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    America's Gun Culture...

    I'm surprised a person generally distrustful of the government like you is so pro-gun control. Do you really trust the gov. or police that much?
  2. Gershwin fan

    Inside Putin's Russia... Arkady Babchenko: Ukraine faked murder of journalist Ukraine staged the murder of a Russian dissident journalist in Kiev on Tuesday in what it said was a sting operation to foil a Russian assassination plot. Arkady Babchenko sent shock waves around the world when he arrived at a news conference on Wednesday, less than 24 hours after being reported dead. Ukrainian security chief Vasyl Hrytsak said a sting had been set up to catch hitmen paid by Russian forces. Russia described events in Kiev as an "anti-Russian provocation". Ukrainian police say they made one arrest. Babchenko's wife said on Tuesday she had found her husband at the entrance to their apartment block with bullet wounds in his back, and he was reported to have died in an ambulance on the way to hospital. That story was widely reported by media around the world, until Wednesday's sudden and extraordinary development. There were gasps and applause at the press conference in Kiev as Babchenko entered the room. He thanked the Ukrainian security services for saving his life and said he had had no choice but to take part in the sting. "I did my job," he said. " I'm still alive." "I have buried many friends and colleagues many times and I know the sickening feeling," he added. "I am sorry you had to experience it. But there was no other way." Hours after the news broke, Babchenko tweeted to say he would "die at 96" after "dancing on Putin's grave", referring to the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin. Babchenko fled Russia in 2017 after writing a Facebook post (in Russian) about a crashed Tu-154 transport plane, which went into the Black Sea while carrying a Red Army choir to Syria. He said this Facebook post, in which he described Russia as an "aggressor", had led to death threats and abuse from the Russian state.
  3. Gershwin fan

    History of Blackface (Yellow Face, etc.) in Film.

    I'm surprised that no one mentioned "Broken Blossoms" yet. I thought this was actually a really touching and progressive use of yellow face, if such a thing is possible.
  4. Gershwin fan

    new "Roseanne" a sign of the times?

    I never said she had no malice. I was saying the opposite. She's used to posting rude insults on her Twitter and got carried away and is now trying to backtrack.
  5. Union reports sexual harassment of workers in Las Vegas casinos With a possible strike looming, the Culinary Union has released survey results showing widespread sexual harassment and safety concerns at Las Vegas casinos. In a survey of 10,000-plus Las Vegas casino workers, 59 percent of cocktail servers and 27 percent of hotel housekeepers said they had been sexually harassed by guests, managers or others while on the job, according to a Culinary news release Tuesday. Also, 72 percent of cocktail servers and 53 percent of housekeepers said a guest “had done something to make them feel uncomfortable or unsafe,” the union reported. The survey results led the Culinary and Bartenders unions “to propose stronger safety protections in current contract negotiations” for 50,000 workers in 34 hotel-casinos on the Strip and in downtown Las Vegas, Culinary said.
  6. Gershwin fan

    new "Roseanne" a sign of the times?

    Many of her tweets are also pretty crass and "out there." She probably just thought she could get away with it. She knows about PC but probably didn't realize when she had "crossed the line."
  7. Gershwin fan

    trump to exit iran nuke deal India & Iran drop dollar in oil trade to bypass US sanctions – report India will reportedly pay for Iranian oil in rupees as the two countries seek to bypass the US economic pressure on Tehran, industry officials have told the Sputnik news agency. Under the deal, the payments for oil will be made through India’s state-run UCO Bank, which has no US exposure. The countries are also discussing the barter-like system to avoid US sanctions, Sputnik reports. Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif is on a visit to India this week, where he has met with Indian counterpart Sushma Swaraj. "During the talks, the two sides also exchanged views on a further expansion of ties in banking, energy, trade, insurance, shipping, use of national currencies, Chabahar projects and Chabahar-Zahedan railway," Zarif said in a statement. India’s Swaraj said the country would ignore the US trade sanctions against Iran. “India will comply with UN sanctions and not any country-specific sanctions,” Swaraj said. Iran is India's third-largest oil supplier. India bought a record 27.2 million tons of oil from Tehran during the last financial year, which ended in March 2018. It represents a 114 percent increase on the previous year.
  8. Gershwin fan

    new "Roseanne" a sign of the times?

