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    M A G A >> WINNING!

    Attached to a post about a library too! I guess the library is only stocked with Julius Evola...
  2. If she knows it's not going to happen then it's irrelevant whether she believes it's her "responsibility" or not.
  3. Gershwin fan

    Robert Mueller submits Russia report****-after-special-counsels-appointment Trump Said ‘I’m ****’ After Special Counsel’s Appointment: Mueller Report President Trump has long claimed that he had nothing to fear from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation—but according to an anecdote in the report, he was terrified when he found out Mueller was appointed. When former Attorney General Jeff Sessions told Trump that Mueller had been appointed on May 17, 2017, Trump reportedly responded, “Oh my God. This is terrible. This is the end of my presidency. I’m ****,” before ripping into Sessions for recusing himself from the investigation. Sessions allegedly recalled that Trump said something in the vein of “you were supposed to protect me,” before adding that “Everyone tells me if you get one of these independent counsels it ruins your presidency. It takes years and years and I won’t be able to do anything. This is the worst thing that ever happened to me.” View image on Twitter
  4. Gershwin fan

    Hotties From Early TV

    Maxine Stuart
  5. On Friday, the first trailer for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker debuted to 70,000 enthusiastic fans at Star Wars Celebration and millions more online. One of those fans was Eric Butts, a Kentucky-based vlogger and filmmaker who taped his emotional reaction to the trailer in real time, only to have the video be distributed and mocked by trolls. But the fan community had his back — and the reaction video that received thousands of hate views has now received countless love notes and retweets from Star Wars enthusiasts, including Luke Skywalker himself, Mark Hamill.
  6. Gershwin fan

    dems poised to go nuts tomorrow

    Then they should just release it already because that's all Fox, CNN, MSNBC and every other major news outlet seems to be doing.
  7. Yeah, this guy's reaction was a bit over the top and I don't care that much about seeing this film but I don't think he deserves so much hate.
  8. Gershwin fan

    Fire at Notre Dame in Paris A fire has broken out at the famous Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris and has spread rapidly across the building. The cause is not yet clear, but officials say that it could be linked to renovation work. A major operation to tackle the blaze is under way at the 850-year-old Gothic building, but the cathedral's spire has collapsed. Last year, the Catholic Church in France appealed for funds to save the building, which was crumbling. A spokesman for the cathedral said the whole structure was "burning". "There will be nothing left", he said. The blaze broke out on Monday afternoon and an area surrounding the building has been cleared. French President Emmanuel Macron is on his way to the scene and cancelled his planned speech to the nation following the fire, an Élysée Palace official said. The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, who is already at the scene described it as a "terrible fire" and urged people to respect the boundaries set up by fire crews in order to ensure that they remain safe. US President Donald Trump suggested "perhaps flying water tankers" could be used to extinguish the fire. The Notre-Dame cathedral, which is visited by millions of people every year, is undergoing renovations after cracks began to appear in the stone, sparking fears the structure could become unstable.
  9. Gershwin fan

    new taste treat discovered

    I was really hungry for apple strudel earlier today but I was busy and didn't feel like going to buy some.
  10. Gershwin fan

    *A to Z of Movies*

    King of Kings
  11. He's actually married apparently (though admittedly she doesn't seem to share the same enthusiasm with his interests).
  12. I could understand London After Mindnight because it's a famous lost film but the oddest part of his reaction is that these Star Wars movies have been churning out every year for the past five years. Though to each their own, I suppose. There's nothing wrong with being happy. I can't recall the last time I got that excited over anything.
  13. Gershwin fan

    The Triumph of Donald Trump

    Adam **** seems to think he's Mueller.
  14. Gershwin fan

    Trump & the Saudis? Trump vetoes Yemen War Powers Resolution, his 2nd veto since taking office (CNN)President Donald Trump issued the second veto of his presidency Tuesday, stopping a congressional resolution that would have sought to end US involvement in the Saudi-led war in Yemen. "This resolution is an unnecessary, dangerous attempt to weaken my constitutional authorities, endangering the lives of American citizens and brave service members, both today and in the future," Trump wrote to the Senate Thursday. Trump added that the resolution is "unnecessary" in part because there are no United States military personnel in Yemen "commanding, participating in, or accompanying military forces of the Saudi-led coalition against the Houthis in hostilities in or affecting Yemen." Trump was expected to issue the veto as the resolution was seen as a rebuke of Trump's Middle East policies. Supporters of the War Powers Resolution argued the US shouldn't be involved in the war without explicit permission from Congress. Opponents argued the US does not have "boots on the ground" and is offering noncombat technical assistance to Saudi Arabia, an ally. Several supporters made clear their votes were also aimed at expressing their frustrations with Trump's continued support for Saudi Arabia's Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has been implicated in the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The bill passed the House 247-175. Sixteen Republicans voted yes with Democrats and one voted present. In the Senate the vote was 54 to 46, with seven Republicans voting with Democrats. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has not responded to questions on whether she intends to seek a vote to override the President's veto. In a statement Tuesday night, Pelosi called on Trump to "put peace before politics." "The conflict in Yemen is a horrific humanitarian crisis that challenges the conscience of the entire world. Yet the President has cynically chosen to contravene a bipartisan, bicameral vote of the Congress and perpetuate America's shameful involvement in this heartbreaking crisis," Pelosi said. "This conflict must end, now. The House of Representatives calls on the President to put peace before politics, and work with us to advance an enduring solution to end this crisis and save lives." The only other veto Trump has issued was his veto of a resolution of disapproval for his emergency declaration to build barriers along the US border with Mexico. Trump vetoed that resolution last month.
  15. Gershwin fan

    Bernie Sanders!

    This poll is a bit old but it backs up what I am saying. The GOP don't have a practical solution at the moment but their proposals don't turn off people any more than Sanders' proposals would.
  16. Gershwin fan

    What Would Be Your Fan Dedication Movie?

    My choice would be Stagecoach because it was my paternal grandmother's favorite film of all time and we would watch it together very often. Her other favorites included Rose Marie (starring Nelson Eddy), Rambo: First Blood, Leone's Dollars trilogy, Fort Apache and her favorite TV show was Perry Mason.
  17. Gershwin fan

    Bernie Sanders!

    ACA as it was, is a big reason that Trump got into office and repeal remains popular. Whoever decided that Obamacare should get rate hikes on Nov. 1 should never work in government again. Even if Bernie came up with a practical solution to implement his idea (which he hasn't and even tried to avoid answering at the town hall) it would still turn off many voters.
  18. Gershwin fan

    John Gilbert & Queen Christina

    Yeah, I agree. He was a very good actor and I wish he had done more sound films. I certainly don't see anything wrong with him. Yeah, Roman Novarro and any of the foreign ones with heavy accents are the first that come to mind.

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