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  1. Why TCM Runs The Same Films Over And Over?

    Thank You all for responding to my topic, "Films Run Over and Over On TCM. Now I know how they do programing at TCM. Again, Thanks!
  2. Thank you all for responding to my post, due to all of your insights, I now understand why TCM does what they do to make a quality film channel. Thank You, all again , an looking to post more interesting questions being a newbie.
  3. I love TCM, but I don't understand why if TCM claims to have the definative M.G.M/U.A. film library in the U.S. then why each month, do they show the same films over and over again, like "7 Brides for 7 Brothers" or " The Harvey Girls" or "Meet Me In St. Louis". Don't get me wrong I love these films as well, but can't this channel expand to other films in their supposet vast library? How about some of these titles for a start. "Dancing Lady"(1933) Clark Gable, Joan Crawford. "The Russians Are Coming!" (1966) Alan Arkin, Carl Reiner. Or " Riff Raff" (1935) Jean Harlow, Spencer Tracy, and if you have the titles just to name a few, (and I could name more good titles) why do you choose to air them 3-4-5 am. in the morning usually? I don't understand also, why TCM draws for Columbia/Sony or Universal thats owns the rights to Paramount Pictures Library, and why Disney? Again, I love TCM, but maybe I should be their researcher, Because if they claim to have Every RKO, MGM, U.A. film, then they need to up their gameif the they want to be a true classic film channel and quit renting motion pictures from other motion picture archives, unless Mr. Turner told us years earlier he bought the greatest film Library ever, then sold it toTime/Warner, then where are these classic film that they claim to have, and will we ever see them? Or will this TCM become another AMC, I Hope Not

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