    I highly doubt it was either of those. She has always portrayed rude characters and it's what she's known for. She probably just thought it was a funny joke at the time and maybe was "on something" that just exacerbated it. I highly doubt she would test the waters to ruin her own show.
  9. Gershwin fan

    Why I like Turner Classic Movies...

    Of all the old promos and intros, I wish they brought this one back the most. It really got you in the mood for Silent Sunday Nights. I don't like the creepy and unsettling music in the new intro.
  10. Gershwin fan

    new "Roseanne" a sign of the times?

    She says and posts edgy, racist and cruel things like that all the time. She's always been that way. It should be no shock that she thinks that way or says something like that.
  11. Gershwin fan

    America's Gun Culture... FACE RECOGNITION IS NOW BEING USED IN SCHOOLS, BUT IT WON’T STOP MASS SHOOTINGS OFFICIALS AT THE Lockport, New York, school district have purchased face recognition technology as part of a purported effort to prevent school shootings. Starting in September, all 10 of Lockport District’s school buildings, just north of Buffalo, will be outfitted with a surveillance system that can identify faces and objects. The software, known as Aegis, was developed by SN Technologies Corp., a Canadian biometrics firm that specifically advertises to schools. It can be used to alert officials to whenever sex offenders, suspended students, fired employees, suspected gang members, or anyone else placed on a school’s “blacklist” enters the premises. Aegis also sends alerts any time one of the “top 10” most popular guns used in school shootings appears in view of a camera. The district is spending most of its recent $4 million state “Smart School” grant on these and other enhancements to its security systems, including bullet-proof greeter windows and a mass notification system, according tothe Niagra Gazette. “We always have to be on our guard. We can’t let our guard down,” Lockport Superintendent Michelle T. Bradley told the Buffalo News. “For the Board of Education and the Lockport City School District, this is the No. 1 priority: school security.” Yet given the nature of gun violence at schools, Lockport’s purchase of surveillance technology appears inefficient and expensive. All of the major school shootings in the last five years in the U.S. have been carried out by current students or alumnae of the school in question. “These are students for whom the school wouldn’t have a reason to have their face entered into the face recognition system’s blacklist,” explained Rachel Levinson-Waldman, a security and policing expert at the Brennan Center for Justice.
  12. Gershwin fan

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers U.S. to Put Limits on Some Visas for Chinese Citizens The Trump administration will set limits on Chinese visa applications to help protect American intellectual property, a State Department official said Tuesday, in the latest sign of continued trade tensions with Beijing. The measures would in some cases cut short the amount of time that a Chinese citizen could stay in the U.S. and would be decided on a case-by-case basis, according to the official, who was granted anonymity to discuss the changes before they were announced. Now, visas issued to Chinese applicants who wish to study or work in the U.S. are typically for the maximum time allowed. The measures would take effect on June 11, the State Department official said, adding that the maximum validity for Chinese student visas would remain the same, five years, but that consular officials have the authority to put an earlier expiration date on some visas.
  13. Gershwin fan

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers Japan's Abe Hits Back at Trump's Plan to Slap Tariffs on Ally Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe hit back at U.S. President Donald Trump’s push to impose higher tariffs on imported vehicles and metals. "We can’t accept this," Abe said in parliament on Wednesday in response to a question on the already-in-place metal tariffs and the possible introduction of new levies on cars. "From a security perspective, it’s very difficult to understand why this would be imposed on Japan, a military ally."
  14. Gershwin fan


