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  1. ClassiCategories

    Down by Law Rejs/ the Cruise I love you, Daddy
  2. July Schedule is up

    A whole night of Leonard Bernstein music and lectures! That's a great surprise!
  3. Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1946

    1.) Paisan, Roberto Rossellini, Italy 2.) Beauty and the Beast, Jean Cocteau, France 3.) Shoeshine, Vittorio De Sica, Italy 4.) Zakazane Piosenki, Leonard Buczkowski, Poland
  4. July Schedule is up

    Funny Games was shown during the Story of Film: an Odyssey presentation a few years ago.
  5. Verboten Message Board Topics

    A certain Laurel and Hardy short is banned too (hint: it's t t for that). I personally think nothing should be banned and everyone here should be mature enough and have enough discretion to not be offended.
  6. I Just Watched...

    I saw a few Harold Lloyd films today. I saw the talkie Milky Way where Harold is mistaken for having beaten the world heavyweight champion and so is forced into the ring. He's tricked into staged fights and eventually fights is own brother in law. It was a decent film but definitely not as good as his best silent films. I also saw some of his early shorts like Spring Fever and Next Aisle Over. Harold's characters in these shorts surprised me because he's very mean and crude in them. His character is even about to run off from the main heroine until he realizes how much money she has. Definitely not the nice type of character he refined for The Freshman or Speedy.
  7. The End of "TV"

    Yes, the dating game killer/ Rodney Alcala was picked but the woman chose not to go out with him because he was too weird.
  8. I agree with most of your choices but would include Harold Lloyd and Max Linder too.
  9. I Just Watched...

    Yes, the Japanese invaded and occupied other nations under the guise of including them in the "Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere." Probably the most misleading name they could have come up with.
  10. Japan Releases Fully Functioning Female Robots

    New Slavoj Zizek article on sexbots. The current wave of politically-correct moralism reared its head in recent debates about the need to regulate relations between humans and sexbots (sexual robots). Although these ideas are just a specific application of a proposal for the EU to impose the basic “rights” for AI (artificial intelligence), the domain of sexbots brings out in a clear way the implicit presuppositions that determine such thinking. We are basically dealing with laziness in thinking: by adopting such “ethical” attitudes, we comfortably avoid the complex web of underlying problems. Indeed, the initial suspicion is that the proponents of such demands do not really care about the AI machines (they are well aware that they cannot really experience pain and humiliation) but about aggressive humans: what they want is not to alleviate the suffering of the machines but to squash the problematic aggressive desires, fantasies and pleasures of us, humans.
  11. New Chapo Trap House podcast episode on the airstrikes in Syria and ludicrous accusations of antisemitism against Jeremy Corbyn.
  12. No new excuse needed....

    Yeah, I brew my own coffee and usually avoid Starbucks. Their service is terrible.
  13. American Wars Are All Lies U.N. has testimony that Syrian rebels used sarin gas: investigator GENEVA (Reuters) - U.N. human rights investigators have gathered testimony from casualties of Syria’s civil war and medical staff indicating that rebel forces have used the nerve agent sarin, one of the lead investigators said on Sunday. The United Nations independent commission of inquiry on Syria has not yet seen evidence of government forces having used chemical weapons, which are banned under international law, said commission member Carla Del Ponte.
  14. TCM Premieres

    Funny Side of Life looks good as does the whole day of Harold Lloyd.
  15. First Movie SONG That Comes to Mind

    Next: Catherine Deneuve duet

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