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  1. TCM Backlot D/FW Area

    TJV & WFen2, Thanks so much for your interest in a DFW Backlot chapter. Nice to meet you both! Alright!! We are one member short of starting the DFW chapter. So, anyone in the DFW area who is a new or renewing Backlot member, just reply to this post, and we can make the official DFW Backlot chapter a reality! Come on, let’s movie!!!! Movie Mike
  2. TCM Backlot D/FW Area

    Teacher Oz, Fantastic!! Thrilled you want to be a founding member of our DFW chapter the TCM Backlot movie lovers! Congratulations, you're in! Now, we need three more cineasts who are Backlot members to join the club to make it official. I know you're out there. Don't wait! We have so many classic films to watch, and so little time to do it! I'm going send a member request through TCM member services to see if we can more easily contact Backlot members in the DFW area. Will keep you posted. And, TCM Backlot memberships make great holiday gifts! Movie Mike
  3. TCM Backlot D/FW Area

    OK. I’ll make one more attempt to sweeten the deal to form a DFW TCM Backlot Chapter. I am a graduate of the USC film school with a degree in cinema production (long ago when we actually shot and cut on film!) I’ve been in “the business” in Texas for almost 30 years. My work has won Emmy’s, a Peabody Award, and has been screened at film festivals throughout the world...including Sundance, Tribeca, and SXSW. I’d like to share with you my knowledge and experience as a filmmaker and a filmgoer, because regardless of how we earn our paychecks, we all share a common passion...A LOVE OF MOVIES! And there is so much we can learn about films just by watching and discussing them with each other. So, if you’d like to form a DFW TCM chapter, please let me know! THANKS!!!
  4. Looking for film lovers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area to start a local chapter. Lot’s of opportunities to get together and enjoy not only TCM screenings, but select screenings at the Alamo, Studio Movie Grill, Magnolia, Texas Theatre and the annual festivals around town. I even have a home theater that will comfortably seat six, so BYOM and let’s movie! Reply if you’re interested and I’ll be in touch! Movie Mike

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