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  1. Zea

    Vanishing Movie Cliches

    "Ducats" aka: theater tickets. Never hear them referred to as that now.
  2. Zea


    "The end justifies the means" - Morally & ethically I was never completely sold on this one until the thought of having to endure another moment of a Trump presidency.
  3. One entire Sat. evening was more than enough. Now I see there's another evening dedicated to Leonard Bernstein & concerts. Is this really TCM-worthy? And if for some inexplicable reason (to me) it is...is it really worth two nights?
  4. Whether you'll sit through a lengthy film, I think, depends on your "endurance criteria". Is it: Story Actors Characters Dialog/Writing or Directing For me it's the dialog & directing. I savor sharp, intelligent, insightful, fluent dialog and applaud a writer's faith in their audience's comprehension and don't pander or dumb down simply to seek mass appeal. (I am an Aaron Sorkin groupie btw.) A good director relegates no scene as meaningless nor leaves it to serendipity, while some more memorable screen moments have been painstakingly imagined, calculated, set up and visualized by a director. If that means she/he requires more film to execute that vision, so be it. In many instances, these are the bits of film that are dissected and studied & debated by students of films and other directors for years. It's why sometimes I'll enjoy that lengthy film even more so the second or third time around after I've either read up on its creation backstory or heard an interview w/one of the cast members, director, screenwriter or technical crew. Certain research claims that the attention span of the average person under, oh say, 40 is considerably less than it was, well, 40 years ago. Or even 10 years ago. I believe it. Hence, the popularity of serials, which can hold their audience through hours & hours via shortened spurts; or large-scale superhero, comic book-related 3-hour epics, which periodically jolt the viewers attention with prodigiously placed explosions, pointless and redundant combat/fight scenes, or new & improved villains du jour compliments of Industrial Light & Magic. In the -2 and 2+ hour-debate, I think it comes down to that personal "endurance criteria", and whether you're willing to put your keester through a little discomfort for the sake of the medium most important to you. Don't forget: A content mind can release a lot of positive endorphins that just might overcome some of that "keester criteria".
  5. I wish Kim would stop airing his grievances here over being jilted by Donald for Vlad. Get over it, Kim. Move on.
  6. Let's not forget Fay Wray's escape from Kong (recently aired on TCM).
  7. Do you really think more than 1-1/2 hours or 1 hour could have been lopped off of "Lawrence Of Arabia", "Dr. Zhivago", "Gone With The Wind", "All Quiet On The Western Front" or chunks taken out of the original "Star Wars"? Even "To Kill A Mockingbird" went 10 or 15 minutes over that 2hr limit. I don't think I could stand a second of that movie being cut. Sure there are plenty of stinkers or marginal movies out there that could stand a firm editing hand. And others that would actually benefit from a good cutting in the right places. But certain classics deserve the time needed not just to tell a story, but for the audience to savor the nuances of the technical aspects and visual creations imagined and brought to life by a brilliant director seeking to further enhance a story. Sometimes only time can accomplish that.
  8. Zea


    Sometimes I think they program just to fill a time slot. No offense to Goldie Hawn, but I hardly consider anything she's done worthy of classification as a 'classic'. Possible exception might be "Private Benjamin". Far as Cagney goes, he can do no wrong in my book. Yeah, he did some lemon-adey ones, but by and large, his films are classic by my standards simply because they contain the unique mannerisms and acting style that is Cagney.
  9. I received an email stating my certificate was attached....but it wasn't. No attachment. Emailed them back to ask what happened. Hope to hear from someone there. Added today 7/22/18: Got my certificate! Thanks Powers That Be for resending it.
  10. Zea

    A Zillion Ways to Die!

    Speaking of arsenic...how about Abby & Martha Brewster's lovely arsenic-stricnine & cyanide laced elderberry wine in "Arsenic & Old Lace"?
  11. Don't know if TCM could air it because of its X rating, but a movie that left an indelible impression on me (not necessarily a pleasant one mind you) was Ken Russell's "The Devils" w/Oliver Reed & Vanessa Redgrave. Makes me shudder just remembering it.
  12. Zea

    Discouraging Programming Choices

    My God! "Anatomy Of A Murder" is on AGAIN tonight? Sure it was good, but enough already.
  13. Zea

    The Trump and Putin Show

    After watching Trump's disgraceful a$$-kissing and selling America down the Volga, I have an inkling of what it must have been like to witness Chamberlain in Munich w/Hitler. Only difference is Britain's Chamberlain sacrificed an unwitting, innocent Czechoslovakia; Trump sacrificed the integrity and possible democratic freedoms of his own country. Will his fawning, alleged-patriotic lemmings believe all his flag-hugging next time he rallies in the half-dozen or so states that were stupid enough to waste their electoral votes? Probably....yes. To quote Forest: "Stupid is as Stupid does"
  14. Zea

    Discouraging Programming Choices

    Sometimes I feel like I'm watching HBO or SHOWTIME or STARZ with their endless, nightly repeats of the same damn movies all week long. It's like they put their programming on auto-pilot. Plug in 7 or 10 movies between them, swap them and rerun them daily & weekly. Granted, TCM's not that bad, but the quick repetition of films is getting to be a bit much. i.e. "The Great Escape"? Please. Stop.
  15. Zea

    Caligula (1979)

    Hurt was magnificent as Caligula. The entire production was fantastic. Wish PBS would rerun the series again during another one of their endless pledge breaks.

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