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  1. Shannon_Lionheart

    Backlot Kansas City

    My email is
  2. Shannon_Lionheart

    Backlot Kansas City

    I would really like to get a KC Backlot Chapter up and running. Please comment if you are interested. Thank you.
  3. Shannon_Lionheart

    TCM Backlot St. Louis Chapter

    I am a backlot member but I live in KC. I've tried to get one started here and have had zero response. I would be interested in joining but wouldn't be able to make every single movie and most likely only the Sunday showings.
  4. Shannon_Lionheart

    Millennial~TCM Backlot Kansas City

    Hello, I am a very upbeat, active millennial who loves classic movies. I am looking to start a Fun TCM backlot chapter in KC. I would like to have themes and/or dress up for the movies. I want to treat every movie event like a party! Thanks for your consideration, Shannon
  5. Shannon_Lionheart

    the wild bunch

    I hated the opening it made me so uncomfortable. I stopped watching the movie once I did a quick Internet search and discovered that the director Peckinpah was not so kind to animals.
  6. Shannon_Lionheart

    Looking to start a Chapter for Kansas City

    I am interested.

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