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  1. Gershwin fan

    Why do some classic movie fans bash newer films?

    What movie comment section is this even from? "No cussing" certainly wouldn't be my greatest ringing praise of a movie.
  2. Gershwin fan

    Welcome Back, Dude

    When I first saw the thread, I thought it was a sarcastic welcome back to DB too. Good commercial though. "Stella Art-toas."
  3. Gershwin fan

    2020 Election

    That younger left-leaning demographic was going to vote Dem no matter what. The independents and fiscal conservatives are just going to be turned off by such a proposal (even if it almost certainly would not get implemented).
  4. Gershwin fan

    a new hate target for the left: Kate Smith

    Don't worry, Nip. In a few days, they'll forget all about her and move their faux outrage on to something else.
  5. Gershwin fan

    a new hate target for the left: Kate Smith

    Yeah, I wasn't trying to imply anything about Smith's personal opinions but that rather slang and motifs in music have changed in such a way that I understand why the song offends the PC types that are so prevalent today. Personally, I couldn't care less about this latest "outrage" about her. This song was available to the public for 8 decades but only now it outrages people.
  6. Gershwin fan

    Hal Roach shorts on TCM

    Three Hal Roach shorts coming up on Wednesday- April 24th. Dirty Work (1933) - 6 AM Synopsis: Laurel and Hardy are summoned to the house of a slightly mad professor in this comedic short. Another Wild Idea (1934) - 6:30 AM Synopsis: In this comedic short film, Charley Chase invents a ray machine to fulfill all of his wishes and tries to use it to get rid of his daughter's boyfriend. Tin Man, The (1935) - 7 AM Synopsis: In this comedic short, Thelma Todd and Patsy Kelly find themselves at a house owned by a mad scientist with a robot.
  7. Gershwin fan

    yes, climate change is a fact Stoicism and the Environment Can Stoic ethical ideas help us respond more effectively to the current environmental crisis, especially global warming, which seems to be largely a product of human action? This suggestion might seem implausible at first sight. The ancient Stoics had no experience of a crisis of this kind; so we cannot refer to their own discussions in the way we can on other topics. However, there are several Stoic ideas we can draw on to inform and deepen our own response to this crisis. My focus is on the ethical framework we should use for this purpose, rather than on the specific practical measures we can take, and on our response as individuals, rather than on government action. But I assume that the ethical framework we apply can help us to determine the specific measures we should take and that our response as individuals underlies what we urge governments to do on our behalf. Of special value for this purpose is the Stoic ideal of the brotherhood of humankind, and the Stoic beliefs that human beings form an integral part of nature as a whole and that human ethical life should consist in part in bringing our life into harmony with nature. However, to show how these ideas can be useful for this purpose, we need to put them in their context in Stoic ethics. Also, there are some more general features of Stoic ethics that are potentially valuable in this connection. Thinking about environmentalism in terms of virtue and happiness The Stoic ethical framework, as in most other ancient philosophical theories, and some modern ones, is couched in terms of virtue and happiness (or ‘flourishing’, eudaimonia); it also gives a central place to development, conceived as a life-long process. The contemporary moral dilemmas generated by the environmental crisis are often formulated in terms of the question where our duty lies or whom (or what) we should benefit above all. Does our duty lie above all in doing what is best for our present way of life (our comfort and convenience and that of our families and businesses, as these currently function)? Or should our overriding duty be to the environment, or the planet, or future generations – actually not much in the future now that the signs of global warming are already obvious? Alternatively, should we benefit ourselves, our families and our businesses by continuing to act in our habitual way or should we modify our lifestyles in ways that will benefit humanity more generally, as well as other animals (now and in the future), by helping to reduce damage to the environment we all share?
  8. Gershwin fan

    Why do some classic movie fans bash newer films?

    He may have forgotten his password. He joined in 2011 but only started posting in 2018.
  9. Gershwin fan


    I quite like this re-imagining of Wagner (I love their rendition of Bach's Art of the Fugue even more though).
  10. Gershwin fan

    Why do some classic movie fans bash newer films?

    Perhaps he's back to using one of his other accounts.
  11. Gershwin fan

    a new hate target for the left: Kate Smith

    The specific song causing the outrage... Yeah, I can see why they're a bit angry. This hasn't aged well....
  12. Gershwin fan

    Theme Songs That Fit A Movie or TV Show Perfectly

    You're very right that "flower girl" is a very wonderful theme. Another one I like quite a bit is "smile" from Modern Times.
  13. Gershwin fan

    Movie Messiahs...and others....

    Hope everyone had a good Easter.
  14. Gershwin fan

    Theme Songs That Fit A Movie or TV Show Perfectly

    Chaplin composed so many great scores.
  15. Gershwin fan

    Great One-Liners

    The silent version of King of Kings is coming on tonight and it reminded me of this one liner given by a film critic of the time - "saw the picture, loved the book."
  16. Seems written intentionally to stoke fear into the reader. As for the commercials, I don't mind them as long as they stay after/ before the movie. I don't even mind the wine ad much anymore.
  17. Gershwin fan

    Overrated talents ?

    I think Bette Davis was really overrated. She wasn't a good actress and was a bit homely. As for comedians, I think Joe E. Brown was just annoying with that odd laugh of his.
  18. Gershwin fan

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Yeah, I can't imagine Trump's grades as being particularly good. Nipkow may believe both because I definitely remember him saying some conspiracy about Obama writing anti-US stuff and the school hiding it from the public or something along those lines.
  19. Gershwin fan

    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    He's referencing how Nipkow believes Obama wrote an anti-US essay and the school is burying it or something like that.
  20. Gershwin fan

    RECONSTRUCTION: America After the Civil War

    Ethnic tensions used to be much worse in Chicago/ Illinois during that time period. In the 1919 there was a major race riot in Chicago. It is often said that the young Mayor Daley (then only 17) had a hand in that even though he never officially acknowledged it.
  21. Gershwin fan

    Bette Davis' daughter talks about witchcraft

    She definitely seems off her rocker. Her husband must be nuts too to believe in all that "witchcraft" and "cauldrons" stuff.
  22. Gershwin fan


    This one is very cute. Das Klinget so Schone

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