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  1. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with lady and dog

    Thanks for the list of terry’s films.... unfortunately she isn’t the dog I recall being in the I said I don’t feel that this dog is very famous... and also Knowing that the movie is black and white the little dog appears to be brown....thanks for the reply though....keep searching!!.... Jane....
  2. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with lady and dog

    Thank you for your thoughts for my dog movie! Those are some of my favorite movies! But unfortunately none of them are my movie.... I don’t really feel that the dog in the movie is very famous.... and also the dog is little and Brown....very cute!.... still searching!.... thanks Jane..
  3. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with lady and dog

    Hi Jane here.... I’m replying to my movie with lady and dog.. thread.. I remember a knew detail that may or may not be helpful.... but it’s how the scene was shot.... between the lady and the dog... the camera turns to the lady when she sticks her tongue out and then the camera turns to the dog when it sticks it’s tongue out... and it goes back and forth a few times.... it’s pretty cute.... hopefully this detail helps! Really hope to find this movie! Jane..
  4. Agatha and Jane

    1990s Victorian film

    Unfortunately it isn’t any of those classic films... for I have seen a few of them....but thank you! Still searching!!.. Jane..
  5. Agatha and Jane

    1990s Victorian film

    I edited my description a little.... if it sounds familiar to anyone.. let me know!..
  6. Agatha and Jane

    1990s Victorian film

    Hi Jane here!.. I have a 1990s Victorian movie.. I remember seeing it around ten years ago on tcm.... and I there is two scenes I can recall...... one scene is with two young girls.. one is wearing a dress and the other girl is wearing overalls with a red plaid shirt.. they are playing in a grassy backyard when suddenly the sleeve of the girls shirt tears.. and that is it from that scene.. the other scene is.. one of the girls is in a vanity chair playing with a music box.. and two another details about the film is I recall one or two older ladies.... and that’s all I remember.. I would love to hear thoughts or questions.. I know it’s not a lot but I hope it can be found!! Thank you.. Jane..
  7. Hi Everyone Agatha here... so I have this black and White 1930s/1940s movie that I have been trying to find for awhile now... I don’t remember much just this one scene... so there is a young lady in a long black evening dress looking in a mirror and I think she’s talking to a man who is sitting to the left, there also might be more people in the scene as well but I just really remember those two... a few more details about the scene is that when you are watching it the mirror is on the right and it also might be a three way mirror...also I’m not positive about the color of the young lady but I’m thinking blonde/light brown... let me know if you have any questions/thoughts! Thank you!!
  8. Agatha and Jane

    Looking for old scifi horror

    Do you recall anything else about the woman’s appearance?.. It could be black Sunday 1960 with Barbara Steele.... I know it’s not sci-fi.... but it does fit a little with your description....
  9. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with lady and dog

    I skimmed through the night nurse and unfortunately it was not the movie but thank you! Still on the search!...
  10. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with Dead man on a fence

    I know I’ve been doing some research myself and it is hard one...thanks for the help!
  11. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with Dead man on a fence

    In terms of the plot line.. I don’t recall seeing the whole film... but would maybe like to... there is one particular occurrence in the film and it’s at the scene of the crime.... an investigator walks over to what I think is a blocked off pathway or possibly even a cave type place.... also I think there could be something with how the man was hanging over the fence.... and I’m not sure why there’s lots of people but that’s why I thought it could be a hiking trail or something.... and I think this could be a 1930s/1940s British film....really do wish I could remember more..... thank you for your reply/questions!!
  12. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with lady and dog

    I am also open to other hair colors....I’m really excited to find this movie! If anyone else has any more/other questions.... thank you!
  13. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with lady and dog

    Being that the movie is black and white.... I feel that the color of her hair is light brown/blonde.... thank you for your reply/question!!
  14. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with lady and dog

    Hi.. it’s Jane! I posted this movie a few weeks ago.... still hoping to find it! So I’m reposting it... I have a movie that I’ve been searching for a while now.. so let me tell you a little about it! Here we go.. its in the 1930s black and white..and this is the only scene I remember.. there’s a young lady laying on her bed and then she turns on her side where she sees her tiny brown dog and she sticks her tongue out and then the dog sticks it’s tongue out too.. and that’s it!! I hope someone can help me find this!! Thank you!!
  15. Agatha and Jane

    Movie with Dead man on a fence

    Hello!! It’s Jane!! I have another film that I’m looking for.. I don’t remember a lot of it...I know it’s black and white and I feel like the year is anywhere between 1930s to 1950s.... but I remember a particular scene from the film.. here it is... It’s daytime and a mans body is found dead hanging over a fence and people are surrounded by the scene of the crime.. the location is a little fuzzy but I remember lots of fencing and the pathway is dirt and a little rocky kind of like a hiking trail.. perhaps.. and that’s really it.. I hope this film can be found!! And if anyone has any questions about the film let me know....Thank you!!

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