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  1. Arteesto

    TCM has a new owner

    I don't think so....
  2. Arteesto

    TCM has a new owner

    Agree. The word cloud press release distilled down pretty much says...a swan song for TCM I hope I'm wrong.
  3. I also reside in VA. Slavery being despicable...... The following article (author=Henry Louis Gates Jr) shows that not just white folk owned slaves: In life..nothing is strictly black or white:
  4. Arteesto


    They are wonderful together in "Notorious". Either TCM isn't showing this film very much Or..they are showing it and I keep missing it.
  5. Arteesto

    Joan Bennett for SOTM

    Is anyone aware of a book that contrasts and/or parallels the movie lives and private lives of Joan and Constance Bennett? While I do enjoy watching Constance Bennett, I think that Joan Bennett's acting style is more relaxed.
  6. Why relegate a race or ancestry to a specific time for celebration? I don't need Hollywood to remind me about Greeks or their Greekness.
  7. Don't need anybody else crowding the picture.....
  8. Arteesto

    Archaic Expressions in Films

    "Get wise to yourself."
  9. Arteesto

    Black Face in Mary Poppins

    These cheekbones for the ladies of the screen:
  10. Arteesto

    Black Face in Mary Poppins

    Self tanner isn't long for this world.
  11. Arteesto

    Noir Alley

    Maybe....every Saturday night would be good?
  12. Arteesto

    colorizing deserves another shot

    I thought the same thing while posting this picture. For B/W photography..I don't know why that would be an option As a side note...Last night I watched a documentary on the making of Grease Because most of the actors were not high schoolers...they photographed them with the purpose that they all looked worked. I found these 1930s examples in B/W...none have the darkness under the eyes: Also...
  13. Arteesto

    colorizing deserves another shot

    Interesting...different makeup techniques for color or black/white. .

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