    You've probably left this site but if you're still here they are showing an Ingrid Bergman Swedish film this weekend. Might not want to miss it.
  15. Gershwin fan

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    On top of that, no one denies the Cultural Revolution was evil and it certainly has nothing to do with any of Marx or Engels's writings. It was just a pathetic attempt at deflection from criticism of Trump's father while also whining about an ideology he clearly doesn't understand.
  16. Gershwin fan

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Hey ham, explain Dialectical Materialism and Modes of Production for us. You seem so knowledgeable about Marx and quick to talk about communism all the time so it should be real easy for you. You shouldn't whine about Communism if you have no idea what you're even talking about.
  17. Gershwin fan

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    No one did. How is that relevant to anything?
  18. Gershwin fan

    documentaries that you can't seem to forget

    My favorite documentary series has to be the Pervert's Guide to... films. Zizek goes through famous movies from both classic Hollywood (Vertigo, Rear Window, West Side Story, Duck Soup for example) and around the world and dissects them using philosophical ideas from Hegel, Marx, Lacan and Althusser. The entire Pervert's Guide to Cinema is on YouTube and well worth a look. It shows in detail where film and psychology meet. A theme, idea or joke from a movie that you may miss may have a deeper psychoanalytic meaning than you would guess on a first viewing. Such things have a lot more to say than you realize. Other documentaries that I also really enjoy would be the Inextinguishable Fire, Marx Reloaded and Battle for Chile (TCM has shown this one before. I hope they show it again).
  19. Gershwin fan

    Do ya know the name of this movie?

    And only a "thank you." You'd think after a decade he'd have a little more to say...
  20. Gershwin fan


  21. Gershwin fan

    Trump and North Korea

    Yeah, the DPRK said they were just getting rid of the test ground and never said anything about nukes. If there was a chance of getting them to denuclearize, going on about the "Libya model" and staging war games in the RoK certainly isn't the way to go about it. As for the part of the article that says North Korea would be willing to accept outside restaurant chains, I find that extremely doubtful. There are only a few foreign style restaurants in the border towns in the North and they aren't even privatized.
  22. Gershwin fan

    some POSITIVE News...for a change

    New Zizek article on the Royal Wedding and its positive effect on race relations. Slavoj Žižek: Britain’s royal wedding had an emancipatory subtext Progressives who are inclined to lash out at the monarchy and have fired their vitriol at the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex may be missing the point. Leftist critics were right about Britain’s recent royal wedding, but for the wrong reason. They conceded how Meghan Markle is a sympathetic figure - a feminist and a mixed-race woman - but they opposed the form of monarchy that was celebrated (if we ignore a few complaints about taxpayers’ money being spent). What these critics failed to perceive is the emancipatory dimension of this form itself, of the big public ritual which socially links a community. To explain this point, we should go back to Novalis, the key figure of German Romanticism, who is usually perceived as a representative of the conservative turn of Romanticism, but his position is much more paradoxical. Monarchy is the highest form of republic, “no king can exist without a republic and no republic without a king”. Or, to quote Nathan Ross’s resume: “the true measure of a Republic consists of the lived relation of the citizens to the idea of the whole in which they live. The unity that a law creates is merely coercive. /…/ The unifying factor must be a sensual one, a comprehensive human embodiment of the morals that make a common identity possible. For Novalis, the best such mediating factor for the idea of the republic is a monarch. /…/ While the institution might satisfy our intellect, it leaves our imagination cold. A living, breathing human being /…/ provides us with a symbol that we can more intuitively embrace as standing in relation to our own existence. /…/ The concepts of the Republic and monarch are not only reconcilable, but presuppose one another.”
  23. Gershwin fan


    Les Maudits
  24. Gershwin fan

    Why I like Turner Classic Movies...

    The weirdest thing about this thread is seeing them all complain about AMC way back in 2002. I wonder what they would think now about all the new shows/ series and how there's nothing "classic" even occasionally shown.

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