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  1. Brrrcold

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    Tyrone Power was miscast in WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION. He was too old by about 10 years, too limited in range (though he had some good performances in the 1940s) and he wasn't even trying to be British. It's a role that Dirk Bogarde would have taken very well. Richard Todd would have been another alternative ... Marlene Dietrich also was too old for her role, but she was an effective enough actress that it does not do too much harm.
  2. Brrrcold

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    I'd go with that. Clift's career could have been improved with a few lighter pieces. But it's actually not a very demanding or rewarding role. They might have done well with an actor of less prominence, like Barry Nelson or Tommy Noonan.
  3. Brrrcold

    Painfully inappropriate casting.

    Humphrey Bogart and William Holden both were miscast as brothers Linus and David Larrabee in SABRINA. Both are tool old for their respective parts - as well as out of their appropriate range. I'd have cast Holden as the older brother (a role that requires some believable duplicity as well as ultimate decency) and someone more known for silliness and callowness (e.g., Robert Cummings) as the younger brother. ...That this movie remains well regarded has to do with the appeal of Audrey Hepburn and the overall production headed by Billy Wilder.
  4. Brrrcold

    June Schedule is Up! Jane Powell SOTM

    All the TBA dates are Saturdays. Not sure I'd recommend scheduling the course on Saturday nights.
  5. Lida Baarova, fyi, was the mistress of Joseph Goebbels, the German Minister of Propaganda. Hitler ordered the two to end their affair.
  6. Brrrcold

    After The Thin Man - questions and SPOILERS

    To me the most obvious attempt to launch a series was REMO WILLIAMS: THE ADVENTURE BEGINS.
  7. Brrrcold

    Jane Powell as SOTM June 2019

    I think it'd be great if Miss Powell were available to intro some of these showings.
  8. Brrrcold

    Paul Newman as SOTM May 2019

    TCOM is important because it won for Newman the AA for Best Actor (though, as you note, his role was really that of a Supporting Actor), after six nominations and no wins (including in THE VERDICT three years earlier, which some had been seen as the peak performance of his career.) He gives a good performance in TCOM (not nearly as good as several others) and it's an entertaining movie - directed by Scorsese. It's worth seeing, but it's not nearly as good as THE HUSTLER, a great movie and a great performance.
  9. Brrrcold

    Starring John Boles March 4

    Clips of the Jeffrey Lynn screen test are included in a GWTW anniversary documentary, as well as clips of Melvyn Douglas. I suspect Selznick would have ruled out Boles as AW because there was not enough contrast between his features and Gable's.
  10. Brrrcold

    Starring John Boles March 4

    MUSIC IN THE AIR (1934) is more entertaining than one may suppose, not least because of the Jerome Kern score (Oscar Hammerstein II lyrics), but the Boles/Swanson combination is amusing.
  11. Brrrcold

    Tommy Lee Jones

    Love Story, Jackson County Jail, Eyes of Laura Mars, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1984) ...all listed. All listed without TL Jones.
  12. Brrrcold

    Tommy Lee Jones

    Can anyone explain why Tommy Lee Jones is not included in the credits of any movies in the database? Coal Miner's Daughter, The Fugitive, JFK, Men in Black ...? It's like he's been scrubbed out.
  13. Brrrcold

    Paul Newman as SOTM May 2019

    I'm glad for this. But... THE HUSTLER? I mean...
  14. Cesar Romero appeared in 22 episodes of 'Batman' from 1966-1968, and then had four film credits in 1968, six in 1969. He became more or less part of the Disney stock company in the 1970s, and continued to have many TV appearances through the 1970s and 1980s.
  15. Brrrcold

    Albert Finney (1935-2019)

    That 'Danny Boy' scene in MILLER'S CROSSING. Wow.

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