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  1. Kev5140

    Watchlist problems

    For the past few days I have been unable to save any movies to my watchlist. A few days ago several movies I had saved were wiped from the list and I haven’t been able save anything since. Anyone else experiencing problems? I use Roku for access.
  2. Kev5140

    WATCH TCM app on ROKU TV

    I have been having the same problem intermittently over the past few days. I have had the same issue when trying to watch the live feeds. I use Roku but I suspect that it’s a problem with the app.
  3. Kev5140

    Unable to access movies

    The app actually started working normally a couple days ago but, alas, it didn’t last. I also tried TCM “help” several days ago but, of course, no response. I get the feeling that frankly, my dear, TCM doesn’t give a damn. Very frustrating.
  4. For the past three days I have been unable to access either the live feeds or any films offered in the library via the TCM app. I have reloaded the app with no success. I use a Roku device and all my other apps are working fine. Is anyone else having problems?
  5. Kev5140

    Sling tv on-demand

    The Noir Alley films aren't always blocked. In my experience, most have been available
  6. Kev5140

    Sling tv on-demand

    I have Sling. Three days ago, TCM on demand started working fine. Fingers crossed.
  7. Kev5140

    Sling tv on-demand

    Do any of the other online services have TCM on demand?
  8. Kev5140

    Sling tv on-demand

    I also have the problem exactly as you describe. I have contacted Sling twice (their tech support phone number apparently is a state secret. You must search the web to find it). Both representatives were courteous, but it was the same basic troubleshooting each time. Uninstall/reinstall the app; disconnect/reconnect TV; check Roku for system update, etc. After all efforts failed, they "escalated" the issue to advance techs and they would investigate a get back to me. Haven't heard a thing. I definitely think this is a Sling issue, not a TCM issue. I wish I didn't like TCM so much, because I would dump Sling in a heartbeat. Oh, and I'm shocked, shocked to learn that Sling is owned by Dish Network!

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