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    Who would you marry?

    Like if you could go back in time to marry your favorite Classic Movie Actor/Actress, who would it be AND WHY?? I'd have to say Shirley Maclaine because she's beautiful and she's quiet and elegant, aka just perfect. She's like 80 now but if she hmu i'd still pull up to Hollywood quick asf. Her Most Iconic Movie: The Apartment
  2. Why am i just finding out about The Fountainhead & Two For The Road? These 2 are hidden romance gems and i know i am still missing out on great romance movies so please recommend some that you don't think a lot of people know about, if you're a Romance Buff like me! I also recommend A Place In The Sun and Random Harvest, damn i'm trash for romance but i'm just trying to help ppl out
  3. Muster

    What Are You Watching Now?

    Right she was so beautiful. Cooper is lucky to have kissed her, i would have ended up marrying her.
  4. Muster

    Recommend Underrated Romance Movies

    And i thought i've seen it all Thank u for this gem!
  5. Muster


    Cary Grant X James Stewart - The Philadelphia Story
  6. Muster


    Orson Wells X Joseph Cotton - The Third Man
  7. Muster

    Best classic love stories-- what would you pick?

    Well i'll recommend a few romance movies where the couple actually love each other rather than it's just them fighting the whole movie, wouldn't they be the best couple?? Those who honestly love each other? I have a whole romance list let me check it.. A Place in The Sun Notorious Spellbound Roman Holiday The Clock In A Lonely Place Love In The Afternoon
  8. Muster

    What Are You Watching Now?

    Just got done watching The Fountainhead, it's one of my favorite movies now.
  9. Muster

    Do All Men Harass Women?

    Ayyyy fellow Classic Movie MGTOWs
  10. Wow i wouldn't have expected this.

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