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  1. Movie - WW2 plane crash and crew were ghosts

    I recently spent the entire night watching Sole Survivor (the 1970 movie with William Shatner), Twilight Zone: King Nine Will Not Return, Ghost Bomber: The Lady Be Good, and even The Flight of the Phoenix. The Black & White movie (or show), that I watched back in the 60s was none of the aforementioned. It was similar to Sole Survivor; both had a crew from an airplane crashed in the desert. But, there was one huge and startling difference. The men in the black & white movie did not know that they were dead and neither did we, until the creepy, unsettling end of the film. And, the crash had no survivors. In Sole Survivor, one of the crew bailed out, lived, and became a high ranking officer. This was not part of the plot in the black & white movie that I saw. And..the black and white movie and the way it played out was just all around creepier than Sole Survivor, so I hate when people insist that Sole Survivor is the movie we are looking for...because it most definitely is not. I wish I could find that awesome film that so many remember, including me. I've even been searching through old TV shows trying to find it, such as Alfred Hitchcock, One Step Beyond, Lights Out, old Chiller Theater Movies. It has to be out there somewhere. And, there has to be someone who knows where this film came from, and why we can't find it. Some have suggested that it might be a British made for TV film..even though the plot appears to be taking place in the U.S. Perhaps that could be the reason why the film is so difficult to find. I have been trying to find this film since I saw it in the 60s. Many yrs ago, I used to search the TV Guides to see if it was in the listings because usually films were eventually repeated at some point..but I never saw this film again. It's enough to drive a person crazy.

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