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    Coppola backs Scorsese in row over Marvel films

    Lyon (AFP) - Francis Ford Coppola jumped into a controversy over the Marvel superhero movies Saturday, not just backing fellow director Martin Scorsese's critique of the films but denouncing them as "despicable".

    Earlier this month Scorsese, director of classics such as "Taxi Driver" and "Goodfellas", described the Marvel universe films as more theme parks than cinema, even if they were well made.

    His remarks made waves across social media for days, as fans of his work and the Marvel hits such as the Avengers films, argued the merits.

  2. 1 hour ago, LawrenceA said:

    I sincerely hope you didn't take my comments to be a knock on you. You're one of my faves around here. 

    My comments seem to be engendering a lot of hostility or displeasure from a number of people around here, and I'm not sure why. It's one of the reasons that I don't post as often as I once did (I know, I know - some people wish that it were a lot less). Most likely I'm just very poor at expressing myself. Or maybe it's that many people are only looking for positive reinforcement with no disagreement. Personally, I've been lectured more than once on here by people who say that they're all for disagreement in opinions, but I don't see that being the reality, unless they're the ones doing the disagreeing. I'm not referring to you here, Lorna, but if they bother to read this, the persons to whom I am referring will know who they are. 

    There are a few people to whom I will be ill-tempered with because I straight-up just don't like them at all, and a few more who I wish would just go away, but for the most part I attempt to be civil and courteous, and more often than not, tongue-in-cheek and good-humored. Which is how I hope you took my previous comments.

    People can be antagonistic and angry for no reason. Your contributions are always appreciated here, Larry.

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  3. maxresdefault.jpg

    1. The Handmaiden, Chan-wook Park, South Korea

    2. Train to Busan, Sang-ho Yeon, South Korea

    3.  Les Innocentes, Anne Fontaine, France

    4. 1898, Our Last Men in the Philipinnes, Salvador Calvo, Spain

    5. Julieta, Pedro Almodovar, Spain

    6. Neruda, Pablo Larraín, Chile

    7. Your Name, Makoto Shinkai, Japan

    8. The Lovers and the Despot, Ross Adam, Robert Cannan, UK

    9. Shin Godzilla, Hideaki Anno & Shinji Higuchi, Japan

    10. The King's Choice, Erik Poppe, Norway

    11. Elle, Paul Verhoeven, France

    12. Toni Erdmann, Maren Ade, Germany

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  4. maxresdefault.jpg

    Girls und Panzer der Film (2015) Tsutomu Mizushima, Japan (dubbed) - 6/10- In the streets of an emptied town, two schools of tankfighters battle it out. The winning team is still closed down despite promises otherwise, leaving them sad but they are allowed one last chance to do another tank battle to win their school back. My favorite team is the St Gloriana School which uses WWII era Churchill tanks and obviously represents the British. The soundtrack to this is largely traditional military marches such as British Grenadiers, Glory, Glory Hallelujah and Katyusha that work as leitmotifs for the tanks on screen. The film is a bit long at two hours and the plot is bare. I did find one episodic moment funny when they visit a museum dedicated to "Punchy the Bear" -a fictional toy that is constantly beaten up by other toys and covered in bandages. What I truly disliked is the heavy use of CGI instead of traditional animation which I prefer.

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  5. 1 hour ago, EricJ said:

    Well, since it doesn't officially open until November, they're taking pre-orders.

    But just think--The (almost) entire Disney catalogue, on demand!  Now you'll be so busy watching, you'll NEVER HAVE TO ASK TCM TO SHOW DISNEY NIGHTS AGAIN!  Gee, it's going to be quiet around here...

    (And they've got the non-Sony Muppet movies, too!  And DuckTales!)

    As lovely as that sounds, I think I would rather take cyanide instead. :lol:

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  6. 1 hour ago, Bogie56 said:

    Just a reminder that not all conservatives are anything like Donald Trump.  For starters, no conservative in either Canada or Great Britain would dare mess with the universal health care.

    Many voters here seem to genuinely be under the impression it's not in their best interest to have that. As if dying on the street is what is for the best.


    Sarajevo (2014) Kurt Mündl, Andreas Prochaska, Austria - 7/10 - In 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand is assassinated by Gavrilo Princip and a Jewish detective is charged with finding all the co-conspirators ("the Black Hand") and bringing them to justice in court. He does this despite anti-semitism coming from the very people who employed him. Things are even more complicated when he falls in love with a Serbian woman whose exiled from the country for patriotic beliefs. I like historical movies and found this one enjoyable though it also sort of implies that the assassination of Ferdinand was an inside job that was allowed as pretext for an invasion of the country to set up a lucrative train business through the area. A decent movie and recommended for those interested in the beginning of WWI.

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    The Woman in the Moon (1929) Fritz Lang, Germany- 7/10 -Most of you already saw this one so I won't write up a long review. Yeah, I thought it was a really good sci-fi film that came on the heels of Metropolis' success. The effects are good for 1929 though the science isn't exactly right (atmosphere on only one side of the moon :blink: ).

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  9. 19 minutes ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    Here in California I saw this related to #MeToo;    women and gay offenders were assumed to be innocent when for conservative offenders one-must-believe-the-accused.       Ed Buck,  a rich Los Angeles progressive gay man had multiple men die of drug overdoes in his home and the L.A. DA did nothing (Ed had donated to her campaign).   It took another death a few weeks about for the Feds to arrest him.     

    Hopefully they keep that sadistic freak locked up for life. I can only imagine he'd be given a "mentorship" under "Mayor Pete's" new plan. :( 

  10. 45 minutes ago, CinemaInternational said:

    One think I just saw a person say in response to a question I asked raises a fair point. (It doesn't relate to superhero films). It has to do with the way films are perceived in general anymore. They said that people like to look down in film circles on "fun" things, meaning comedies, romances, musicals, mainstream things and prefer to go for "artistic", "somber", "dark", "edgy", often independent and Foreign. I feel that both have their place and that one should not be discounted while the other is esteemed. I think one should value films of both schools of viewing.

    There are foreign comedies and musicals and romances. Not everything foreign is Godard or Bergman.


  11. GoonaGoona.jpg

    Kriss. the Sword of Death (1932), Armand Denis, Andre Roosevelt, France/ USA/ Bali- 5/10- This one is more well known under the title it was released under in France and the US ("Goona Goona"). Based on a native folk tale and with an all Balinese cast, it is about a lower class woman and a high class prince who marry. After he goes out on his wedding night on business, she is drugged by his evil nemesis with the Goona Goona drug from a shaman. He leaves his "kriss" ceremonial sword there and is soon found out. A simple romance film that includes interesting footage of the Balinese customs of that era, including a ceremonial dance with dragon costumes. This one was edited to hell and back because of the nudity so some of the plot is disjointed and shots are out of focus. This was also originally shot in two-strip technicolor but the version I saw was in B&W. I imagine the technicolor must have looked gorgeous.

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