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  1. I may check out "Going Places" tomorrow. I've never heard of it before but I like some of those 30s musicals so I may like it.
  2. It used to be in the 1001 Movies list too before getting deleted out.
  3. Gershwin fan

    My own favs vs.other moviebuffs,etc

    I'm not sure what all the dollar signs are supposed to mean. That part really confuses me.
  4. A BRIEF POST-SCRIPT ON THE CASE OF AVITAL RONELL BY SLAVOJ ŽIŽEK 0 COMMENT 2 LOVED Now that the (select) details of the accusation against Avital Ronell have become public, some journalists and friends (or, rather, “friends”) asked me: do you still stand by your support for her? My immediate reaction to this question is: do youstill believe in Avital’s guilt? If you do, then we don’t live in the same world. I didn’t learn anything new in the now available data, so there is nothing that should make me change my stance. From my perspective, two things immediately strike the eye in the latest stage of this affair. First is the breathtakingly biased reporting in the big (and not so big) media. Not only were my (and others’) texts defending Avital serially rejected (I was only able to publish mine in The Philosophical Salon), but also the letter of support signed by 120 of her students went unreported – a clear indication where the power resides in this case. The way the media covered the affair follows a certain pattern. Here is the title of the report in The Sunday Times: “Groping professor Avital Ronell and her ‘cuddly’ Nimrod Reitman see kisses go toxic,” where the specific accusation of “groping” which was not accepted by the court is highlighted as a fact. Later, it is usually mentioned that Avital denies this accusation, but this denial is itself relativized, as in the report in Salon which first highlights the accuser’s statement: “’She put my hands onto her breasts, and was pressing herself — her buttocks — onto my crotch,’ he said. ‘She was kissing me, kissing my hands, kissing my torso.’ That evening, a similar scene played out again, he said.” The report then goes on: “Ronell has denied that any such incidents occurred, and NYU’s investigation did not sustain Reitman’s allegations of sexual abuse and stalking, largely because there were no witnesses and no physical evidence. (A familiar outcome, let us note, for many women who make similar claims.) His claim of harassment was sustained, based on a lengthy pattern of emails in which Ronell addressed him with sexualized pet names like ‘baby love angel’ or ‘****-er spaniel,’ or described her desire to kiss him or cuddle up together on her sofa.” So, Ronell’s denial is duly noted, but then it is immediately devalued: there were no witnesses or physical evidence, so it is his word against hers, and sowing doubt in the victim’s report is the usual strategy of harassers and their defenders. In short, the message is clear: although Avital denies it, we all know the accusations are true… But what about the “lengthy pattern of emails in which Ronell addressed him with sexualized pet names like ‘baby love angel’ or ‘****-er spaniel,’ or described her desire to kiss him or cuddle up together on her sofa”? Well, the first thing to do here is to situate these emails in their true “pattern,” which is provided by the entire corpus of messages, i.e., to include also his messages to her which, as we are getting to now, constantly use the same language: “Just sending you infinite kisses and love. Thank you for your being my most precious blessing”; “Mon Avital, beloved and special one”; “Sending you infinite love, kisses and devotion,” etc. etc. The eccentric pattern was followed by both parties involved, and when the accuser claims he “acquiesced because he did not want to anger his supervisor,” this is simply not convincing enough to explain his language. He didn’t just tolerate her messages, but was fully caught in the spiral of mutually reinforcing their tone.
  5. Gershwin fan

    Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1963

    Yeah, it had some funny jokes but it definitely wasn't their best episode.
  6. Gershwin fan

    Racism in Trump's America

    On Heidegger and antisemitism and going forward today. HEIDEGGER’S ETERNAL TRIANGLE On July 20, 2014, I published a small article titled “A Fight for the Right to Read Heidegger” in “The Stone” column of the New York Times. Predictably enough, given a long buildup of controversies aimed at delegitimizing Heidegger, my argument concerning a profound disconnect between his anti-Semitic prejudice and his philosophy gave rise to hundreds of comments, some of them vitriol-filled. Among these, one stood out for me, its concluding sentences reading: “Not only language but thought takes a holiday when we come to Heidegger. Beware, he still stalks the world.” I asked myself upon scanning through these lines: Where else but on holiday—vacated of or vacationing away from pragmatic, instrumental concerns—does thought truly think and language speak? The holiday in question is not necessarily a beach vacation (and there is nothing reprehensible about taking a beach vacation!) but a more general release to and for the possible and its play, which is only the province of phenomenology insofar as it is an exemplar of thinking. Then there is the issue of the world. It is ironic, to say the least, to accuse of stalking the world a philosopher who has given us a renewed appreciation of this originally theological term, dissociated it from “global” affairs, and handed it over to secular, existential, and ecological considerations. Finally, a warning: “Beware, he still stalks the world!” Still—in the twenty-first century, well after his death! Beware: Heidegger is a specter, akin to the specter of communism that has made its bombastic appearance in the first lines of Marx and Engels’s Communist Manifesto. Which world does he haunt? Or, better, whose world? That of a technocratic stricture, where possibilities are unlimited so long as they are indexed to “technological innovation”? That of unremitting calculation and quantification, insinuating the phenomenology of capital into the fabric of life (and death)? That of the expanding worldlessness, where—devalorized, leveled down, and homogenized—the place becomes a passage on the way to nowhere? (To be sure, nowhere is always the final destination, but one can travel there slowly or quickly, taking one’s time or squandering it, veering off to unexpected detours or running into it head-on, caring for the beings one encounters along the way or dragging them along indiscriminately as if in a bottom-trawling net toward an end that is not theirs . . .)
  7. So Sean Spicer wrote this in response to the "colluding" press.
  8. Gershwin fan

    & then there's the rest of the WORLD...

