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  1. He's a "classic liberal" that pushes asinine alt-right "cultural marxism" theories that have no actual bearing in any of Marx's books and also pushes his own extremely bastardized version of Heidegger's philosophy. No, being is not just "the tonality of human experience." He completely misunderstands the ideas of Being and Dasein. Peterson's just a hack with an extremely poor understanding of Marx, Heidegger and Derrida. This is what happens when you make videos and write about the western canon while not having read any of it.
  2. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Russia votes for sanctions against NK at the UN. They're not exactly best friends anymore - just geographic allies.

    >I actually have friends who believe they are toys, and so they want to use them at a shooting range, and then you can have something where they keep them locked in the shooting range and use them there.” And that's completely counter to why they want guns. They want protection not shooting for fun. What a stupid argument.

    Brexit led to Corbyn becoming leader of the Opposition party so it's not all bad. Accelerationism can work wonders!

    Peace for everyone! Peace for Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and Nicaragua. The US is overflowing with peace!
  6. Global warming is kind of a misnomer anyway. It's really more climate change than only warming.
  7. The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Trump *IS* the globalist whose products are made overseas. How can you not see by now that his words were only lip service? He's about as protectionist as David **** Ricardo.
  8. ClassiCategories

    Bringing up Compulsion reminded me that Hitchcock's Rope was also basically about the Leopold and Loeb case. Psycho is also modeled after Ed Gein.
  9. America's Gun Culture...

    That's because the pro-gun control protesters are mostly neoliberal capitalists who support those corporations. All of those competing corporations will only care for themselves and not try to help legislation that would improve the lot of everybody. Getting "corporate America" behind one's cause is probably the worst idea one could have. That's just an easy way for corporations to put on a mask of helping while doing nothing about the issue. -But what I fear no less is the assuagement that will follow Macron’s triumphant victory: sighs of relief from everywhere, thank God the danger was kept at bay, Europe and our democracy are saved, so we can go back to our liberal-capitalist sleep again. The sad prospect that awaits us is that of a future in which, every four years, we will be thrown into a panic, scared by some form of “neofascist danger”, and in this way blackmailed into casting our vote for the “civilised” candidate in meaningless elections lacking any positive vision. This is why panicking liberals who are telling us that we should now abstain from all criticism of Macron are deeply wrong: now is the time to bring out his complicity with a system in crisis. After his victory it will be too late, the task will lose its urgency in the wave of self-satisfaction. -Slavoj Zizek
  10. A to Z of Characters

    Laurel, Mrs. - Anita Garvin in Blotto

    A lot of guns from the black market are used in Chicago slayings and slayings in other "gun free" areas. Also only allowing the military and police to have access to weapons is just a horrifically bad idea.
  12. ClassiCategories

    Chicago (Beulah Annan)

    Over a million statements have been made to the International Criminal Court (ICC) by Afghan citizens claiming to be victims of war crimes by terrorist groups as well as by the Afghan military and the US military.
  14. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    More like it's the Opium of the people.
  15. Article on why people find Jordan Peterson (and Politically correct neoliberals) convincing.

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