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  1. yanceycravat

    The Cast Of The Old Dark House (1932)

    I've been quoting that line since I was a little kid. For some reason she scared the wits out of me! But the way she said it is absolutely memorable. I'm guessing she never gave a second thought to the fact people would be talking about her work 80+ years later.
  2. yanceycravat

    The Cast Of The Old Dark House (1932)

    Elspeth Dudgeon (1871–1955) Long-time British stage actress who entered films in the early 1930s. Elspeth Dudgeon was born on December 4, 1871 in London, England. She was an actress, known for The Old Dark House (1932), Becky Sharp (1935) and Mystery House (1938). She died on December 11, 1955 in Los Angeles, California, USA. In her screen debut in James Whale's The Old Dark House (1932), she was not only disguised as an old man, but billed pseudonymously as a male to boot.
  3. It would be obvious to me if it were in my spam folder but it's never there. I don't know what whitelisting is. So I'll have to look that up.
  4. yanceycravat

    TCM Premieres

    I have a recording from June 2010. It's 4:3 not widescreen like last nights airing.
  5. yanceycravat

    TCM Premieres

    Last night (2018-10-15) TCM aired Robot vs the Aztec Mummy, The (1965). In the intro Ben described it as the dubbed version released by American International. The print shown was the original Spanish language version which was subtitled. Anyone know if this version was a TCM Premiere? No biggie just curious.
  6. Hepburn Fan was kind enough to post it in my other thread. Check the bottom of the page -
  7. Hepburn Fan - I wrote to them. I even entered an alternate email and they didn't send it to that one either!!! I am bereft of possible solutions until I go to the Festival and see if there's someone there I can speak with directly.
  8. Bumping this up for obvious reasons! Once again - no mid-month NPG. Thanks in advance!
  9. yanceycravat

    The "Secret" Hidden Celebrity Cemetery

    I've been to this cemetery. No, definitely not easy to find. It's quite interesting to say the least. I always tell out of town visitors, "I'm going to take you to a place where you'll be within six feet of some of the most well known people in the world." I'm guessing Marilyn Monroe is the most famous person interred there. Armand Hammer is definitely the wealthiest man in that cemetery! Saddest is little Heather O'Rourke from the Poltergeist movies. Coolest dude - Dean Martin. Two best headstones - "Jack Lemmon in" and Rodney Dangerfield - "There goes the neighborhood". Coolest marker - Don Knotts. It has depictions of some his well know roles. The first time I was there a bunch of people where having a picnic "on" Natalie Wood. If only those stones could talk!
  10. yanceycravat

    The Mummy's Hand

    Is it any wonder you didn't know what happened? The ending was cut off! Something very weird took place mid scene and the watch TCM logo came on. I think the Mummy had a Hand in it! 🙄
  11. Just in case you missed the above post... eNPG: TCM October Programming is Chock-full of Tricks and Treats
  12. Thanks, Hepburn Fan! You came to my rescue again! I'll give it a try and see what happens. I just don't get why it can't be posted on the TCM website. Makes absolutely no sense at all. Unless there's some sort of marketing scheme behind it. Clicks and links and cookies and your what not. In the meantime Many, many thanks! Yancey
  13. Well it's becoming something of an issue, no pun intended. I even gave a second email address still nothing. TCM is advertising it daily so what's the point if you don't get it?
  14. BUMP for missing October 2018 NPG email.
  15. yanceycravat

    TCM Premieres

    Oct 13 - MGM Cartoons: Screwball Squirrel (1944) was part of Cartoon Alley #46 Oct 20 - MGM Cartoons: One Droopy Knight (1957) was part of Cartoon Alley #33

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