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  1. Brrrcold

    2018 In Memoriam programming

    I know. Thanks. I edited myself.
  2. Brrrcold

    2018 In Memoriam programming

    It's not fair of me, but I saw those names and figured their credits are mainly in TV - and so would not be considered by the TCM programmers.
  3. Brrrcold

    2018 In Memoriam programming

    - Barbara Harris - Patricia Morrison - Clint Walker - John Gavin - Allyn Ann McLerie
  4. Brrrcold

    Dick Powell or Warren William as SOTM December 2018

    No, but it makes sense that way too. I mean that Farrell and William represent a good number of old WB titles in the archive, titles that don't necessarily draw a lot of interest from less-hardcore or recent arrival fans. If they can raise their profiles, they can generate more interest in those titles. Dick Powell, by the way, can be packaged in various ways (musicals, noir, director) so there are advantages there too. But, William seems very obscure to me (even as someone who has seen almost all his movies) so I'm skeptical that he would 'win' a straight-up vote.
  5. Brrrcold

    Dick Powell or Warren William as SOTM December 2018

    No preference between these two, but if it's Warren William I'll be pretty skeptical that the 'vote' really matters (versus the effect of programmers' thumbs on the scale.) He's got some interesting movies, many of which will have been seen in the Glenda Farrell series during November. Raising the profile of Farrell and William would/will certainly have advantages for promoting films in the archive. in particular the so-called 'pre-code' stuff.
  6. Brrrcold

    Frequency of honorees

    In my memory, Tony Curtis was SOTM once in early 2000s. Not sure what I saw that gave me that notion.
  7. Brrrcold

    Frequency of honorees

    Well done. Thanks.
  8. Brrrcold

    Burt Reynold's Tribute soon?

    Olivia deHaviland, Kirk Douglas, and Doris Day will definitely deserve 24-hour tributes. Redford is on the borderline, but I'd say he'll have it because Paul Newman had it (again, deserved) and also because Redford directed an Oscar-winning picture and appeared in several Oscar winners more. I'm less convinced of Streisand's stature in this debate, but I believe she'll have a 24-hour tribute. I'd give Burt Reynolds (and Liza Minelli) an evening of three or four presentations.
  9. High, Wide and Handsome (1937): Irene Dunne, Randolph Scott. Directed by Rouben Mamoulian. Music by Jerome Kern, lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II.
  10. Brrrcold

    Burt Reynolds (1936-2018)

    I saw that show in reruns, never during its original run. It was obviously written to showcase BR, but in my viewing he was a very good actor - and easily held his own surrounded by a lot of talented costars.
  11. Brrrcold

    Glenda Farrell as SOTM November 2018

    I think the October 'Funny Ladies' theme probably checks the 'group star' box, at least for discussion's sake.
  12. Brrrcold

    Glenda Farrell as SOTM November 2018

    I don't know anything; I just look at trends and play hunches. But if I had to guess right now I'd say Shelley Winters.
  13. Brrrcold

    Glenda Farrell as SOTM November 2018

    The Bennett sisters: Joan, Constance, and Barbara: pre-code stuff, screwball comedies, noir stuff, MGM stuff, classy ladies, tough broads, femmes fatale, difficult women --- something for everyone.
  14. Brrrcold

    Glenda Farrell as SOTM November 2018

    It will not be Danny Kaye: 1) it will be a woman, because four months of 2018 have had a man as SOTM - and December will too, we know; 2) virtually all DK movies are musicals or comedies with music, and we've just got past the whole 'musicals' thing; 3) DK is not serious or edgy or 'challenging' - and that's become really fundamental to the programmers' selection of content or themes in the post-BobO era of TCM. Think of a woman who was no fun at all, and you'd be on the right track.

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