    More Mark Ames‏Verified account @MarkAmesExiled FollowFollow @MarkAmesExiled Mark Ames Retweeted Arutz Sheva Ukraine has done the equivalent of Germany changing its official Wehrmacht salute back to "Heil Hitler—Sieg Heil" Congratulations to NATO, Washington think-tank flaks, and all the little Nazis who made this EuroMaidan possible. Mark Ames added, Arutz Sheva @ArutzSheva_En Nazi collaborator greeting becomes official Ukraine army salute$Fw 11:15 AM - 17 Aug 2018
  9. Gershwin fan

    Free speech concern Facebook flat-out 'lies' about how many people can see its ads – lawsuit 'Made-up PR numbers' used by social giant to exaggerate online advertising audience Facebook brags it has a massive real audience, estimated to be about 2.23bn monthly users and 1.47bn daily users after culling more than 1.27bn fake accounts. However, the social networking giant's math is being challenged in a lawsuit that claims this reach is exaggerated, thereby defrauding advertisers. In other words, it is alleged not quite as many eyeballs are seeing Facebook's ads as its salespeople charge for. In a complaint filed on Wednesday in a US district court in Oakland, California, plaintiffs Danielle Singer and her company Project Therapy, LLC claim the Potential Reach and Estimated Daily Reach figures that Facebook provides to advertisers are wildly inflated. As an example, the complaint claims that Facebook’s purported Potential Reach among 18-to-34-year-olds in each US state is greater the actual population of 18-to-34-year-olds in each of those states. "Based on a combination of publicly available research and Plaintiffs' own analysis, among 18-34 years-olds in Chicago, for example, Facebook asserted its Potential Reach was approximately 4 times (400 per cent) higher than the number of real 18-34 year-olds with Facebook accounts in Chicago," the complaint states.
  10. Also coming on tomorrow 8/19 at 10 PM is one of my favorite Gershwin musicals Girl Crazy. I really recommend it.
  11. Gershwin fan

    Pope Francis? Catholic League On Predatory Priests: It’s Not Rape If The Child Isn’t Penetrated Catholic League president Bill Donohue defends predatory priests by claiming it’s not rape if the child isn’t penetrated. In a bizarre, insensitive, and outrageous post, Bill Donohue, president of the very conservative Catholic League, attacked the recent grand jury report documenting the rape and sexual abuse of over a 1,000 children by hundreds of Catholic priests in Pennsylvania. Donohue called the report released by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court an “obscene lie” while defending the Catholic Church and their deplorable record of covering up and enabling the rape and sexual abuse of children by predatory priests. In his post titled “Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Debunked,” Donohue desperately tries to minimize the findings of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court, and in so doing Donohue reveals the profound poverty of both his intellect and his character. At one point in the deplorable post Donohue has the audacity to claim that the statement “the priests raped their victims” is actually a “myth,” writing: Attempting to justify his assertion that the claim that “the priests raped their victims” is a “myth,” Donohue writes:
  12. Gershwin fan

    Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1963

    From the foreign editions- Les Tontons Flingeurs, Georges Lautner, French edition Mélodie en sous-sol, Henri Verneuil, French edition Ta kokkina fanaria, Vasilis Georgiadis, Greek edition Als twee druppels water, Fons Rademakers, Dutch edition Raven's End, Bo Widerberg, Swedish edition
  13. Gershwin fan

    Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1963

    My top FF films of 1963 8 1/2, Federico Fellini, Italy Contempt, Jean-Luc Godard, France Duke Bluebeard's Castle, Michael Powell, West Germany Winter Light, Ingmar Bergman, Sweden The Leopard, Luchino Visconti, Italy Les Carabiniers, Jean-Luc Godard, France High and Low, Akira Kurosawa, Japan Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow, Vittorio De Sica, Italy Le Petit Soldat, Jean-Luc Godard, France Hands Over the City, Francesco Rosi, Italy The Fiances, Ermanno Olmi, Italy The Silence, Ingmar Bergman, Sweden Sandokan the Great, Umberto Lenzi, Italy An Actor’s Revenge, Kon Ichikawa, Japan La bandida, Roberto Rodríguez, Mexico
  14. Gershwin fan

    October 2018 schedule is up

    One movie that interests me that I noticed is the Bastard. I've never seen this Kinski film before and I hope it's interesting.
  15. Gershwin fan

    Locating current premieres

    The premieres should also be listed as "TCM Presents" on the schedule. For example, the movie on right now is a premiere and has that genre listed on the schedule.

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