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  1. A senior adviser to Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on Tuesday flatly rejected the idea of giving Syrian Kurds a measure of autonomy. The Kurdish-led authority that runs much of north and east Syria has presented a road map for a deal with Assad in recent meetings with Russia. The Kurds want to safeguard their autonomous region inside a decentralized state when US troops currently backing them pull out. Bouthaina Shaaban, a senior adviser to Assad, told Reuters on the sidelines of a Middle East conference in Moscow, organized by the Valdai Discussion Club, that “autonomy means the partition of Syria.” She added that “Syria is a country that is a melting pot for all people and all people are equal in front of Syrian law and in front of the Syrian constitution.” The adviser also called the Kurds “a precious and very important part of the Syrian people.”
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    Mine wore a Tatar helmet like this. Good for horse riding.
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  4. Not many people know but he went to an evangelical Tengrism college and originally intended to become a Tengrist priest. It wasn't until much later that he decided on the bloodthirsty warlord route.
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    Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1989

    The Parade - This Polish documentary offers a glimpse inside North Korea. The dialogue narrated by Andrzej Fidyk is only what the regime officially approved. Fidyk provides an anti-totalitarian masterpiece in a very clever way. He gives the lines that praise the leadership while the images on screen show the mediocre reality of the situtation. For example, while filming Kim Il Sung's birthplace the narrator mentions how "Kim Il Sung dreamt of destroying the Japanese invaders here as a child." The image on the screen then shows the very mediocre cabin home with the very strict and regulated behavior of the guide as they try to present a not very convincing good portrayal of the place. Because all the dialogue is only what was officially approved the North Korean government was at first supportive of the film and gave it some awards. After they found out it was secretly mocking the nation and was an anti-authoritarian film it was of course banned within the country. Last I checked this one was on YouTube with English subtitles. Good documentary masterpiece and highly recommended.
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  8. Oscar month. I don't like SUTS because too often they'll show an entire day of Doris Day or some other actress or actor I do not like.
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    The Rise of Hoax Hate-Crimes

    Famed for his Don Quixote translation too. Of course, I prefer the John Ormsby translation myself. Far more pretty and accurate.
  10. James, it's far more likely that two white supremacist neonazis attacked this guy while wearing MAGA hats and chanting pro-Trump slogans in the middle of Chicago at night. That story seems perfectly plausible to me.
  11. What Nietzsche said of Socialism in "Beyond Good and Evil" The overall degeneration of man, down to what nowadays shows up in the socialist fools and flat heads, as their "man of the future" - as their ideal! - this degeneration and diminution of man to a perfect herd animal (or, as they say, to a man of "free society"), this beastialization of man into a dwarf animal of equal rights and claims is possible - no doubt of that! Anyone who has once thought this possibility through to the end understands one more horror than the remaining men - and perhaps a new task, as well! . . . .
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    Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    It works fine for me. Have you tried going to your History and clearing the browsing data? It should clear all the cookies and allow you to view it for free.
  13. If they wanted to actually win anything they would. Just look at how the right wingers here think Social Democracy and Keynesianism is literal Marxism. That's pretty much how the average voter feels about that word. Either way, it's not as if I care because AOC is a complete moron.
  14. Canada is not Socialist and if AOC or Bernie support a Canadian type system or FDR's policies then they should just say so instead of calling themselves "Socialist." Most Americans are turned off by that word and would not vote for someone calling themselves that. It's also an easy way for right wing politicians to paint them in a bad light. Most voters are not going to look up the difference between Social Democracy and Socialism. To them it is all the same.
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    Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1989

    I thought both of them were horrible but I haven't seen many from this year and they weren't as terrible (or rather so bad it's good because it really, truly is ) as Violent Sh1t. Shocking Dark is up on YouTube but dubbed and it is worth seeing for it's poor quality.
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    Bell also invented the hydrofoil.
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    I think it was Von Stauffenberg who was about to detonate his bomb when Hitler left the building he was in. Minutes away from killing him.
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    Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1989

    From the foreign editions- Ilha das Flores, Jorge Furtado, Brazilian edition

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