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  1. yanceycravat

    Barbara Stanwyck's son

    Well from the looks of things he died February 5, 2006. About 8 months after this thread was first started! https://www.findagrave.com/memorial/153811054/anthony-dion-fay
  2. yanceycravat

    Barbara Stanwyck's son

    Well, HOLY COW! I didn't see that. My god that's hilarious. Now we have to start a what's the oldest thread on here thread! Thanks for the heads up!
  3. yanceycravat

    Barbara Stanwyck's son

    I'd like to correct some of the math here. If Dion is still alive he'd be in his 80's not 70's!
  4. Kyle was one of the nicest people. He also attended many of the TCM Festivals. That's where I first met him. He was always willing to talk movies to anyone. There are others on here who knew him way better than I. But I am grateful for the few times I was in his company. There was a time before the boards were updated when you clicked on the link above the message boards it took you to a page that had a photo of Kyle and RO taken when Kyle was a guest programmer. I may be wrong but I remember Kyle as one of those folks who didn't have health insurance before the Obamacare era. He couldn't afford to get sick and he did. Such a shame and a real tragedy for us. His continued presence here on the TCM Boards is wholly warranted and greatly appreciated by those who knew him.
  5. The whole thing is very surreal to say the least! It had to be even then, maybe more so.
  6. According to my notes the last time Wonder Bar played was June 6th 2007. While it's possible Mammy played at some point I show no record of it playing anytime after Dec. 2006. Both Mammy and Wonder Bar are available on DVD from Warner Archive. Wonder Bar has that outrageous number headed by both Jolson and Hal LeRoy in blackface called "Goin to Heaven on A Mule". It's completely indescribable. What can you say when Hal LeRoy emerges tap dancing from a watermelon? Yes, it certainly was a different time!!!
  7. yanceycravat

    Someone says TCM's playing LESS movies now. True?

    Another aspect of this may be the number of intro's has been cut from 4 to 3. (Generally speaking.) RO used to intro 4 movies a night. You rarely see it now unless one of the movies shown in prime time has a short run time.
  8. yanceycravat

    WHOA! What a faux pas!

    Tonight as Ben was signing off from THREE SMART GIRLS he intro'd the next movie, Stowaway (1936), as starring Robert Taylor instead of Robert Young. Funny it should happen with the Ball State Professor sitting there. No one caught it? Yikes! Someone needs to stay after school!
  9. I sit corrected! Yes, it's there. Not sure what the glitch was. I've got to do my searches more carefully.😊
  10. I think someone is having a bit of sport! Hot Spell is a Paramount Picture. It may be a very long time (if ever) before it shows on TCM! I have no record of MY PAST ever being shown. At least as far back to December 2006.
  11. yanceycravat

    What has happened to your Programing?

    You beat me to it!
  12. yanceycravat

    TCM's Saturday Matinee

    Why not? Silents shouldn't be just for Sunday nights!
  13. yanceycravat

    TCM's Saturday Matinee

    Anyone else digging this newest segment of TCM? I haven't seen any posts (or maybe missed it). Here it is again for June and I couldn't be happier! Cartoons, Shorts and B Pictures. The only thing missing is the popcorn! I'm surprised they haven't brought more attention to it. I have to admit this type of programming is totally up my alley. To me this is the very heart of what TCM is all about. Bringing the past to life for those of us who missed it and want to experience it for ourselves! Thanks TCM!!! Keep them coming.
  14. yanceycravat

    Nonagenarian birthdays in June

    Same here! Your efforts are much appreciated!

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