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  1. *A to Z of Movies*

    Variety girl (with Bing Crosby and Bob Hope)
  2. Best Musicals of all time

    I do remember those Sesame street skits where Maria referenced Charlie Chaplin.
  3. Best Musicals of all time

    Miss Piggy referenced Esther Williams' water ballets, I just wasn't sure which Esther Williams film and water ballet they were referencing, since I've seen every Esther film and water ballet there was. Of course when I first saw "The great Muppet caper as a kid, I had no idea who Esther Williams was and I assumed that miss Piggy's water ballets was an original idea. I didn't start watching old films including Esther's until years later as an adult.
  4. *A to Z of Movies*

    Broadway melody 36
  5. Obscure Pre Code movies

    Oh, I thought that was a celebrity I just didn't recognize. It does look like a selfy now that you mention it, but there are close up photos of celebrities too.
  6. Best Musicals of all time

    What do you think of Dick Powell and Ruby Keeler's "I only have eyes for you"? It's one of my favorites
  7. Obscure Pre Code movies

    Just curious Topbilled, who is that a picture of on your post photo? I've recognized most of the celebrities that most of the members of this site have used for their post photo, but not yours. He looks like someone from a more modern film but don't recognize him.
  8. Obscure Pre Code movies

    It's funny about how back in the 1930s, suggestive sexual content had to be covered up when the Hays code went into effect but not violence. So many shoot em up films continued after the Code such as numerous Cagney films such as "Angels with dirty faces" and "Roaring twenties", and Bogart and Lorre films such as "Cassablanca" and "Beat the devil" (and Bogart was also in both above mentioned Cagney films). And a lot of the film noir films.
  9. *A to Z of Movies*

    Top hat (Fred Astair and Ginger Rogers)
  10. Best Musicals of all time

    Yes, there was definitely more talent in the Golden age. Look at all the dancing talent like Fred and Ginger, Eleanor Powell, Ann Miller, Gene Kelly, and the singing talent like Janette McDonald, Kathryn Grayson, Judy Garland, Nelson Eddie, Dick Powell, and Sinatra. And the amazing acting talent of Clark Gable, Greta Garbo, Jean Harlow, Katherine Hepburn, James Cagney, and the amazing comedy talent of the Marx brothers and Laurel and Hardy. We just don't have such a large level and amount of that kind of greatness today.
  11. Best Musicals of all time

    There were not really too many black Golden age Hollywood stars at all, Lena Horne was one of the few. In most 1930s films as I'm sure many of you have seen, black people were usually just brought into the films as maids or servants. Because of the times, blacks knew how it was and generally had lower expectations than they have today and were probably greatful to even be in those films. Once in a while, a large group of blacks were brought into to take over an entire film scene such as a singing scene in Marx brothers "Day at the races".
  12. Best Musicals of all time

    They don't even have the same kind of movie equipment today, with all of today's computer generated effects, so it wouldn't be possible for that reason too. And studios would never bother trying since too many people in today's modern age have totally different tastes in films. There are not enough of us old film lovers. I'm sure there are a lot of young people today who never even heard of Joan Blondell, Jean Harlow, Hugh Hubert, and many others from the 1930s.
  13. *A to Z of Movies*

    Mr. Smith goes to Washington
  14. Best Musicals of all time

    That's true. Two main reasons is I believe that a) the younger generations today just don't have the same tastes, and b)studios just don't know how to make musicals and don't have that old style magic touch today, or even in the past 40 years, like they had in the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. Actually, musicals were very good and had the great classic touch until the 1960s, The sound of music was a fabulous 1960s musical.
  15. Best Musicals of all time

    Yes, the MGM 1930s, 1940s, and early 1950s films are wonderful. And the 1930s Warner bros musicals are wonderful too.

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