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  1. I love Swingtime, definately one of their classics. I love their songs 'Pick yourself up' and 'The way you look tonight', another of the numerous songs which made Fred and Ginger. I also love Top hat with their fabulous numbers 'Cheek to cheek' and 'Piccolino'. Follow the fleet is excellent with their amazing dancing to the great numbers 'Let yourself go' and their great dancing number later on at the show (I temporarily forgot the name) . Also great film is Flying down to Rio with Ginger's great number 'Music makes me do the things I never would do', and Fred and Ginger dancing to the fabulous 'Carioca' (along with the dancers doing a semi Footlight parade style spinning pyramid circle). The Carioca was one of the first great Latin style classics which helped inspire future Latin classics including Judy Garland's 'La Conga' in Strike up the band, and then Xavier Cugat's Latin greats in several Esther Williams films. Also, a scene in Flying down to Rio a short while later after the Carioca of Fred dancing on his own, he's an awesomely talented dancer. Ginger had beauty, charm, and grace that's rarely ever been topped. The two of them together still cannot be forgotten 80 years later.
  2. My favorite Fred and Ginger films are Top hat, Follow the fleet, Swingtime, and The story of Vernon and Irene Castle, the latter always seemed underrated, where the other mentioned three were always publicly recognized for being fabulous, which I wholeheartedly agree with. All 4 films are wonderful, which truly helped make Fred and Ginger such an amazing, glamorous part of the 1930s I was never sure who actually said "He gave her class, and she gave him sex", but I've definitely heard that one before. Like the lyrics in Madonna's song Vogue said "Ginger Rogers, Fred Astaire, they had style, they had grace", and those words coming from one of the biggest sex symbols of the 1980s and 1990s, they definitely mean something.
  3. I love Fred and Ginger films also, they took part in helping to make the 1930s so wonderful, charming and glamerous. The 1930s was an amazing, magical time in film, which was helped made so by Fred and Ginger, Garbo, Davis, Hepburn, Crawford, Eleanor Powell, Robert Taylor, Jean Harlow, the Barrymores, Wallace Berry, Clark Gable, Vivian Leigh, Myrna Loy and William Powell, and Ruby Keeler and Dick Powell. They all helped create alot of wonderful beauty, charm, and that particular vintage 1930s style. Also was the great 1930s humor brought to us by amazing Marx Bros, and secondarily The three Stooges and Laural and Hardy. The 1930s were a wonderful amazing time.
  4. I found Robin Williams' comedic acting sort of funny in Mrs. Doubtfire when I first saw it, but his acting as Mrs. Doubtfire did grind on the nerves sort of after seeing the movie multiple times, Robin while being Mrs Doubtfire just didn't know when to shut up. Also, I always found it creepy how freakishly overly attached he was to his kids and the way he worded it in the courtroom scene.
  5. "DAMES" - Underrated?!

    I loved Ruby in I only have eyes for you. Even though it was sort of odd seeing 30 pictures of Ruby's face dancing around, I'd still rather see 30 pictures of her face rather than anyone elses. And right after the pictures of her face scene, I love the adorable way Ruby looks when showing her close up right before pulling back and showing Ruby and all the dancing Ruby look-alikes in matching dresses, and the singing is beautiful at that part of the song. Also, all the Rubys sitting in their dresses making it look like they're all sitting on white lily pads. I also love Ruby with Powell while sitting on the subway, and also the cute way she talked her line while walking onto subway "now you don't know if we're in a garden, do you? Come on answer me". Ruby Keeler is wonderful. A talented tap dancer, beautiful, sweet, and charming. Rest in peace angel.
  6. 42nd Street... audio commentary

    Why do so many people today dislike Ruby? Ruby is wonderful, her beauty, sweetness, and charm, her buck n wing style dancing is a separate form where you can't compare it to Ginger's (I love her too), and if you've ever listened to her tap rhythm, it's fabulous, and I find her singing cute in its own way, and I love her voice when talking. Depression audiences loved Ruby. So do I. I guess I have tastes more similar to 1930s audiences than to today's
  7. Some people probably found Frank McHugh irritating in Footlight parade with the way he yelled so many times "it can't be done! It just can't be done!", but that film had so much wacky comedy, great wit and timing, that it's forgivable, along with the amusing way they added the cat theme to the show, James Cagney's energy and his hilarious way he mocked McHugh, and those amazing show numbers. Not just the 3 great prologues at the end, but in mid-film the song Ah, the moon is here and the cat thened Sitting on a backyard fence. Also, the wonderful Ruby.
  8. I guess that I have different tastes than some of the old movie fans on this website. I've read several times about people not liking Ruby Keeler, but I absolutely love her and think she is wonderful. Ruby doesn't sing in the most skillful way technically, but I find her style of singing cute. She's so adorable, not as much in a sultry way, but in a sweet and beautiful romantic way. Ruby made Jon Homer Lowe the happiest man in the world in 1942 when she retired from films, until 1969 after Mr. Lowe passed on and Ruby starred in No no Nanette and danced amazingly in. Ruby's buck n wing style tap dancing doesn't have Ginger or Eleanor's grace, but it's very skillful, just listen to her tapping rhythm. Ruby was wonderful in almost everything, few examples I love are in I only have eyes for you in Dames, By a waterfall and Shanghai lil in Footlight parade, the title song and Mr. and Mrs. is the name in Flirtation walk, and You gotta know how to dance in Coleen. All fabulous.
  9. The Broadway Melody (1929)

    This film spoofed some of the names. Mr. Zanfeld was a spoof of Ziegfeld of the Ziegfeld follies, and Jacques Warriner was spoofing Jack Warner of Warned Bros. It's true that this film led the way to the better early 1930s musicals like 42nd St. This film was an early projector job, and with the whitewashed picture quality, many of the showgirls looked the same when the camera was showing them from further angles. Many of the girls were very flapper like with this still being the 1920s.
  10. What stars have you never actually seen?

    I loved Deanna Durban sing Danny boy and Because
  11. What stars have you never actually seen?

    James Cagney was also great in White heat, with his famous "I made it ma! Top of the world!" Ruby Keeler was fabulous in Dames, I loved her in the number "I only have eyes for you".
  12. What stars have you never actually seen?

    I have not seen much of Betty Davis, the one very well known Golden age star I haven't gotten into the films of. I've seen the films of just about every other big name back then.
  13. I agree. Hugh wasn't so bad in his earlier films, and I kinda liked him in Dames as Ezra Ounce as the billionaire who keeps threatening to cut off relative Guy Kibee "like a ripe banana". His hiccupping scene in Dames was also funny. Later on in Gold diggers, Paris and in a few other films closer to that time, he was way more annoying. I guess it's because in Dames, he had a serious menace to his character, but later on he went way too overboard with his goofy "woo-hoo woo-hoo!" while running around like a girl.
  14. Betty Huton is my top choice for most annoying in, especially in Annie get your gun. Also, the film with the annoying fast singing song "Abadabbadabba" with the overly fast annoying way that what's her name sings it, I forgot her name.
  15. I agree somewhat. I didn't care that much for June Allyson's number "Cleopatterer". And I didn't care much for her in Good news, or for that film much either. But she was pretty good as Glen Miller's (James Stewart) wife in The Glen Miller story, and I also liked her performance " Treat me rough" in Girl crazy with Mickey Rooney. She had a sassiness there that she didn't have so much in her future films.

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