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  1. Brrrcold

    George Sanders

    Between marriages to Zsa Zsa and Magda he was married to Benita Hume, the widow of Ronald Colman. This was the only one of his marriages not to end in divorce (or annulment.)
  2. Brrrcold

    George Sanders

    Don't forget that he was the first Mr. Freeze in the TV live-action 'Batman' (subsequently replaced in that role by Otto Preminger and Eli Wallach.)
  3. Brrrcold

    George Sanders

    and to add to all this, about 90% of his work is in the TCM library.
  4. Brrrcold

    George Sanders

    I wish the Disney Vault would let TCM show 'The Jungle Book', with Sanders voicing the evil tiger.
  5. I'd add that the Saunders character is herself rather ambivalent (i.e., not ambitious) about the political process: she recognizes the self-serving motivations of Sen. Payne, his daughter, et al., and wants no part of it. She is inclined to leave Washington (in contrast to Sen. Smith): She is nostalgic for lost values/causes (her father) - which is what she finds compelling in Sen. Smith. It's clear to me that Capra (and S. Buchman, etc.) did not see gender equality as any part of the problem they identified, and that the love between people is accelerated by the values/faith they commit to pursue. When Saunders drops her ambivalence she finds she has fallen in love.
  6. Brrrcold

    Welcome back, Clare

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who's glad to see Clare Tooley back to pitch the Wine Club. No more hipster chefs, please.
  7. Brrrcold

    Noir Alley

    The Noir Alley schedule lists the Jan 27 2019 film as 'Talk about a Stranger', but the January 2019 schedule suggests that Noir Alley has been unscheduled. Anyone know what's going on?
  8. Brrrcold

    TopBilled’s Essentials

    I agree that SOTU is preachy. I just think its a better use of their established personas.
  9. Brrrcold

    TopBilled’s Essentials

    This is a better review than I'd have written, more generous. I thought Tracy and Hepburn were entirely miscast because their personas are too fixed for me to believe the central tension of the plot, or the character developments. He seems 20 years too old for the character he's playing - part of which is the unsettling reality of the change in Tracy from just five or 10 years earlier. Her character circumstances in this plot just don't seem to allow for the confusion she's projecting. Also, the plot does not seem to demand the sort of subtle character portrayals they are noted for delivering. They did much better in 'State of the Union', from around the same time. At the same time, I think it's not a bad plot and the movie might have been more amusing with different leads, like Fred MacMurray / Loretta Young.
  10. Watching 'Blume in Love' led me to learn that the lead actress passed away earlier this year, not unmourned I'm sure but not noted here, as nearly as I can tell. R.I.P.
  11. Brrrcold

    Articles and obituaries

    Add Charles Aznavour to the list of the now departed. More of a singer/entertainer than a movie star, but still had several dozen film credits (mainly French films.)
  12. Brrrcold

    Any suggestions for Nazi movies?

    For a pre-war view, look for SO ENDS OUR NIGHT (1941), directed by John Cromwell and starring Frederic March, Margaret Sullavan, Glenn Ford. Almost never screened, but worth watching for ... For a post-war view, look for GERMANY YEAR ZERO, directed by Roberto Rossellini. It's been shown on TCM. It is the director's follow-up to ROME, OPEN CITY and PAISAN.
  13. Brrrcold

    December 2018 Schedule is up

    RE: Christmas selections. HOLIDAY INN seems to have matriculated into something of a programmers' favorite. It has popped up six or seven times in the past year - but seemed to have been in the grip of AMC for a time before that. I don't mind ... Very glad to see THE HOLLY AND THE IVY scheduled. It will be a TCM premiere, I think ... Glad too that THE BISHOP'S WIFE is back (having been left off last year) ... Truly puzzled by the programmers' attraction to A CAROL FOR ANOTHER CHRISTMAS. First, it's a TV movie. Worse, it'll make you want to drink bleach.
  14. Brrrcold

    Favorite Amish Movies

    49th PARALLEL (1941) is not about the Amish nor the Mennonites, but it has an important episode (the movie is a series of episodes) involving a Hutterite community. Among my (long) list of undeservedly obscure movies.

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