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  1. Monday, 2 am - Walls of Malapaga I've never seen this Gabin movie before and it looks like a TCM premiere. I'll probably catch it and it will probably also be in my 1949 list.
  2. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    It's astounding how Trump will mock you (his supporters) and you'll laugh it off and defend him like it's nothing. You're not in on the joke. You're who he's laughing at.

    Beautiful job, Trump. WINNING!
  4. Trump's Appointments

  5. The President And The Porn Star

    Wow, Trump with a naked hooker for the low price of $347. That's a real bargain for that fine piece of literature!

    Yeah, Macron's supporters say they're much needed but I definitely don't agree. Some examples- >Protesters denounced Macron's proposals to trim some retirement benefits, overhaul unemployment insurance and shake up the highly indebted state-run rail company SNCF, with many chanting: "Together, let's derail Macron!" >Low wages – as well as the government push to cut federal employment by 120,000 jobs by 2022 and popularizing the use of short-term contracts – are driving union members into the streets for two days of protests. I can understand why labor unions would be extremely upset with this. Admittedly Macron does have a lot of support for his plans though.
  7. TRUMPISM IN EUROPE "The only thing we have had from governments in recent years is cuts. They don't have any other solution than cutting staff and we can't agree with that." French civil workers carried out nationwide strikes and protests Thursday, organizing more than 180 demonstrations to protest President Emmanuel Macron's push for a series of controversial reforms.
  8. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    It's not just random typos. Sometimes you get basic things like tense and syntax wrong.
  9. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    She probably meant a crowbar.
  10. 2018 Elections

    Yes, that is a common strategy among the GOP. Those tax/ regulation cuts have effects though. This particular politician served time in prison for killing his own coal miners through negligence. He's a literal criminal running for office and his rich friends/ donors don't seem to mind.
  11. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Yes, I'm under 30 and I recognize that. I don't see where you're getting the idea that cursive handwriting isn't taught in schools anymore.
  12. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    K.... You do realize that not everyone just blindly follows who their party nominates; unlike how the GOP did with Trump? That said, I do think every politician should have a proper grasp of the English language and legible handwriting regardless of political affiliation.
  13. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    I don't like Obama either so pointing to Obama doing something wrong isn't going to do anything for me. "Trump can do stuff wrong because Obama did" is textbook deflection.
  14. ClassiCategories

    Alfred Hitchcock's Rope
  15. All-Time favorite film genre's?

    I like many different genres. I like horror, drama, westerns and the operetta-style musicals (like the films Jeannette MacDonald and Lyubov Orlova made). Also any movie with Sheryl Lee in it really.
  16. TRUMPISM IN EUROPE The home town of influential communist thinker Karl Marx is celebrating the 200th anniversary of his birth... with new pedestrian lights.
  17. 2018 Elections Don Blankenship was jailed for contributing to the worst coal mine disaster in a generation. Now he’s after his nemesis Joe Manchin’s job.
  18. AFRICA NEWS Kenya has announced that they will bring 100 Cuban medical specialists to assist county hospitals after Kenyan President Uhuru Kenyatta ended a short visit to the Caribbean island.
  19. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    "Obama made typos so it's okay for Trump to not take his job seriously." That's just nonsense deflecting. Whether or not Obama made typos has no bearing on what Trump does. Obama is not the president anymore and Trump is. Trump NEEDS to start acting presidential; Especially if he wants another term.
  20. how many movies did shirley booth star in?

    What's so special about this movie that you're completely OBSESSED with it?
  21. Canada deports North Korean asylum seekers

    I thought you were trying to defend the OP of this thread by pointing out that the RoK has the death penalty.
  22. Canada deports North Korean asylum seekers

    1.) Yes, NK used to parade around the stories of people like the composer Isang Yun as proof of how evil the South is. However in the 1990s SK stopped being a dictatorship and instances of torture and kidnapping have since decreased. 2.) The death penalty isn't implemented for people who leave the nation. This particular family will not be executed and you know it is just wingnut lies.
  23. Canada deports North Korean asylum seekers

    They're going to South Korea not North Korea (something you lied about in your OP btw). They're not going to be executed in South Korea.

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