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    Nice, the first week isn't working for me for some reason though.
  2. And CNN won't hold their breath for your dad to apologize about any of the misdeeds he's done.
  3. Double Feature

    The Little Shop of Horrors Next: Mack the Knife
  4. Double Feature

    Intolerance: Loves Struggle Through the Ages Next: Carnival Night
  5. New TCM Hosts

    Count me in as another not Tiffany fan. Her intros are always so bland and she doesn't enunciate clearly.
  6. TCM schedules

    Rare Soviet film I haven't seen before scheduled tonight. Looks good. I always like when the Imports aren't the standard Italian/ French canon.
  7. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    This isn't surprising. NK is allied with Assad and Iran.
  8. To be fair Trump did bomb Assad's gas facilities in response to his gassing his own people. Though I think the US should maintain a non-interventionist policy worldwide.

    What's even the point of this cartoon? No crap they hate the occupying force.
  10. How in the **** Did This Cop Get Off??

    The juries and media tend to have an awfully biased pro-cop slant so people like this get away with murder.
  11. Looks like he's bleeding out of the side of his mouth.
  12. IMDB is also missing pages entirely for some more obscure films but overall they have a good website.
  13. I think Bannon was referring to the New Deal in that quote.
  14. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    People too often let politics get between them. You should never hate others even if you disagree with them.
  15. Any news regarding what TCM is showing on the 13th?

    12 hours is a long time. Whatever it is it will be long.

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