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  1. Minneapolis/St. Paul local chapter

    Enjoy the film clarklk! When I went to The Treasure of the Sierra Madre, I stood at the end and told folks what we needed. I will keep trying each month until we get at least one. When I got my gift membership, TCM did not notify me. When I found out I had a membership waiting, I was totally confused how to navigate the site. I practically stumbled upon the 3 of you members, and was elated to find there was a board with film friends. I watch TCM everyday and have since 1996 when I stumbled upon it
  2. Minneapolis/St. Paul local chapter

    Eccentric hahahah;... thats funny! Though my son said that i ask tactfully. I now wonder what the people thought about me. "ehhehm Mr. De Mille ,... I'm ready for my close up...!" I think if we keep at it this way we will get another member.
  3. Minneapolis/St. Paul local chapter

    It is 9:44. Just got back from the Regal in Eagan. I have the best son! The young man not only bought my ticket but my popcorn and soda too. (my early birthday present HBtm <:) ) Well for us here in MN waiting for that 5th person may take a little longer. There were about 18 movie goers, and as I said I would, I stood up after the lights came back, and ask if there were any BackLot members. They all said no. As quick as I could I told them all about TCM BackLot and the fith person that we need for a forum. It blew me away that about 6 people said they never knew of TCM's BackLot. NEXT MONTH .... The Phillidelphia Story .... I'll be happy to stand up and ask again
  4. Minneapolis/St. Paul local chapter

    I am going to the 7pm showing in Eagan at the Regal. I will try my best while there, to get us 1 or more members. Not a lot of people have an extra $80 to sling around for BackLot. I had to wait 2 years, and ask for this membership as a gift from my children. I had been a NowShowing member for years and was devastated when it canceled. HAPPY NEW YEAR ! &HBtm <:)
  5. Minneapolis/St. Paul local chapter

    jessica101559 ..... all we need is 1 (bum bum ba na na...) all we need is 1 .., 1.., 1 is all we need. I'm happy to try
  6. Minneapolis/St. Paul local chapter

    jessica101559, I am going to stand up at the Bogie/Houston/Holt, the Treasure of the Sierra Madre, and ask viewers to join and help us grow into a forum. Changing the subject; but can you believe that there are no women in this movie? This is the very first movie I saw on TCM and have been HOOKED ever since. ... and a big THANKS clarklk for the for the Trylon info
  7. Minneapolis/St. Paul local chapter

    Thanx jessica101559, clarklk, MpLNIs looks like we need one more TCM viewer
  8. Minneapolis/St. Paul local chapter

    Please count me in. Dakota County, Regal cinema Eagan Mn

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