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  1. yanceycravat

    So . . . Scotty Bowers?

    I still have that book!
  2. yanceycravat

    So . . . Scotty Bowers?

    So easy to say what you want about dead people who can't defend their reputations. True or not I think it was an awful thing to do however he wanted to justify it.
  3. I was looking at the monthly schedule and many entries have disappeared! Can someone please fix this? Thanks!!!
  4. Harry Lewis ( Edward 'Toots' Bass in Key Largo) - When Harry, an aspiring actor at the time, met future wife Marilyn Lewis, he confessed to her that he had two goals: to play Hamlet and to start a restaurant called Hamburger Hamlet as a hangout for the stars. They spent their first date looking for a location. A few days later she found the perfect spot for the original Hamlet on the Sunset Strip in Hollywood. Neither could cook, but they opened their first Hamburger Hamlet in October of 1950 with their savings of $3500. By the mid-'80s, there were more than a dozen Hamlets, one in nearly every part of Los Angeles. They sold the chain in 1997 for $33 million.
  5. Ben Welden - Owned a confectionery in Beverly Hills called Nutcorn.
  6. yanceycravat

    TCM Premieres

    Ebirah, Horror of the Deep (1966) played as scheduled!
  7. You are absolutely right. So by those standards maybe we should see S. Z. "Cuddles" Sakall as Van Helsing! Just imagine his reaction when Dracula walks in!
  8. Basil Rathbone as Van Helsing! Interesting to cast against type but he has the strength and endurance to duel the Count with a wooden cross.
  9. With Walter Brennan as Renfield! - Photoshop that one please!!!
  10. The role, of course went to Bela Lugosi and Cooper went on to star in A FAREWELL TO ARMS... Ahhh... what might have been!
  11. Interesting. I wonder what this says about Humphrey Bogart's popularity. I'd have thought he'd be up there.
  12. yanceycravat

    Karger Wrap-up confusion

    Makes you wonder if the intros aren't just a bunch of background noise for most of the viewers. Maybe it says too much about me that I care about this stuff. I know I feel very proprietary toward TCM. Again most likely too much to be considered normal. 😀
  13. yanceycravat

    Karger Wrap-up confusion

    After YOUNG MR. LINCOLN, TCM aired a Karger wrap-up for a Shirley MacLaine film from last month. A couple of weeks ago they neglected to air the Karger Wrap-up for THE BLACK SWAN. Who's doing the QC?
  14. Dare I say the word brilliant has lost it's luster?

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