think they included Charley Chase and Thelma Todd shorts) but they have, in my opinion, been under utilized on the schedule. Maybe this means things are changing. If only they could get more of the silent shorts that would be great. (Amazon Prime is showing some of them.) Happy to see more shorts though.
  5. movieman1957


    October is the best month for birthdays. I had mine Monday but it is all the more special as we get to give you best wishes today. I hope yours is a lovely day. How appropriate it would be. All the best for fun and friends and a fine time. May you be blessed with many more. Happy Birthday!!! Chris
  6. movieman1957


    This is sad news. But what a treat it was to "meet" her through your stories. Sounds like she lived a full life in addition to raising a fine daughter. I hope the sadness you have today will soon give way to wonderful memories. Know that so many people here liked her and we are grateful you brought her to us. My sincere condolences. Prayers for you and the family. Regards, Chris
  7. movieman1957

    Top favorite Westerns

    Well, this has been busy the last few weeks. Scott, glad to see your list. I am inclined to rearrange some but only a few would I replace. "The Naked Spur" is one I would put on. I will have to study it some more.
  8. movieman1957

    The Annual FrankGrimes Torture Thread

    Scott, my friend. It is good to see you and anything you post. Nice to see friends talking about movies. I hope you are well. Haven't seen too many on your list. And the few I have I think I saw during the Reagan administration. "It Happens Every Spring" I remember being fun and very un Ray Milland like. "Angels In The Outfield" is even more fun. I really like Paul Douglas. I saw "Airport" back when in the 70's. It was a big deal. You are right about Martin. He can surprise you with his work in dramas. Good cast. Keep it up. It gives me a reason to check in.
  9. movieman1957

    Western Movie Rambles

    I did. Spent the weekend with my daughter. It was a great present. I can't tell you how much I miss chatting about movies with you. It looks like we both are kind of scarce (unless I am looking in the wrong place.) You were among the group I enjoyed the most and learned from the most. I appreciate hearing from you my friend. Take care. Thanks,
  10. movieman1957

    Western Movie Rambles

    Thanks so much for the note and the cupcakes, I hope everyone enjoys them. I have checked in from time to time so I am keeping up with things in Western Town. Much love to you and the group. See you somewhere around soon.
  11. movieman1957

    Off Topic: Favorite Music?

    There are at least three versions of this song. The "Let It Be" version. There is a stripped version on "Let It Be....Naked" and then a the original that was done for a charity album which, I believe, is the recording available on "Anthology 2" is the basis for that version. A beautiful song no matter the version.
  12. movieman1957

    SHANE + 100 more great westerns

    This special listing is for me. The only drawback is I have seen so many there are only a few left to discover. Some B films and a few silents plus a welcome return of "Three Godfathers" from 1936 will be on my list.
  13. movieman1957

    Henry Fonda

    I've seen 60 of his films but some have been a very long time. One performance not mentioned as I think it was a TV movie was "Gideon's Trumpet." Also, if you can get your hands on a copy of his televised stage show of Clarence Darrow please do it. Some him the other day in "Advise and Consent" but it is a relatively small part but handled with a fine touch. It may not be much of a film but I love watching Stewart and Fonda together in "Cheyenne Social Club." The little political discussion as they walk down the street, knowing their history, makes it more fun.
  14. movieman1957

    The Annual FrankGrimes Torture Thread

    29 inches here. The good thing about it is we didn't get the bad winds that were expected. (Ocean City, MD did get some wind damage though.) Also, the snow was more of a powder type than the heavy wet kind. Waiting on a plow. It is all of 11 degrees. Had a friend use his snowblower but The Bride keeps his kids so it was a win/win for us both. Still managed to tweak my back. Is it April yet?

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