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  1. Brrrcold

    Disliked Movie Settings or Story Types

    Robert Redford's THE CONSPIRATOR covers the trial and execution of Mary Surratt, the woman convicted in the conspiracy to assassinate Lincoln. I don't think it's very good, but a woman gets hanged.
  2. Brrrcold

    New Year's Eve movie suggestions

    The much maligned CALVACADE starts and ends with scenes set at New Years Eve.
  3. Brrrcold

    TopBilled’s Essentials

    I never considered whether there were or were not. It was no part of my comment. I simply find the range of his subjects interesting and unusual.
  4. Brrrcold

    TopBilled’s Essentials

    Gallico also wrote the books sourced for the screenplays THE PRIDE OF THE YANKEES and THE THREE LIVES OF THOMASINA, as well as the short story that prompted LILI, among several more. A diversity of topics, to be sure.
  5. Brrrcold

    TopBilled’s Essentials

    I'm not a big fan of THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE, but to address some of your points: - There were other survivors. Recall that the 'escapees' encounter a collection of people with ship's infirmary staff, and try to encourage them to join their effort. The large open space of the ballroom seems to be better for surviving the capsizing than smaller, remote or confined spaces. - The ship's destination is not exactly clear. I have the impression it was a Mediterranean cruise. The rescue team appears to be Greek. - I think it could be argued that the lack of injuries among the 'escapees', along with their acquaintance with the Hackman character, accounts for their willingness to join him. The priest played by Arthur O'Connell feels compelled to stay with the injured; others are dissuaded by the implication that Hackman is impulsive and untrustworthy (seemingly in contrast to the O'Connell character.)
  6. I'd add George Sanders in REBECCA, Ray Milland in DIAL M FOR MURDER, and John Dall in ROPE.
  7. Robert Donat is so much underappreciated now. He should have a SUTS tribute day.
  8. I find my favorite Hitchcock movie changes with my mood or recent experience. The top of the list will always contain a few of the standards - NOTORIOUS, NORTH BY NORTHWEST, PSYCHO, STRANGERS ON A TRAIN, REAR WINDOW, THE 39 STEPS - and at times I've made room on the list for a few others: THE LADY VANISHES, SABOTEUR, FOREIGN CORRESPONDENT. There also are times that I become intrigued with new discoveries - TOPAZ, YOUNG AND INNOCENT, THE MANY WHO KNEW TOO MUCH ('34). I suppose my point is that 'Hitchcock' is a genre, with inherent appeal, and different elements that can combine to strike one (me) at various times.
  9. Also, Bagdasarian (aka 'Dave Seville') was the cousin and friend of William Saroyan, novelist, playwright (Pulitzer Prize winner for 'The Time of Your Life'), and screenwriter (Oscar winner for 'The Human Comedy'.)
  10. Brrrcold

    Fredric March Madness 2019

    You can catch MAN ON A TIGHTROPE on January 9 as part of the Elia Kazan series.
  11. Brrrcold

    Fredric March Madness 2019

    I've long wanted to see "So Ends Our Night". ... Good cast, timely subject, but unfortunately hard to find. An evening program of films based on Erich M. Remarque novels -- "All Quiet on the Western Front," "The Road Back," and "So Ends Our Night" -- would be very good, I think. The latter two have never aired on TCM, I believe. (Trivia: Remarque was the fourth and last husband of Paulette Goddard.)
  12. Brrrcold

    Character Backstories

    Did they run out of food at the inn after all those unexpected guests showed up? Did Bob and Betty have nine kids? Did Phil have time to get a massage? Did the Beatles appear on the Ed Harrison Show?
  13. Brrrcold

    Character Backstories

    Tony Richardson directed SANCTUARY (1961), which condenses a rather less sanitized version of Faulkner's original novel ("Sanctuary") and its subsequent sequel ("Requiem for a Nun") into a single narrative.
  14. Brrrcold

    Character Backstories

    Victor Laszlo was a Marxist, as was Rick, which seems plain from his associations with the military activity in Spain and Ethiopia. Most of the organized 'Anti Fascist' activists in Europe prior to 1939 had Marxist/Soviet sponsorship. So, it's fairly clear they both would've ended up in New York or Los Angeles, being hounded by the reactionary right wing bullies in Washington.
  15. Brrrcold

    Ann Sheridan / Sheridan Whiteside

    I missed Woolley's SUTS day last August. That might have induced me to watch it.

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