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  1. Brrrcold

    Noir Alley

    "Overplayed" because it's 4-5 hours per week of programming but 25% of the on-air personalities and (my estimate) 10% of the promotional effort. I don't mind the noir movies, but in fact most of them are not very good quality - just odd or shocking. If the programmers devoted as much of their effort to another genre or sub-genre (eg., 'pre-code' or 'screwball' or 'grindhouse') the point would be the same.
  2. Brrrcold

    Noir Alley

    Not going to take position on EM, though I think the whole noir thing is being overplayed by TCM; but that chef is truly annoying. Please bring back Claire Tooley.
  3. Brrrcold

    Rita Hayworth as SOTM October 2018

    Good choice here. RH has been SOTM only once before, as nearly as I can tell.
  4. Brrrcold

    2018 The Essentials

    I think the host is the reason The Essentials no longer on the schedule - though not for the reasons you raise. I have no inside information, but it's obvious to me this is a cost issue: Baldwin (and Letterman, etc.) don't work for free, and there is cost involved also for researching, producing (makeup, floor crew, director, video editor, etc.) Plus, the show probably does not draw too many new or different viewers than TCM already draws on Saturday night. TCM needs to generate revenue and the ordinary viewer (like me) doesn't represent new income. So, more effort is being applied now to projects like Backlot (collecting profile info that can be monetized in various ways) and the film festival, and the wine club - all of which may be assumed to produce revenues beyond the cable provider fees that are the only benefit of my eyeballs on The Essentials or any other presentation. As to the subject you raise, I simply wish The Essentials would return because I like the two-host format for intros and outros: I find it informative, even if the movie in discussion is one I've already watched. I was not a fan of Letterman's role there, but in all it was much less grating than the snarky jabs of Ben M. on any given intro. As for Baldwin - they could let Ben M. take his chair and have virtually the same presence. It seems the hope had been that a celebrity co-host would draw in curious viewers, but currently almost any celebrity has as many 'enemies' as fans. Finding a host who will entertain and inform everyone is probably impossible, but then also paying a celebrity fee, and then not getting new viewers - that's the end of The Essentials as we've known it.
  5. Brrrcold

    Dick Powell or Warren William as SOTM December 2018

    FWIW, this should mean that the October and November SOTMs will be women: for the 10 months of 2018 for which SOTM is offered, 5 have featured men and 2 have featured women, and TCM is nothing if not an equal opportunity enterprise.
  6. TCM would be clever to program an evening of Shirley Ross films ... Her duets with Bob Hope are great: "Thanks for the Memory" in 'Big Broadcast of 1938' and "Two Sleepy People" in 'Thanks for the Memory' (the latter being an even better song, by Frank Loesser.) She also sang Rogers & Hart's "Blue Moon" in 'Manhattan Melodrama', though it's heard before that title was applied and with an earlier set of lyrics. ...Also see SR as Jeannette MacDonald's rival for Clark Gable's attention in 'San Francisco.'
  7. Brrrcold

    Dean Martin as SOTM September 2018

    Seems like a rather obvious choice when one considers the TCM Wine Club and those two hipster chefs are hawking a Dean Martin Zinfandel.
  8. Do these forums have any references to the full catalog of titles in the TCM library - with notes to show the most recent airing? Or if a film has never aired?
  9. I have assumed their selection of Christmas movies had much to do with selling little-known or difficult to locate films from the TCM store. The fairly recent multi-time showings of "Remember the Night" (a film a like very much) and "It Happened on Fifth Avenue" (not a good movie, I think) are examples. As for "The African Queen" - I remember watching that 2014 showing (I think Alex Trebek was the guest host), and the print quality was very bad. So perhaps they do not have rights to the updated version.
  10. Brrrcold

    July 2018 Spotlight: 50 States in 50 Movies

    It seems that Rhode Island will be represented by "High Society" on July 3 at 6.00 ET; and, that Minnesota will be represented by "Cass Timberlane" on July 17 at 6.45 a.m. ET.
  11. Brrrcold

    2018 SCHEDULE

    Some head-scratchers on this list (do we need a whole day of Lew Ayres after a full day of 'Kildare' this month), but also some excellent choices: Dana Andrews, Agnes Moorhead, Miriam Hopkins ...that covers a lot of good movies.
  12. Brrrcold

    Host replaced?

    I liked Madeleine Stowe as a fill-in host. Michael Feinstein was good, too. Both presumably have better things to do with their available time.
  13. Brrrcold

    2018 The Essentials

    Still no indication from TCM when or if 'The Essentials' will resume - and in the absence of information I thought it'd be interesting to propose my own list. I've settled on 21 movies, the total offered for 2017 The Essentials, though in previous seasons there were more and less than that. All of these are movies I like and/or find worthy of repeated viewings. If there is any thread here, it is the effort to raise more appreciation for the third or fourth choice movies on the lists of important and versatile directors (De Sica, Capra, Ford, Hitchcock, Lubitsch, Whale, Wilder, Wise). I tried to adhere to the checklist I think they have followed in recent seasons - movies from a range of time periods, at least one silent, one musical, and one foreign language film. I also tried to avoid repeating titles that have appeared on The Essentials in the past four or five seasons. And I selected movies appropriate for different seasonal viewings (Memorial Day marathon, Mothers' Day, Fathers' Day, Halloween, Christmas.) Here's my list. Critiques, or others' lists - would be welcome and interesting. The 39 Steps (1935) The Apartment (1960) A Tree Grows in Brooklyn (1945; Father's Day) The Clock (1945) The Crowd (1928; silent) Executive Suite (1954) Hud (1963) The Informer (1935) In the Heat of the Night (1967) The Last Picture Show (1971) Lady for a Day (1933; Mother's Day) The Night of the Hunter (1955) Man's Castle (1931) One, Two, Three (1961) Remember the Night (1940; Christmas) Show Boat (1936; musical) The Thing (1951; horror) Theodora Goes Wild (1936) Trouble in Paradise (1932) Twelve O'Clock High (1949; Memorial Day) Umberto D. (1952; foreign)
  14. Brrrcold

    2018 The Essentials

    ".. THE CAREY TREATMENT and other titles airing in the 8:00 PM Saturday night slot just don't seem like they would fit as 'essentials'..." I'd been thinking much the same thing. But, I'd also note that the "Essentials" microsite - - is still active (for now) with the past seasons info. During the previous hiatus, that address went dark.
  15. Brrrcold

    2018 The Essentials

    Continuing speculation here, and reading from the June schedule, the next entries for the 2018 Essentials would be: "Three Strangers" (1946), "Bell, Book and Candle" (1959), "Jeremiah Johnson" (1972), "The Carey Treatment" (1972), and "The Mask of Demetrios" (1944).

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