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  1. I saw the Last Jedi today. I have to say some of the effects were kind of cheesy (those who've seen it will know which one. About 25 min. into the movie. :) ) but overall it was a fun film. I like Laura Dern's character.

  2. 4 minutes ago, NipkowDisc said:

    why is it the prerogative of the left who decides just who is stressing the planet and who is not?

    the zero population growth nazis are waiting in the wings.

    do we exist for the planet or does the planet exist for us?

    God has given us dominion over all things upon this earth.

    of course we should not irrevocably compromise our earth environment but let there come a concensus from all sectors and not an arbitrary dictate of action imposed by a few self-appointed demogogues.

    Overpopulation is a serious threat that could not only impact the Earth but human life as well. You need clean land in order to grow things.

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  3. 9 hours ago, jakeem said:

    Sec. Tillerson walks back comments that U.S. was ready to talk with North Korea "without precondition," telling UN Security Council there must first be "a sustained cessation of North Korea's threatening behavior...before talks can begin." 


    They should send Clinton over there to talk again. Better than just demanding they do what you say.

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  4. 1 minute ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    Yes,  I know that and this was a lost opportunity where the USA didn't do the right thing,  but I believe even the Trump admin would have little choice but to back the E.U. in its support of a two-state solution if such an acknowledge was made by current leaders (mainly just Hamas).     Now the USA would still veto any U.N. measure against Israel but an E.U. economic boycott of Israel would likely cause Israel to make a deal. 

    Yeah, the current leadership of both Israel and Palestine is violent and warmongering. Under the current leaders neither side would accept a solution unless forced to and the US wouldn't force their ally in the region to do anything. A boycott from other UN nations would make them change though. :lol: 

  5. 2 minutes ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    I'm not a fan of Israel but if the current Palestinian leaders would just acknowledge Israel's right to exist even the USA would have to actively support a two-state solution,  putting most of the pressure on Israel to come to terms.  Europe would be 100% behind a two-state solution if those leaders acknowledge Israel's right to exist,  I assume the EU would sanction Israel

    But no.   Hamas still refuses to acknowledge Israel with the goal of destroying Israel instead.          

    Arafat acknowledged Israel's right to exist and stil the US and Israel didn't go easy on him.

  6. 5 minutes ago, jamesjazzguitar said:

    The Palestinian leaders are not just slow learners but they never learn things that should be obvious.   The main reason there isn't a two-state solution is because of how suborn and stupid their leaders are.   

    Israel isn't exactly willing to work with Palestine either. They placed them in camps and invaded Lebanon. That's not the kind of thing someone genuinely willing to work with the other side would do. Arafat did what he could for his people given those circumstances.

  7. 1 hour ago, Dargo said:

    Now THAT would ONLY work in this thing if along the top of that hood it read, "Make The Force Evil Again".

    (...wouldn't ya say?!)

    "The Jedi aren't bringing their best folks. We're going to build a force field and make them pay for it. It'll be yuge. Believe me!"

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  8. 3 hours ago, NickAndNora34 said:

    If we're going to talk about first movie theater experience, my first film ever seen in a theater, was "Jurassic Park 2" (1997). I was 1 at the time. 

    Lol. I'm the same age. The first film I saw in theaters was Titanic and I was only one. My mom said I was very quiet and didn't talk during it.

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  9. 4 minutes ago, HoldenIsHere said:

    Most who saw the world premiere and have written about are saying that it is wildly entertaining and gripping (especially the last 40 minutes) with some genuinely shocking twists.

    The recommendation is to go into it "spoiler-free."


    I've seen some leaked clips of some of it online. It looks good.

  10. 6 minutes ago, hamradio said:

    Kim Jong un's derangement is over the top. Saw this on "What on Earth" last night.

    Kim Jong-un destroys model village (theme park?) in North Korea built by his 'despicable human scum' uncle.






    He actually killed his uncle a few years ago but his uncle was pushing for internal unrest against Kim Jong Un. Probably wants to destroy every last remnant of his uncle's legacy.

  11. 15 hours ago, jakeem said:

    Not so sure about that. JEB! wouldn't have pandered to the Deplorables, and they might not have been as energized.

    Jeb absolutely would not have gotten as far as Trump. He had 1% of the vote during the primaries. No one left or right likes him.

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