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  1. Victoria Strittmater

    2017 The Essentials

    Well, if 50 posts is what it takes, I'd better get going. I've been kinda under the weather - watching, as always - just not posting. I've got some catching up to do. Luckily, (for me - not sure about those of you who'll be reading) I'm verbose! To quote the late, great John Lennon, "It won't be long..."
  2. Victoria Strittmater

    2017 The Essentials

    Darryl: I rudely neglected to thank you for your welcome to the TCM Forums. It was lovely, like your picture. If everyone is as gracious as you are, I'm really going to enjoy this. How long until one isn't a newbie? If it has anything to do with how long I've been a TCM watcher and fan, I would have graduated years ago.
  3. Victoria Strittmater

    2017 The Essentials

    Hey, Darryl. Whew! Thanks for verifying what I was starting to think was an episode of temporary aphasia; in other words, am I crazy? Well, apparently not about this, anyway. I'm kind of surprised no one else responded to what I thought was a fairly egregious slip for TCM, especially Alec Baldwin; maybe he was humoring Dave to be polite. Not sure I agree with Alec that The Lost Weekend is the best portrayal of an alcoholic. I thought Jack Lemmon and Lee Remick were devastating, particularly Ms. Remick. And it absolutely would not have been as effective, nor as affecting, in color as it was in black and white.
  4. Victoria Strittmater

    2017 The Essentials

    Did anyone besides me notice that David Letterman stated that The Days of Wine and Roses was in color, and Alec Baldwin agreed with him? Even though this is one of my favorite movies and I've seen it numerous times, perhaps I'm not remembering correctly? I would bet my life on this. Can anyone either confirm it or maybe tell me I'm thinking of something else.

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