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  1. movieman1957

    The Annual FrankGrimes Torture Thread

    I like Talk of The Town. The three most interesting voices in movies all in one film.
  2. movieman1957

    What Are You Listening To?

    I haven't been on here in some time but it certainly looks to be popular. My tastes aren't broad enough for it to be too interesting for my posts but glad others have taken it on. Hve fun.
  3. movieman1957

    The Annual FrankGrimes Torture Thread

    So nice to see part of the gang. Bronxie: I watched Red River not long ago and I always enjoy it. Yes, Joanne is annoying but she is still has some charm for me. Scott: All are well. My daughter just married a few weeks ago. We are all healthy if dull. Still trying to get my dose of movies and music. It would be a sad world without. I keep up with some on Facebook but I haven't talked to Sweet T in some time. I have no ideas about MissG. It is good to hear from you. Take care. Hope to see all of you some more!
  4. movieman1957

    The Annual FrankGrimes Torture Thread

    Scott, my friend!!! How are you? I see I have missed your birthday. (Again.) I had wondered through some other threads recently, probably about westerns and thought of you. I hope you are well. If you have time please drop me a note and let me know how things are. It is wonderful to see some familiar names. We were a fine group. I hope you still get to come by and find some things to enjoy. I stop occasionally to see what goes on but I don't know many anymore. Anyway, a belated and heartfelt Happy Birthday to you.
  5. movieman1957

    Western Movie Rambles

    Here is a fine thread for reading. If you dance around the birthday wishes (we were a pretty tight group) you will find plenty of worthwhile comments. 335 pages worth.
  6. movieman1957

    nipkowdisc review of audie murphy's Ride Clear of Diablo (1953)

    The thing about most Murphy westerns is that they are fairly routine. (No Name On The Bullet I would say being an exception.) I have always found them, and him, pleasant entertainment. He is certainly amiable and often does a good job. He, too often, doesn't have material that brings it above the routine. (A fate of most early 50's Randolph Scott films.) They are a good way to spend 90 minutes. Just don't overthink them.
  7. movieman1957

    ratios fouled up

    For some SD broadcasts (not always TCM) I found that I had to change the setting on the cable box itself. For Comcast you had to turn the box off and then hit menu and there came up a set of options that allowed me to preset the 4:3 ratio to that rather than stretched or zoom. That might apply to some situations. I only found that by typing aspect ratio in the Support section.
  8. Thanks. I check in now and then. Hope you are well.
  9. It was Looney Tunes all the way. Later I had enough of Daffy and Speedy Gonzalez but up until then they were the best. Saturday morning and even weekday mornings on local TV was a wonderful way to fill time before school (and later work.) Tom and Jerry were fun. I remember my father laughing at Tom and Jerry like little else he saw on TV. Rocky and Bullwinkle were fun but much better when I was older. It was for adults. A lot of filler in the links between sketches. Was never much of a Disney fan. Popeye isn't on my radar anymore. I even got a collection of Droopy cartoons. Not enough shown anymore.
  10. movieman1957

    Robert Osbourne’s Birthday

    I enjoyed seeing Robert's intro to tonight's movie. I hope they do them now and then. He set the standard and everyone else is fine but there is only one Robert.
  11. movieman1957

    Worst movie from your favorite talents...

    Hitchcock: Jamaica Inn. Dull. It may be nice to look at but that is about it.
  12. movieman1957

    Title of Laurel & Hardy Short?

    Here is a reason to bring this thread up. Amazon Prime is carrying some L&H shorts. (Silent ones at that.) Some haven't been around is some time. Also, look for Stan and Ollie in theaters soon. It has received some pretty good reviews.
  13. movieman1957


    Hi, I saw your name and had to say hello. It has been awhile since we have chatted and I hope all is well in your world. You mentioned Susan Slept Here and I saw it for the first time last week. I was a little surprised at the premise but it was pleasant enough to watch. Debbie Reynolds sure was into her part. Maybe I will check in more often. Haven't had a good movie discussion in some time. Regards, Chris
  14. movieman1957

    Laurel and Hardy - 12/06

    This is good news. A few years ago TCM did a huge deal to get the L&H films (I think they included Charley Chase and Thelma Todd shorts) but they have, in my opinion, been under utilized on the schedule. Maybe this means things are changing. If only they could get more of the silent shorts that would be great. (Amazon Prime is showing some of them.) Happy to see more shorts though.
  15. movieman1957


    October is the best month for birthdays. I had mine Monday but it is all the more special as we get to give you best wishes today. I hope yours is a lovely day. How appropriate it would be. All the best for fun and friends and a fine time. May you be blessed with many more. Happy Birthday!!! Chris

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