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  1. Worst Nude Scenes in HIstory of Movies!

    Yikes! I never saw the Jeremy Irons/Frank Langella version but after hearing that, don't think I'll be in any hurry to catch it any time soon.
  2. I Just Watched...

    THE PETRIFIED FOREST, with Leslie Howard, Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart. Honestly don't know about this one. On one hand you have the interesting (if a bit preachy) interaction between Howard and Davis. On the other you have a gun-trotting Bogart taking hostages and issuing out threats, yet for all of his shouting and demands, one can't help but feel that somewhere there could have been a better man if he had gone down the straight and narrow....or maybe not. All we know from his character is he's been in and out of jail most of his life. It's not really a BAD film at all, but I can't really call it a classic either. But whenever the three main characters are on, there's certainly never a dull moment.
  3. Worst Nude Scenes in HIstory of Movies!

    For non-humans.....thank goodness we were never treated to a 'love' scene with Jabba the Hutt....his licking of Leia with his gross out tongue in RETURN OF THE JEDI was nauseating enough!
  4. Seances

    The séance in THE CHANGELING really gave me the creeps.
  5. Film Narration

    I just love Morgan Freeman's voice, it's so soothing and comforting. THE SHAWSHANK REDEMPTION and MILLION DOLLAR BABY both profited from his point of view of the stories taking place.
  6. Actor/Movie Association Game

    Leo G. Carroll
  7. The tragedy of Judy Garland....

    I always wondered if she had lived long enough, how she would have felt if she had been around when her daughter Liza would win the Best Actress Oscar for Cabaret. I like to think she would have been proud, even if she herself had never won the award.
  8. Peter Wyngarde 1927-2018

    That was him as Klytus? Had no idea he was even in FLASH GORDON. He absolutely creeped me out in THE INNOCENTS. May he RIP.
  9. Actor/Movie Association Game

    Tim Holt
  10. The tragedy of Judy Garland....

    Great actress, great singer....but boy she sure did have a lot of demons. It's no secret she struggled with popping pills most of her life (in fact isn't that what she died of....she popped one two many which caused her to overdose). Did Louis Meyer, the studio and her mother REALLY pushed her into doing that.....maybe they got her started into taking the pills and I understand that if you get too used to taking them you can get addicted and don't want to stop. Plus there where no rehab in those days for a star to get clean, they would have to just go cold turkey. Her addiction affected her whole life, relationships with men and her children, and her career. She burned a lot of bridges at MGM (and many believe this is what costed her the Oscar for 1954'S A STAR IS BORN when Grace Kelly was declared Best Actress for THE COUNTRY GIRL instead). I am not being judgmental of Judy, just commenting on how sad that things turned out the way they did for her when it could have been avoided or at least diverted. Had she been able to kick the pill habit and get herself back together more steadily, would she have been able to make another comeback? Some folks seem to think that she had pretty much become a has-been at the time of her demise (she hadn't made a real film in years and even her musical career seemed to be drying up). But had she actually been able to kick her habit could she have salvaged her career? I like to think so, but we will never know....
  11. Love her as a singer, not so much as an actress. That's all I'm going to say.
  12. Robert Mitchum

    Yes! And the fact that Mitchum wasn't afraid to branch out and play out and out scary guys, as well as decent men and anti-heroes, with equal amount of believability, brings out the really 'cool' factor about him.
  13. Actor/Movie Association Game

    Have to go with Arsan's answer first (sorry TopBilled)... IN A LONELY PLACE
  14. Robert Mitchum

    Been watching a lot of his movies from the early 40's up to the late 70's....not only was he a great actor, but man oh man, was he ever dreamy! Another great actor shamefully overlooked by the Academy. Especially loved his performance in OUT OF THE PAST, and he makes one heck of a villain in both THE NIGHT OF THE HUNTER and CAPE FEAR. And he was so cool as Philip Marlowe in FAREWELL MY LOVELY.
  15. Actor/Movie Association Game


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