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  1. Lord Byron

    The Passion of Joan of Arc at the Film Forum in NY

    I completely agree with LawrenceA. Falconetti is "on a whole other plane of existence" is absolutely right- I don't think you can compare her performance with any others- the comparisons are superficial, at best.
  2. Lord Byron

    Pia or Bo? Which Was Sexier?

    Thanks Dargo. I have to admit, this is the one community I thought that *wouldn't* have such blatant creepster-ism... and not even over classic hollywood figures but pia zadora. What the #*@! Oh well. Happy to be here, and to be a Backlot member. Long overdue!
  3. Lord Byron

    Pia or Bo? Which Was Sexier?

    Nothing creepy about you.
  4. Lord Byron

    Pia or Bo? Which Was Sexier?

    Pia Zadora destroyed Pickfair. Due to this rather reprehensible act, it would be very hard to find any positive attributes about her.
  5. I apologize if this has been posted otherwise, but the restored version of 'The Passion of Joan of Arc' is going to be playing at The Film Forum if any of you are in NYC. Is anyone planning to go? https://filmforum.org/film/the-passion-of-joan-of-arc-film

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