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  1. Sandyjeanie

    Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

    slaytonf Go watch the "Berenstain Bears" & eat some "Froot Loops"....You'll feel better!! I always felt better when I watched the Berenstein Bears and ate Fruit Loops!
  2. Sandyjeanie

    Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

    Thenryb A couple of people have suggested that the name of this older black & white movie (that no one can locate), is called Catch 22. However, if this is the case..then our missing movie has been swallowed up by the 1970 movie of the same name..Catch 22. Just like the plot of this older black & white movie has been overshadowed by another 1970 movie called Sole Survivor. So, with a name like Catch 22, that most people recognize as the well known 1970 Catch 22....and a plot like the fairly well known 1970 Sole Survivor..how are we ever going to find it? Also, the plane is named the Home Run in the Sole Survivor movie..and many people believe that the plane was also named the Home Run in the older black & white missing movie. It would make sense because even though the ghosts play baseball in both Sole Survivor & the missing black & white movie..as I recall, they played baseball a whole lot more in the missing black & white film. In fact, there was a scene when one character kept throwing the ball and the ball kept coming back to him. And..everytime the characters tried to walk away from the crashed aircraft....they would end up back where they started. Thank you for your info.
  3. Sandyjeanie

    Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

    slaytonf Ummmm....NOPE!! Lol.
  4. Sandyjeanie

    Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

    waynejkC Thank you for elaborating with even more details about the movie that so many of us remember & are looking for. And, you are quite right..it is extremely frustrating to hear people insist that it's Sole Survivor..when we know absolutely that it is not. And for me, I never even saw Sole Survivor until fairly recently, and my first thought was "Wow..this movie has a similar plot to a black & white movie that I saw back in the 60s..but the black & white movie was creepier, and, by far..much more unsettling". And..the plot difference in Sole Survivor about the crew member who bailed out, lived and became a high ranking officer..actually annoyed me. I thought that plot was stupid, and made the plot of the black & white movie so much better than Sole Survivor. And, another reason for me why the black & white movie we are looking for is not Sole Survivor is....I was a Star Trek fan, and I would definitely have recognized William Shatner in any film that he was in that I viewed. And so,you are absolutely correct again, waynejkC....William Shatner was no where to be found in the black & white film we are looking for. So, it is ridiculous for people to insist that the movie we are looking for is Sole Survivor. And, there is one more annoying suggestion that people come up with to explain our memories of this film. Many people suggest that we are combining Sole Survivor & Twilight Zone in our minds to come up with this black & white ghost story that no one can find. I NEVER saw Sole Survivor until fairly recently. And, in the Twilight Zone episode they are talking about, the so-called ghosts don't even speak, & the plot isn't the same at all. So, even if I did combine those 2 stories....the plot would definitely NOT.. end up being the same as the black & white movie. And so fellow "Rememberees"..We must continue our quest & never give up. There is an answer out there somewhere..and I for one intend to find it.
  5. Sandyjeanie

    Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

    I recently spent the entire night watching Sole Survivor (the 1970 movie with William Shatner), Twilight Zone: King Nine Will Not Return, Ghost Bomber: The Lady Be Good, and even The Flight of the Phoenix. The Black & White movie (or show), that I watched back in the 60s was none of the aforementioned. It was similar to Sole Survivor; both had a crew from an airplane crashed in the desert. But, there was one huge and startling difference. The men in the black & white movie did not know that they were dead and neither did we, until the creepy, unsettling end of the film. And, the crash had no survivors. In Sole Survivor, one of the crew bailed out, lived, and became a high ranking officer. This was not part of the plot in the black & white movie that I saw. And..the black and white movie and the way it played out was just all around creepier than Sole Survivor, so I hate when people insist that Sole Survivor is the movie we are looking for...because it most definitely is not. I wish I could find that awesome film that so many remember, including me. I've even been searching through old TV shows trying to find it, such as Alfred Hitchcock, One Step Beyond, Lights Out, old Chiller Theater Movies. It has to be out there somewhere. And, there has to be someone who knows where this film came from, and why we can't find it. Some have suggested that it might be a British made for TV film..even though the plot appears to be taking place in the U.S. Perhaps that could be the reason why the film is so difficult to find. I have been trying to find this film since I saw it in the 60s. Many yrs ago, I used to search the TV Guides to see if it was in the listings because usually films were eventually repeated at some point..but I never saw this film again. It's enough to drive a person crazy.

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