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    No way to stream TCM

    Interesting... no way to stream TCM anymore. Sad. Sad that all you people can talk about is wine, cruises, buying movies i already own, and won't allow me to stream via airplay on an apple TV--- you want more money? "Copy-write Infringement"? What a joke. How's about everyone who watches TCM is now a Wino who names wines after Great Actors? And your silly Cruises for drunks? Does Ted KNOW how greedy you are? Do Lionel, or Ethel, or any other GREAT Actors know you have the no talent "Drew" making believe she knows about ACTING? TCM you disgust me. It's all over between us! Only class you had was Osbourne... and now he's gone. I'll watch my own movies now. Bye Bye wino cruise junkies!

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