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  1. Gershwin fan

    Horror movies that traumatize children

    Close Encounters of the Third Kind. Any movies with aliens really (can't remember all the ones I watched). I was terrified of alien abductions as a kid.
  2. I think I saw it on TV a while back. It's okay. Worth a rewarch.
  3. Gershwin fan

    The First Film That Comes to Mind...

    The Threepenny Opera (1931) Next: movie based on a TV series
  4. Gershwin fan


    It should also be noted thay Hitler didn't run on exterminating anyone. He ran on ficing the economy, getting back at France and England for the defeat of Germany in WWI and for fighting against "corrupt" politicians. These were all things even moderate Germans supported at the time.
  5. Gershwin fan

    I'm All Mixed Up!

    My father looks quite a lot like the actor Michael Horse (Deputy Hawk) from Twin Peaks.
  6. Yeah, I really don't think it's all thay clever. The transition from silent to soubd movies scenes were okay but I really don't think it's one of the greatest films ever like many say. Just didn't click with me.
  7. Gershwin fan

    *A to Z of Movies*

    Enter the Dragon
  8. Gershwin fan


    I thought all those "Macht Deutschland Vom Marxismus Frei" signs were a gag and he was secretly Socialist.
  9. I thunk Vautrin dislikes the Balfour Declaration and Britain's involvement with that specifically.
  10. Gershwin fan

    iphone X vs cheaper smartphones

    I got a new phone today too! I didn't want the Iphone though so I got a differebt one that was only about 100 dollars. The Iphone is way too big and you can't conceal it on you.
  11. Gershwin fan

    white christmas

    He should also checj out the holiday classic The 50 Foot Woman is Coming to Town. She sees you when you're sleeping and knows if you've been naughty or nice.
  12. I can't stand this movie or the showtunes esque music in it.
  13. Gershwin fan

    February 2019 schedule is up

    I've seen the Desert Song before. Subpar film version of the operetta with a WWII era message forced in. The music is nice but not a particularly good movie

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