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  1. Yeah, I personally like many European films but Chantal Akerman is such a bore and I wouldn't consider a cinema essential either. I'm certain she was chosen more for her resentment politics than necessarily her movies (unless of course, she thinks three hours of a woman sitting in a room is essential cinema :wacko: ) A lot of Avernay's choices are much more identity politics chosen. I don't watch the series but I see there are a lot of ethnic type films that I don't think are necessarily the most important to cinema but are maybe just her personal favorites. I agree with Topbilled that the original point of the series was to program the essential films of cinema not just random stuff.

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  2. 8 hours ago, LornaHansonForbes said:

    No, that really wasn't a factor- at least not with THE RULES OF THE GAME...

    I wouldn't ENTIRELY say I don't care for foreign language films (there are many I love- RASHOMAN, SEVEN SAMURAI, LE BELLE ET LA BETE (SP?) and some others) BUT: I would say that I don't ACTIVELY seek out foreign films to view because (laugh if you will but...) I have sensitive eyes and- seriously- it is a strain for me to sometimes read subtitles . i ALSO HAVE ADD and like to LISTEN to the flow of dialogue.

    Now, that said, sometimes I do watch a foreign film and "don't get" what is going on because I don't entirely get the culture from which said film is coming. I don't think this applies to RULES OF THE GAME, which I just plain didn't like as a movie, BUT MAYBE IT DOES APPLY TO GRANDE ILLUSION, because I just DON'T UNDERSTAND SO MANY THINGS ABOUT THAT FILM. It is very alien to me and hard to wrap my head around.

    I just...try as I might, I do not get what that one is all about, Alfie.

    edit- to bolster your point though, again, I LOVE THE SOUTHERNER (1945)- which is about white trash dirt farmers and I am from NORTH, you know, maybe there is something to familiarity not breeding contempt.


    Grand Illusion is to me, a very good film about the class structure and European nations of WWI and would not make sense in the present so I do kind of understand what you mean.

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  3. On 9/18/2019 at 8:06 AM, LornaHansonForbes said:

    I have only seen part of this movie, but I remember it being REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALLY BAD!

    whether it was, like, BEYOND THE FOREST BAD (ie a work of true greatness) or just a total misfire, I do not entirely recall.

    I have to admit that I have very mixed feelings in re: JEAN RENOIR; I love THE SOUTHERNER but I do not like either GRAND ILLUSION or THE RULES OF THE GAME at all.

    Do you dislike them because they're foreign language? I know you said you generally don't care for foreign language films before.

  4. black-sabbath-lg.jpg

    Black Sabbath (1963) Mario Bava, Italy- 5/10-  three horror stories are narrated by Boris Karloff. A prostitute stalked by the ghost of a former lover, a ring haunted by its owner and my favorite story - the elderly vampire who seeks to get revenge on his family. This Bava film is a fun way to spend a couple hours. A fun fact too is that the band got their name from this film. 

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  5. 24 minutes ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    Uh,  once something is identified it can't be a UFO by definition.

    So it isn't that something was 'mistaken for a UFO' but instead that the object was identified.

    A UFO is NOT an alien spaceship,  which is what 'mistaken' implies.    I.e. if a UFO was identified as an alien spaceship it would no longer be a UFO.

    PS:  The difference is important;  E.g. if asked 'do UFO exist',   the factual answer is YES.    I.e. People see things flying they can't identify;  that is a UFO.

    Often when someone ask 'do UFO exist' they are really asking 'have alien spaceships entered Earth's airspace'.


    Most UFOs are probably just natural phenomenon like ball lightning or something. 

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    Africa: Blood and Guts (1966)  Gualtiero Jacopetti, Franco Prosperi, Italy -4/10 mondo style documentary of Africa in the tumultuous post-colonial era of the 1960s which includes footage of the Mau Maus and of the Zanzibar Uprising where thousands of indians and arabs were slaughtered. Also included is footage of game hunting and sensationalist depictions of African life. This one is interesting in the way most Mondo Cane movies are and is worth a watch at least, despite not being the best quality documentary on this subject.

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  7. 6 hours ago, TopBilled said:

    I think Jake means well...but he's reached a point where he's just quoting random Twitter stuff that has no relevance to a classic movie site and its discussions. 

    I dislike the mindlessly retweeting stuff too but at the very least he's trying to start TV and movie related threads here instead of just political stuff in the political area of the forum. That's a half-step up at least.


    Slavoj Zizek – Truth is many Democrat ‘moderates’ prefer Trump to Sanders in 2020 White House race

    Many so-called Democrat ‘moderates’ would prefer Donald Trump to retain the US Presidency than for Bernie Sanders, or another genuine leftist, to defeat him.

    In this sense they are mirror-images of establishment Republicans, such as George W Bush and Colin Powell, who publicly expressed support for Hillary Clinton during the 2016 contest.  

    In the course of this week’s heated Democratic Party primary debate, former Colorado governor John Hickenlooper warned that “you might as well FedEx the election to Donald Trump” if the party adopts radical platforms. Such as Bernie Sanders’ ‘Medicare for All’ plan, the Green New Deal and other game-changing initiatives. 

    The ensuing passionate exchange clearly exposed the two camps in the Democratic Party: the ‘moderates’ (representatives of the party establishment whose main face is Joe Biden), and the more progressive democratic socialists (Bernie Sanders, perhaps Elizabeth Warren, plus the four young congresswomen baptized by Trump as the “Dem Squad”, and whose most popular face is now Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.) 

    This struggle is arguably the most important political battle taking place today anywhere in the world.

    It may appear that the moderates make a convincing case. After all, are democratic socialists not simply too radical to win over the majority of voters? Is the true struggle not the contest for undecided moderate voters who will never endorse a Muslim, like Ilhan Omar who keeps her hair covered? And did Trump himself not count on this when he brutally attacked the ‘Squad,’ thereby obliging the entire Democratic party to show solidarity with the four girls, elevating them to the status of party symbols? 

    For the Democratic Party centrists, the important thing is to get rid of Trump and bring back the normal liberal-democratic hegemony which his election disrupted.  

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