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  1. Agatha and Jane

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Jones, Shirley
  2. Agatha and Jane

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Sidney, Sylvia: city streets, sabotage
  3. Agatha and Jane

    *A to Z of actresses and actors*:)

    Garbo, Greta: the grand hotel, Camille,
  4. Agatha and Jane

    1980s film

    I edited the top page for another movie I’m looking for!.. would love to hear thoughts or questions!.. thank you!.. Jane....
  5. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with lady and dog

    I believe that Agatha and I will find my movie!... and would appreciate only kind and thoughtful responses for this film.... thank you! Om Shanti!.... Jane
  6. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with lady and dog

    Thank you for your response!... I do not recall the actress being Jean Harlow....or Carole Lombard....but I would love some ideas for what the movie could be!... thank you!.. Jane....
  7. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with lady and dog

    Hello!.. I re-edited my lady and dog movie on the top page!.. please give it read!... thank you Jane!...
  8. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with lady and dog

    Thanks for the list of terry’s films.... unfortunately she isn’t the dog I recall being in the I said I don’t feel that this dog is very famous... and also Knowing that the movie is black and white the little dog appears to be brown....thanks for the reply though....keep searching!!.... Jane....
  9. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with lady and dog

    Thank you for your thoughts for my dog movie! Those are some of my favorite movies! But unfortunately none of them are my movie.... I don’t really feel that the dog in the movie is very famous.... and also the dog is little and Brown....very cute!.... still searching!.... thanks Jane..
  10. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with lady and dog

    Hi Jane here.... I’m replying to my movie with lady and dog.. thread.. I remember a knew detail that may or may not be helpful.... but it’s how the scene was shot.... between the lady and the dog... the camera turns to the lady when she sticks her tongue out and then the camera turns to the dog when it sticks it’s tongue out... and it goes back and forth a few times.... it’s pretty cute.... hopefully this detail helps! Really hope to find this movie! Jane..
  11. Agatha and Jane

    1980s film

    Unfortunately it isn’t any of those classic films... for I have seen a few of them....but thank you! Still searching!!.. Jane..
  12. Agatha and Jane

    1980s film

    I edited my description a little.... if it sounds familiar to anyone.. let me know!..
  13. Agatha and Jane

    1980s film

    Hello!.. I’m reposting another movie of mine.. I feel that movie was made in the 1980s but the movie takes place in an earlier time period.... and I remember a scene in the movie where there’s two girls playing in the grass one girl is wearing a dress and the other is wearing overalls with a red plaid shirt and one her sleeves rips when their playing.... there’s also an older lady who owns a Victorian estate.... I’m unsure of the relations between the characters in the movie but hopefully the scene sounds familiar!... thank you!... Jane....
  14. Hi Everyone Agatha here... so I have this black and White 1930s/1940s movie that I have been trying to find for awhile now... I don’t remember much just this one scene... so there is a young lady in a long black evening dress looking in a mirror and I think she’s talking to a man who is sitting to the left, there also might be more people in the scene as well but I just really remember those two... a few more details about the scene is that when you are watching it the mirror is on the right and it also might be a three way mirror...also I’m not positive about the color of the young lady but I’m thinking blonde/light brown... let me know if you have any questions/thoughts! Thank you!!
  15. Agatha and Jane

    Looking for old scifi horror

    Do you recall anything else about the woman’s appearance?.. It could be black Sunday 1960 with Barbara Steele.... I know it’s not sci-fi.... but it does fit a little with your description....

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