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  1. I saw a film on TCM a decade ago and I remember details, but no matter how much I google, I can't find the name of the film. It was black and white and it had to do with a man and a woman who hatch a plan of some sort involving another man. The woman marries this other man, and despite the fact that, if I recall correctly, the other man has money, the married couple live for a time in a three room cottage and he brings her bunches of violets, her favorite. She comes back into contact with the man at the beginning who, I think, is now selling perfume. The man reveals to the husband their plan and it breaks the husbands heart. The woman says that was then. It doesn't matter now. She pleads to go back to their three room cottage. That's what I remember. I'm not even sure I remember it correctly, except that I loved it and would love to see it again. Any help would be lovely. Thank you.

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