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  1. Ripperiana

    For me, the perpetrator in Time After Time (portrayed by David Warner) is as good a psychopath as I can imagine. Bridging the Victorian era with late 70s San Francisco is a nice twist too. Malcolm McDowell does a tremendous job in the starring role!
  2. Great One-Liners

    A New Leaf (1971). Henry Graham (Matthau) states "Kneeling on broken glass is my favorite pastime, it keeps me from slouching."
  3. ClassiCategories

    Mr. Roberts!
  4. ClassiCategories

  5. Movie with lady and dog

    Since you remember the dog somewhat more than the actress, this is a monumental task (unless someone here knows that scene!). You are going to have to take a list of 1930s actresses and search ( on Bing image search or some other search engine [just make sure you have the SafeSearch set to "moderate" or some other setting to avoid results you won't believe ), for example, "Irene Dunne with dog". It is going to be an uphill battle.
  6. Different film characters combinations....

    Or how about two different actors' respective takes on the same character going head-to-head? Michael Caine's Jack Carter (Get Carter [1971]) vs. Stallone's Jack Carter (Get Carter [2000])
  7. Movie with lady and dog

    Can you recall the color of the young lady's hair?
  8. ClassiCategories

    Sergeant York (somewhat debatable if this qualifies) Slaughterhouse Five
  9. A Christmas Carol should be improved

    I find these additional "takes" on stories/films to be exciting. There was once an extensive discussion (was it on the original TCM board, or perhaps on an now defunct IMDB board?) about The Family Man (2000). I cannot seem to locate that forum any more . If anyone can locate that board I would be grateful. I remember that that the title of the original post mispelled "glimpse" as "glimpe". The discussion was about if the character Kate (T. Leoni) had a similar glimpse of the alternate reality seemingly experienced by Jack (N. Cage).
  10. ClassiCategories

    Greedy (1994) A Serious Man (2009) A Simple Plan (1998) It's a Wonderful Life (1947) Some kind of Wonderful (1987) It's a Mad, Mad, Mad World
  11. ClassiCategories

    Cormac McCarthy Edgar Allan Poe Hunter S. Thompson (towards the end if his life) Emily Dickinson Syd Barrett
  12. ClassiCategories

    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes' Smarter Brother (1975) -- Fencing
  13. FARGO series on FX

    I am fully on board with this series, well done, and rewatchable (although Season 3 may somewhat less rewatchable than the first 2). I can't wait to see more!
  14. Now the bug doesn't happen! But it is good to know there is a place for this. Thanks!
  15. ClassiCategories

    Clint Eastwood

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