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  1. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    You think nuclear weapons and "complete annihilation" are bad? Then why do you support Trump who has bragged about his "big red button" and threatened to start a nuclear war that would destroy an entire peninsula full of people?
  2. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Every once in a while is fine but according to Fire and Fury, Trump eats cheeseburgers in bed every night while Melania sleeps in another room.
  3. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    No, it's very clear what you were doing. You were deflecting criticism of Trump's unhealthy diet by posting pictures of morbidly obese people so that Trump doesn't look as unhealthy in contrast.
  4. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Donald Trump isn't fat and unhealthy because there are people even more fat and unhealthy than him? Uh yeah.... sure.
  5. "You're all so lucky to have my help on MLK day. Believe me, I'm the most not racist person in the world. MLK would have been honored for me to be here!"
  6. Ignored Movies (I'd/We'd?) Like to See Again!

    I think NBNW is criticized more for how long it is and how much of the schedule it takes up every time it is scheduled (Zhivago and Ben Hur are criticized a lot too which fits with my theory).
  7. The Bilbao Lied from Kurt Weill's musical "Happy End."

    While what Hillary said was pretty mean to many people, that doesn't excuse Trump's actions.
  9. Donald Von Droompf does have a good ring to it.
  10. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    Nipkow-- a few cells inside a woman isn't a human being. Abortions happen during the early stages when it isn't a sentient human being yet. Also when was their ever an abortion in any of those superhero movies?
  11. ClassiCategories

    If we can include documentary films then I'd mention the Sorrow and the Pity. It's a French documentary about the anti-semitism in Nazi Germany and Vichy France that includes eyewitness accounts. Night and Fog is another good French documentary by Alain Resnais about what happened to prisoners in the Auschwitz and Majdanek concentration camps. Resnais is very famous for his French new wave films as well.
  12. Being Two isn't Easy was pretty good. The animated bits were a little odd though.
  13. ClassiCategories

    Lacombe Lucien (France) Europa Europa (Germany) Come and See (Russia) Princesse Tam Tam (France) Senza Pieta (Italy) Comedian Harmonists (Germany) La Haine (France)
  14. Trump's Biggest Whoppers
  15. The GOP would only want to get rid of him if he were to oppose their party in some way. He could send the world into nuclear war nd they wouldn't care so long as they are making money.
  16. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    That's even more bizzare and confusing than what he's quoted as having said.
  17. F word heard in SNL skit

    They've heard worse from the president.
  18. New TCM Hosts

    Those 1 post accounts are probably someone just trolling to get a rise out of the posters here.

    May isn't perfect (personally I prefer Corbyn) but asking for Trump as a solution is just dumb. May at least tries to help her nation while Trump can't even care enough to do anything but golf.
  20. Trump's Biggest Whoppers

    That's because all of the other insane things Trump has done have made the front page.
  21. Your Favourite Foreign Language Films from 1932

    1.) The Bartered Bride, Max Ophuls, Germany 2.) Boudu Saved From Drowning, Jean Renoir, France 3.) Vampyr, Carl Theodor Dryer, Germany 4.) I Was Born But.... Yasujiro Ozu, Japan 5.) The Blood of a Poet, Jean Cocteau, France 6.) Fanny, Marc Allegret, France
  22. I saw it yesterday. The cinematography and shots of nature were beautiful but the plot really did nothing for me. Definitely worth a viewing for everyone interested in that sort of thing though.
  23. Ignored Movies (I'd/We'd?) Like to See Again!

    Yeah, it's been one of the Essentials a few times actually.

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