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  1. Sam S.

    Need variety in movies

    Well,James,you misunderstood my point(s) entirely. And since you are in fact challenging me,you're in luck,because I like challenges! Any of the potential mixes of genres,eras of genres,domestic films,foreign films,silent film,black & white and/or color IS PREFERRED and IS AN IMPROVEMENT over the present 'arrangement' of films whereas NO serious effort is put into making the selection.The result,then,is a single genre for the entire evening,etc. It should be obvious that a variety will have the capability to satisfy viewers over that of the 'steady diet' mentality...... The solution is in the word you used earlier-VARIETY......
  2. Sam S.

    Need variety in movies

    Providing a variety of films from the various categories doesn't require a cinematographic historian/genius (although Robert Osborne was arguably that). Scheduling a STRUCTURED mix from the genres can easily be accomplished by anyone,IF any genuine concern for the viewers enjoyment exists...... Whomever is presently making the selections obviously puts little significance in variety; quite probably a reflection of their self.....
  3. Sam S.

    Need variety in movies

    While this is an old thread,it still applies -TCM should diversify their categories of films shown thru the day. Today(11/21/2017) is an example-seven Drama's(4 shown consecutively). Today's example is popular only to someone who 'binges' ;certainly not what the majority of viewers prefer(unless they're confined to a TV for whatever reason). Less frequent repeating of movies,and especially rotating viewing times of the same movie(i.e.-if last shown in the AM,show in PM next) will also improve viewer enjoyment significantly. Come on,TCM can and has done much better in the past providing an entertaining mixture of genre throughout the day and evening( after all,at least half of our country is still employed thru the day....) Sam in IN (longtime TCM viewer)

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