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  1. Movies not playing

    Well it seems they FINALLY fixed it! Thank you TCM. I started it on the Xfinity On demand but will be so HAPPY to finish it tonight on the Firestick-using my earbuds. 😊
  2. Movies not playing

    Stephan55 I SO appreciate your reply! And I appreciate that you took the time to look up the movie just for me. Seems that the TCM viewers are indeed a family of sorts. I ageee with you that in the midst of all the issues they have it is at least nice to have what they share with us and I especially do appreciate the uncut commercial free thing! As of this moment-2:20am (EST) DMFM still won’t play on my Firestick. I can watch it on Demand on my Comcast X1 box, but as strange as this sounds I wanted to watch it in my room on the Firestick because I can hook my Bluetooth earbuds up to that and not disturb anyone (hubby) while I watch it and he sleeps. When everyone goes to bed is one of the only times I can really stop and watch with no interruptions. I promise if it does get fixed before the 7 days I will let you know. Again, thank you SO much for taking the time to reply to me. It means a lot. Have a Happy New Year!! 🎊🎈
  3. Please Fix the “Dial M for Murder” movie on the app for the Amazon Firestick!!! I’m going crazy—FIX IT!!!!!!😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  4. Movies not playing

    Um NO it’s NOT RESOLVED! I STILL CANT WATCH “DIAL M for MURDER”!!! 😡😡😡😡😡 It’s stupid. I’m sick of it. Every single other freakin movie I try works. How does TCM have the nerve to put out such sub par service? How do they just have NO IDEA one of the movies doesn’t work? Maybe if they would give people a place to LET THEM KNOW there is a problem then it could be resolved. But no, we have to wait for “moderators” or so called “TCM employees” to read through these posts and then “pass it on”. Bull crap. Plain and simple. I never have any problems like this with ANY other movie apps. I’m watching on my Firestick so don’t tell me to fix my Flash or anything. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, I have logged out and back in. I have cleared the Cache and the Data. Nothing works andbas far as I can tell it’s just this movie. Haven’t tried every one there but 6-7 others all load. Randomly chosen. FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the time they do this movie will be gone. So irritating!
  5. I have tried “Dial M for Murder” several times throughout the day and still it won’t play. It says the same old “an error has occurred...” that makes me want to throw the tv out the window. I can watch it on the Comcast On Demand TCM app, no problem. However, I WANT to watch it on my Amazon Firestick app, as I can use my wireless Bluetooth earbuds with that and not bother anyone in the house. Not everyone shares my love for the old movies lol. I appreciate the “message” being sent on. Really REALLY wish there was a tech help email or phone number for us to use when we encounter issues. Why in the world would the not want to know when their stuff isn’t working? It makes no sense to me...
  6. Why isn’t there ANY information available for us to contact someone at TCM when we have problems? All the other channels seem to give at the very least an email for us to use to report things or ask questions etc. What KILLS me is how they talk about the “viewers” and the “wine club” blah blah blah, but perhaps they want us half tipsy so that when there are issues we won’t care. It is VERY frustrating. I have never seen “Dial M for Murder” and was thrilled to see it on the TCM app on my Amazon Firestick. Every other movie I try plays FINE but not that one. So how in the HELL can we let them know there is a problem if they give us NO place to contact them? It’s UTTERLY RIDICULOUS! Makes me literally irate. And it happens WAY to often for people with Turner money. They can afford decent tech and products. And then some...
  7. I figured out that I had to sign out and sign back in again, and then it was fine. However, it seems like they aren’t adding movies as frequently as they used to! A few months ago I could check in twice a day and there would be new movies added while old ones dropped off. Now it’s once a day sometimes 2 before they add. AND they had Jimmy Stewart as the “Star of the Month” on the ‘Themes’ area when in the ‘Featured’ area it was clearly Lana Turner now because the month is up for James S. Apparently their “months” don’t go by the actual months either. Seems like they do things in a VERY strange way there! I would also like to know why the movies for them in the On Demand for my cable are different than the ones that are on my Firestick app? Isn’t TCM just TCM? So weird! 🙄
  8. I too am now having this problem. Just all of a sudden! Nothing changed on my end so what gives??

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