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  1. SunAndMoon

    Errol Flynn tribute?

    I hope they do.
  2. Perhaps she did mourn him, just not where anyone could see her. I'm actually glad Linda didn't do Captain From Castille. It was a mediocre picture and I could tell Ty's heart wasn't in it at all. I'm so sentimental about those two.
  3. SunAndMoon

    Guys And Dolls

  4. SunAndMoon

    Sympathetic Characters And Someone To Root For

    When the villain is more interesting than the hero, yes.
  5. SunAndMoon

    Sympathetic Characters And Someone To Root For

    It's essential for main characters to be interesting, but depending on what kind of story you're telling, they don't necessarily need to be sympathetic or likable.
  6. SunAndMoon

    My top 25 movies released before 1960

    Why do you think I listed them by year? 😉
  7. SunAndMoon

    My top 25 movies released before 1960

    I hope I didn't just stir up a hornet's nest. 😟
  8. I made a list of them on Dreamwidth and present said list for your perusal:
  9. I doubt you'll be disappointed! It's hilarious and festive and weirdly touching.
  10. Reasons why: It's black comedy instead of melodrama, though still appropriately sweet in places. I actually find it funny. Humphrey Bogart. Basil Rathbone. The never-visible but heroic snake.
  11. SunAndMoon

    OK, I'm back(...and where I've been)

    I'm sorry for your loss.
  12. SunAndMoon

    Tyrone Power

    Was it true, all that stuff about Ty wanting to be in an accident that would wreck his face? I mean, I know he said he did, but I don't know if that was a one-time thing or if he was genuinely as miserable as his IMDb page made him out to be.
  13. SunAndMoon

    Tyrone Power

    She died young, too. Brutal.
  14. SunAndMoon

    Tyrone Power

    Oh, I don't know about that. I thought Rita's character was the bland one!

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